BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac, the Best Handheld Vacuum

This post is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER, but my need to suck up dirt is 100% mine.

As the mom of these four boys, it is not easy to keep my house clean.

2014-04-20 09.11.26

It’s maddening, really!  Smile

I love those sweet thangs, but they can sure make a mess!

Especially in my car.

I like to take my car to the car wash to get it cleaned inside and out, but that costs money, and I can’t do that every week.  In between car washes, my boys can get my car dirty very quickly.

I don’t like to lug my big vacuum out to the car to clean things up, so I usually just wait and endure the mess until the next car wash.

Not anymore!

Look at this cute little handheld vac I have now!

2014-04-25 15.56.53

I know, isn’t it adorable?!  But don’t let it’s cuteness fool ya.  This baby has POWER!  It can suck the messes up in no time.

I put Adam to work in the car.  He had the car floor cleaned up in just a few seconds.


The wide mouth design scoops up large debris like french fries and candy wrappers. {wink}

It’s called a Pivot Vac because the nozzle can  move up and down to help you reach those hard-to-reach-places.

I love that the Pivot Vac is cordless, so I can easily take it with me anywhere I want!


Of course when Adam was finished cleaning the car, Eli wanted a chance to use the Pivot Vac, so I let him clean the stairs.  Our wood stairs always show tons of dust and dirt, do yours?  Maybe it is because the boys’ rooms are upstairs, and they are constantly draggin’ dirt upstairs with them?  Smile


It’s not easy to clean stairs with a vacuum, but the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac makes it super easy.  And did I mention that it’s CORDLESS?!!! I love how this handheld vac made the “chore” of cleaning the stairs more like fun for Eli.

Do you want to make cleaning easier around your house?

Well, I have a BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac to give away! 




All you need to do is click over and visit the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac site and then come back and leave a comment telling me where you would use the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac in your home to make life easier and cleaner?


This giveaway ends on May 15th, 2014.  You must be 18 years or older and live in the U.S. to enter.

Good Luck!


  1. Oh yeah that baby would live in my car!! I actually just went to the carwash place today to vacuum. I rarely carry much if any cash on me and I happened to have a dollar in quarters so I got about 3/4 of the way through before it shut off. So the backseat drivers side floor is still dirty!! Typically I’ll go to the atm, take out $20, and then have to go somewhere to break it, and THEN get quarters at the carwash. This little guy would make my life a LOT easier (and my car a LOT cleaner)!! :)

  2. I would use it to clean my hardwood floors of all the long hair my St. Bernard sheds! This would make life much easier! :)

  3. For sure it would get all of its use on our stairs. They get sooo filthy and it’s such a pain to lug the big vacuum up and down!

  4. Let’s see…. in the car, the hair in the bathroom, crumbs in the kitchen, the staircase, and I am sure I can find manymore spots to use this cute little thang.

  5. Oh I would use it to clean the kid and dog messes out of my car! And to clean the window sills. And to vacuum the stairs. And the list is endless!

  6. Under the couch! We have a massive sectional that requires two people to take it apart and move it, just so I can vacuum underneath!

  7. This vacuum would be well-loved at our house! I’d statt with the car (a 6-year-old and 1-year-old can create a LOT of mess!) and then take it inside to vacuum up the dog hair “tumbleweeds” from our hardwood floors.

  8. I would use it in my van, in the couch and in my laundry room. I have two little boys who are always dropping food or crayons everywhere.

  9. With 3 kiddos and a puppy on the way my house could use this baby. I especially love that it’s small enough for the kids to use!

  10. The stairs! I hate hauling my big vacuum up and down them. True story… my husband was doing the stairs when the unit tipped and fell down towards him. Ended up needing stitches on his head!!

  11. Stairs, car, boat, spills. No kids at home but 2 dogs and a husband. Need I say more? Thanks for the opportunity

  12. Definitely the cars!!! Would be so much easier than what we do now (involves lugging a big vacuum out to the garage, taking out all the seats in the van, etc.). I’m sure I could find a few uses for it inside too ;). If it could suck up dirt on my carpeted stairs well, it would be a hand-held miracle!

  13. I would definitely use it in the car. I have three boys that all play sports. Our car always has dirt and sand in it.
    Love your blog!

  14. I have so many places, but the car and stairs are first thoughts. I have girls, but can they make a mess. You know, come to think of it, the kitchen and litter box area could use this.

  15. Where do I begin?! I would use it on the basement stairs, definitely the car, and under several pieces of furniture. I don’t like to use the attachments on my upright vac so I would substitute doing that with the B&D pivot vac. We have a “zoo” at my house and I vacuum every day so it would get a lot of use! :-)

  16. I would put this to use in my cars and clesning up after my dog. You know all the bits and pieces of oak moss, grass, and leaves that make their way into your home. I used to have an old B & D handheld and used it so much that I wore a hole in the plastic case rubbing it around on tile floors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I would LOVE to use this in my car which seems to always be dirty with 4 sports loving girls in it all the time!!

