Cleaning my house naturally

Yesterday, the boys were off from school because of Election Day.

I told them if they helped me clean the house in the morning, I would give them some “chore money.”

They were super excited about it, and I gave them each a list of five things they had to do around the house to earn five dollars.

It is amazing how much work we can all get done together! (Especially when money is involved.  Hee.Hee.)  We had this place cleaned up pretty quickly.

I was kind of excited about cleaning myself, even though no one was paying me, because it was the first time I was going to get to use my Thieves Household cleaner!2014-05-20 09.22.55

Don’t ya love trying new stuff?!  It’s like when I get a new candle and can’t wait to light it.  Smile

I just got this a few days ago, and I was so excited to use it.  I love that it is chemical-free, and I know there is nothing harmful in it for me or my family.


2014-05-20 10.40.39

Eli cleaned the kitchen table and chairs.

Thieves household cleaner is non-toxic, all-natural, and chemical-free, and it includes the Theives Oil, along with other natural ingredients.

Here is what smarter people than me say….

Thieves essential oil blend combines clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus essential oils and makes a great all-purpose concentrated cleaner.  Thieves Household Cleaner is biodegradable and complies with EPA standards.

This stuff smells A-MA-ZING!  Just ask my boys!  They loved cleaning with it!  I diluted the Thieves household cleaner in a spray bottle, and it will last me a very long time.

I got my Thieves household cleaner as part of Essential Rewards Pack, but you can buy them separately as well.

Screenshot 2014-05-20 21.53.03

My pack included:

2 – Thieves Household Cleaner
1 – 15ml Thieves Essential Oil Blend
1 – Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste
1 – Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
2 – Thieves Spray
2 – Thieves Hand Purifier
2 – Thieves Foaming Hand Soap


I was a little skeptical about a “natural” toothpaste, because I had never tried one before, but I love it!  It really does taste good and makes my mouth feel so clean.

The hand soap smells so good, and it makes your hands feel so soft.  The boys love using it in their bathroom.

I keep the Thieves hand sanitizer and spray in my purse.  It’s great for when we are on the go.

Again, I cannot tell y’all how good this stuff smells!

I have only been using oils for about 6 months, but I love them more and more every day!  I cannot imagine life without them now.

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Have a blessed day!!!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. sounds like a great cleaning day with the boys. it is something that I really missed when I no longer had my helpers for these special cleaning. sometimes trying to get them on board can be a challenge but they really do learn a lot for their future homes.

  2. Well, I do not use chemicals to clean my house anymore and use natural cleaners such as lemon juice, acv and soda instead. These products are better for the health and are very cheap.

  3. Lovely post! I have some favorites among the Thieves products too. I’m trying to keep my home chemical-free and that’s why cleaning with natural and home-mixed solutions is essential for me. Thanks for sharing :)

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