Sunday Encouragement

Last night, we were at the Kentucky Opry to hear Jonathan sing in the talent search.

He did a really good job, but didn’t win his division.  You have to win your division to move on to the semi final rounds.

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Of course, Jonathan was disappointed, and we were too.

But as a mom, I am so thankful for these moments.

It gives me a chance to speak encouragement in my child’s life.  It gives me a chance to shape his attitude about life.

Winning isn’t everything.


Sometimes, I think we learn more from losing than from winning.  And I know that our true character shines through in the way we handle our disappointments.


We could be upset and blame Jonathan’s loss on the judges, or the song choice, or a million other reasons, but that wouldn’t help Jonathan at all.

What helps Jonathan is teaching him what to do after he falls.  Teaching him that our failures do not define us, but our attitude when we fail does.





Maybe you are facing your own giants in your life right now?  Maybe you feel like they are knocking you down?

I want to encourage you to stay strong.  Trust God. Pray for His strength to help you through.


Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. So sorry to hear Jonathan did’t win his division. As hard as it is to have it happen, it is a life lesson in disappointment and how to rise above. This will happen many, many times in life and the most important thing is having a loving and supporting family behind you–and Jonathan certainly has that. And talent!! He will go far with his music and voice. Maybe not this weekend–but for sure one of the next times..

  2. Kudos to a great lesson. He will win again many times in his sweet life. With the teachings, his losses will be wins also.

  3. Traci, you have no idea how much I need this message today. I’ve been doing a lot of negative thinking lately and I so needed this encouragement. You are a blessing. Although Jonathan may be disappointed by the loss, I know The Lord is using experiences like this one to mould him into a lovely, humble, Godly man. Bless him.

  4. Jonathan, you’ve already made great strides with your music. Sometimes it’s someone else’s turn because they really need the encouragement right at that time. You have a solid foundation already built, so keep looking forward! I enjoy your music so much.

  5. Thanks I really needed this today and Jonathan is a blessed young man to have such a wonderful Mom :)

  6. So sorry about your loss but please remember some have lose and another wins. It just wasn’t your time. He has such a beautiful voice he will bounce back through God and his family.

    God Bless!

  7. Traci,
    Kudos to you for teaching your son a valuable lesson.
    I absolutely love your kind heart and soul. As I have recently became one of your fans (lol) I have just been taken by your sweet sweet spirit and your positive tude!. You’ve lifted me up some on my own hurdles/ giants and have reminded me what’s important.
    Thank you and keep up Gods work.
    You seem like a very sweet woman.

  8. I just had to send words of encouragement to my own son today. He is a freshman in college and is struggling with a decision he needs to make for next Fall. It is so hard as a mom to see our kiddos struggling, but to also remember that we raise them in Christian homes and that they have the tools to make the hard choices. Thank you for posting this today as it was a reminder that when our kids reach out to us, we need to remember that God is in control and will not harm us.

  9. God Bless Jonathan’s heart…..He may not have won his Division but he is a winner and has awesome talent…..I fully believe he will go far in this……Never, ever give up…That is what the devil wants us to do…..But Jonathan will win…He’s already won my heart and I know what a blessing he must be to all that know him……Keep on Keeping on…….All my love & prayers daily…Our God is an Awesome God…..

  10. I watched and listen to the video of Jonathan singing “This is Amazing Grace” and I was so touched. I shared it with my husband and he loved it as well. His singing was so inspirational for he was showcasing the talent the Lord gave him. Beautiful! After listening, I kept thinking about Jonathan and his gift and I wanted to Thank him.
    Please continue to share your talent with others. You are an amazing young man that is spreading God’s story and the gift of his grace with your talent.
    Grace and Peace.

  11. That is beautiful! I loved the video and the quotes you listed, I myself had had to pull myself back up, and those moments are hard but important, I try to read a good book like and listen to uplifting music to try and help me. your a good mom. great job!

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