  18. I would use that cute handheld vac in my car, on my steps, in hard to reach corners, over my mattresses, and more!! Used to have a Black and Decker Dustbuster which I loved, but sadly, it died because it was used so much!! Definitely need a replacement!!

  19. Looks perfect for the car, camper and boat! Love that it seems a lot smaller than a regular handheld vac. Those don’t always get under seats well.


  20. In the kitchen–our two dogs much on their food and leave little pieces all over–this would be great for fast clean up…

  21. Oh I would use this in my house on my stairs. Then the main vacuum could live upstairs permanently. I have a dog, plus we dog sit for our friends fairly often, and our stairs are carpeted. I hate lugging the thing up and down, and my husband doesn’t want to do it either.

  22. That is definitely quite clever how the nozzle moves! I would use it on our SUV and around our cats dish. :-)

  23. Having grandsons in my life now, I can understand how dirt is attracted into the house. Although I love it, this would be nice for easy cleaning and maybe the boys would like it too to help :)

  24. Ummmmm…everywhere?!? I have boys too, and a dog! Most useful place would be under the stools where they eat! The constant crumbs drive me crazy.

  25. I would use this to clean the truck, pick up after the dogs and kids…..but this would be great to clean the cab of the tractors!!!

  26. This is great! Would definitely use in my truck…which stays rotten between all my pickin’trips, dog hair, mud, leaves, etc. &did I mention dog hair?? Would also be a huge blessing & help inside as we’re packing to move & there’s just so much dust dirt &…yes dog hair everywhere! I have two beautiful beagle babies that I love dearly but they shed horribly. Hey you think maybe I could use it on them! Love your blog especially Sunday encouragement! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a blessed day!

  27. I’d use it most in the laundry room to pick up all the debris that falls when you clean the lint screen!

  28. I would keep this in my sewing room! It would be great to pick up all the little pieces of thread and fabric clipped at the sewing maching. Also use to clean off the cutting table after cutting fabric, lace, etc!

  29. Definayy the car!! I think i’d keep in the the car permanently. Between soccer, horseback riding and swimming it would sure come in handy!! Thx for this great offer. So excited!! :-)

  30. Wow! Would love to use thus on our stairs!!! And the kids can even do it! I’m sold!!! Please!!

  31. Oh I would definitely use it in my car too. I have two boys and we always end up with all this dirt and crumbs and stuff in the car. It would be nice to do a quick vacuum without getting the car washed. Especially during the winter when it’s too cold to wash the car.

  32. That vac would get used in all those nooks and crannies around the house, around the guinea pig cage and, of course, the car. Oh, it would be wonderful in the camper, too!

  33. Our stairs could definitely use this type of vacuum. (Any chance Eli could come give my older boys lessons on being as excited about vacuuming the stairs as he seems to be?) We have an upholstered chair at the top of the stair landing that the boys hang out in that could benefit from some attention from the vacuum as well. :)

  34. I would use the vac to clean up crumbs from our kitchen hardwood floor after cooking and eating.

  35. The care, for sure. I can see plenty of places in the house where it would come in very handy as well.

  36. The staircase and the car, for sure! My husband loves those peanut butter cracker packs when he is on the road, and the crumbs lodge in every nook & crannie… looks like the perfect tool. :)

  37. I would love it for all the nooks & crannies in the kitchen & all 3 sets of stairs!!!

  38. The car, my stairs, and to get the dust bunnies under the furniture. My hubby loves to leave the windows open at night, and dust seems to be everywhere!

  39. I could use it for the car. With taking my boys to baseball, my car is always a mess. I was just talking to my husband this morning about this before I saw your post. Perfect timing!! Thank you

  40. My car for sure! My husband was just telling me this morning I needed to vacuum it out but I hate using the shop vac!! I also think it would be good for quick highchair clean up :-)

  41. This little machine would come in handy for keeping my van spotless and would be so much more convenient than our huge monstrous wet-dry vac. Thanks Traci, for offering us this chance to win one.

  42. I would love the Black & Decker Pivot Vac to clean up dog hair and the fuzz that sheds from my area rug. It would also get a lot of use for cleaning out my car..

  43. The car, as you said, and I have four cats and two elderly dogs. Certainly around the litter boxes for kicked litter, leaves and grass the dogs bring in on their feet, flour spilled on the floor, the list is endless really. Many thanks for the chance to win!!

  44. Well…7 grandkids and all wood floors. Plus I teach kindergarten so it might make a trip to my classroom periodically! Haha!

  45. I would use it to vacumn my car of course, but also the area around the kitty litter boxes. Then my work area in the garage woukd give it a good workout. It could also be handy for quIck clean ups. Very useful.

  46. I would love to own that powerful tool. I have a Golden Retreiver and she is shedding so bad. Right now I won’t let her go with me in my car, but if I had that I wouldn’t mind taking her. Lucy, my Golden will love you forever if she gets to go for a car ride this spring!

  47. As a relatively new retiree and finally have time to clean my own home…and I’m actually excited about it! This B&D Pivot Vac would be a back saver! Perfect to keep up with dog hair on our open stairway and the grass hubby and dog track in daily. We’re teaching our mentally special needs daughter to clean her room herself and this is a product she could handle with ease. I can’t imagine a place in the house, car or garage where the Pivot Vac wouldn’t be perfect.

  48. Let’s see…carpeted steps, cars, behind the toilets…most importantly, along the carpet where the floor and wall meet!!!

    Love your blog!!! I have lived in Alabama for half my life but I am was born and bred in Kentucky until I was 23. My blood runs red for WKU and UL…sorry no UK fan. Now, it’s Auburn..War Eagle.

  49. Stairs! Stairs! Stairs! …and the. Car …and ceiling fans …and the pantry …and inside cabinets …and…

  50. I would love it for the car, but I can think of so many places in the house too that it would be good for quick cleanups!

  51. I think the question should be – where wouldn’t I use it. It would probably live in our den to remove the cat hair, the dog hair and the hair my husband is losing – only kidding. I would put it in the den.

  52. I would use it everywhere. My BD bust buster just dies. I am so sad. I used it for everything.

  53. I have hardwood flooring everywhere in my house, so my dog’s hair shows up everywhere!

  54. We are old and this would be so light for my husband to use on the car, steps, craftroom, in the sofa and it goes on and on! I guess it would be great no matter where you use it. We love BD tools. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless

  55. What a fun giveaway! I do believe that this handy lil’ vac could be used just about anywhere! Around the bathroom, stairs, sewing room and of course the cars.

  56. I would love this for my messy car! And I would definitely use it on my stairs.

  57. I would use it in my car # 1, and in the front and back entryways. I just let it build up, and this would really keep the dirt out of the rest of the house!..

  58. Between my three cats,two birds and a dog – I could use one in each room, as well as the cars!

  59. With 2 1/2 messy ones (ones at college) and a shedding dog, I would find so many uses for this handy BD vacuum. I love it.

  60. I would love to have one of these to do our wood stairs!! I hate using the big vacuum to do them.

  61. I would definitely use this little beauty I for my car and on my stairs and in the kitchen. I have two little grands and I pick them up at school quite often. They too can wreck a car inside in a matter of minutes. Also would be nice to get the dust and little dirt prints that are left on the stairs. Would definitely use in the kitchen and den to clean up all the little crumbs and messes left for Mimi!

  62. I would use the BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac down in between the couch cushions, in the tight spots of the carpeted stairs, on loose dog fur, and definitely in the car. This handy Vac would be a life saver.

  63. Would love this! With two dogs, there seems to be dog hair in the house, the car and, well…just about everywhere! This vacuum would be perfect for carpet edges, the kitchen floors, bathroom floors, counter tops and it would be fun to use! It would be my “go to” cleaning tool!

  64. Hi Tracy! Oh the places that little cleaner would go with me!! As the mom of 3 sons, 5 dogs, 2 cats, and 11 miniature donkeys the possibilities are endless! I would certainly use it in my car and truck,the judges panels in the entry hall, the cat perches, the dog beds, but also I think I could hit a few shelves in the tack area of the barn, they are always dusty and it drives me nuts…what a cute and powerful looking vac!
    Happy Sunday!

  65. Anywhere that I have dog hair… Which is everywhere! I agree with what you said about not lugging the big vacuum out to the car. It would be great for that.

  66. I would definitely be using this on my stairs! They’re enclosed and when my pets run up and down their hair gets collected in the corners. Every hand vac I’ve tried either has to be emptied every 2 stairs OR loses power half way through. Very frustrating!

  67. I would definitely use this in my car as one might think that I either live in it or have four boys of my own. I think or would really help me get onto all the nooks and crannies.

  68. This looks like the perfect little hand Vac. I would use it to clrpean up all the little threads in my sewing room.

  69. Oh for sure the car. It would be stationed near my front door for quick spot cleaning before company arrives. My last one (other brand) died right after the holidays and I sure miss having a handy tool nearby.

  70. For sure in the car to clean up baseball field mess and in the house to clean up the dog hair. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a handi vac.

  71. I would love this hand vac. We have so many places to Use this such as stairs,laundry, and kitchen eating area.
    Please be mine

  72. Definitely would use it on the carpeted stairs and the basement stairs, too. The little hand held I have now doesn’t have enough power to really clean up all the dust and debris on the stairs. And, of course, the car!

  73. Definitely need this ! I have used the Shark in the past and it doesn’t ever last very long before I have to buy another one. This one looks great and powerful too! I am always having to suck up cat hairs and everything else that hits the floor everyday! This sounds awesome!

  74. it would have to be in my house. Anywhere the cat lays and anywhere my son sheds his hippie long hair. Even if I do not win, I will look at buying one since you give it such a great revue.

  75. I would use it around my island where we eat, under the counters for spills when cooking and also out in our sunroom. Looks very handy for quick clean up.

  76. When I am sanding smaller projects, I like to clean up when I’m done and get ready for the next step. Fabric projects leave a lot of lint and string laying around that would clean up in a snap with this pivot vac. Of course, the quick crumb clean up would be great in the kitchen!

  77. This little fella looks awesome! I would use it in the on a farm we constantly have dust, etc. My stairs would look much better, under couch cushions where there are many mysteries….I would love it!

  78. I would love to have this, I have 2 parrots and they get seed all over. Everyday I have to vacuum with my big one and being 73 yrs old and bad knees and back the little vac would be a blessing.

  79. The vehicles, bathrooms, and the attic where it is difficult to get a vac to keep it tidy.

  80. I have four kiddos like you and wherever they go could use this wonderful thing; especially the van.

  81. Okay, where would I not be able to use this handy dandy vaccum is the question. I have 3 boys and just like you they make a mess at whatever job/mission they are trying to accomplish. You know you clean up, turn around to do something, and within seconds there is another mess to clean up. So this would be perfect in our household!

  82. My son loves to wash cars (even has his own little summer business) so he would love to use this vac and I constantly have crumbs on my kitchen floor and hate to drag out the broom.

  83. I would definitely use it in my car. It has a black interior and shows every crumb. I am constantly having to clean it!

  84. wow…I would 100% use this in my car all the time….I have a dog and he makes his mark every single time he’s in the car!! Love him….hate is hair!!

  85. this looks great! I especially love that it is compact. I live in a small condo and storing big things is nearly impossible. I could totally tuck this away somewhere…and with a 2nd little boy due any day now and a dog (and a husband!)….I’m always cleaning the floors…but have to lug a huge vacuum up a flight of stairs every time!!! This would be quick and easy!

  86. I so need this!!! Is it very heavy? I have a lot of steep stairs and they’re impossible to clean. i’ve fallen down the stairs with my vacuum cleaner and now I just sweep them clean.

  87. I love the size of this vacuum! I need it for my car, the carpet on my stairs and by the back door. This would be so helpful!

  88. I would definitely use it for my car! I actually have my car detailed in order to avoid having to lug our heavy, bulky vacuum outside to do the job.

  89. I’m pretty sure my family would end up using that little vacuum every single day! But the first place I’d try it out is in the car. Then the laundry room/mud room floor, stairs, bathrooms, crumbs in the kitchen…

  90. That puppy would be my new best car passenger. I would also use it in the kitchen under the bar stools and on the stairs since we have 3 flights! Woo-hoo!

  91. My favorite feature is the Cyclone suction. It doesn’t loose suction and wont clog up the filter.

  92. I would use this to help clean up the dirt on the carpet when my cats dig in the plants.

  93. I need this to clean my car. My dog sheds like crazy in the car when I drive her to the park and I hate taking the big vacuum outside to clean it.

  94. My boyfriend doesn’t take his shoes off when he comes in the house and he makes a mess with leaves and grass.

  95. I have 4 boys, too and I think it would be easier to tell you where I WON”T use it: my purse, on the kitties, and that’s about it! I would use this sucker everywhere.

  96. I would use the vacuum to clean up behind the messes that come with the blessings of kids and a dog. The car, the home, and it would be perfect for around the dog bed. Thanks for sharing about the vacuum.

  97. We just got a new-to-us vehicle with a black interior (not our first choice!). I have been looking for a small vacuum to keep it looking clean :)

  98. I would use it in my vehicle, for my furniture and around the diningroom table to clean up the small messes without taking out the big vacuum.

  99. In the upstairs bathroom–I hate lugging the big vac up there! The car too definitely. Thanks!

  100. I would love to use this to clean out my car! I love that the pivot can be adjusted

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  101. No limit to where this would be used. With a house of 6 and multiple pets there isn’t a place this wouldn’t go!

  102. Oh this would be alittle miracle worker in our home! With three dogs, we have lots of dog hair! I would love to be able to pull this one out instead of the big vacuum all the time! Would be so much easier and also would be great to clean up Carters messes under the table after meals!

  103. What a great giveaway! I’d love one of these B&D vacuums and would use it every day to keep our van & apt. dust, sand and crumb free. It will be so handy to use on the couch, vents, and all the nook and crannies that seem to attract dust bunnies!

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