Jonathan’s going to the Ky Opry Finals!

Happy Monday, y’all!

I am so excited about this beautiful day we are having in Kentucky today!!  Sunny and Seventies!  Does my soul well.  Smile

The boys don’t have school tomorrow because it’s Election Day, so I have a lot to get caught up on today.  I’m spending the morning on my computer, and the afternoon on my house.

This weekend we are headed back down to the Kentucky Opry for the talent search finals.

Two weekends ago, Jonathan performed in the semi-finals, and made it to the finals!

He sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” again, and did a good job, but the amp that was plugged into his guitar wasn’t working, so you can’t hear him play the guitar.  Sad smile

But he still had fun and kept on playing.


It was Mother’s Day weekend, and I was so blessed to spend it with my Dad and Janet, and my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Tassy.

strawberry 131

Aunt Tassy is my mom’s sister, and she is so much like mom.

And Uncle Tommy, well he is one of my favorite people on the planet!

strawberry 124

Those two are nothing but goodness straight to the core!  I am so blessed!

Aunt Tassy and Janet spoiled me that weekend.  Aunt Tassy bought me a dress to wear to church on Mother’s Day (she said cause she knew Mom would want her to) , and Janet bought me a beautiful little sweater to go with it.

We ate dinner at Dad’s favorite place, The Catfish Kitchen, before the show on Saturday night.


It is soooo good!  They serve you beans & cornbread and fresh slaw as soon as you sit down.  YUM!  My boys loved getting the frog legs, but I always love the fresh catfish.

Here are all the boys checking out the catfish in the pond…


Uncle Tommy, Jonathan, Dad, Cy, Eli, Luke, Adam


We had such a blessed time together, and I tell my boys all the time how blessed they are to have MY aunts and uncles so involved in their lives.  It is truly special indeed!



Jonathan is performing in the finals this weekend.  If you live nearby, we would love for you to come cheer him on.  Whoever gets the most audience votes get bonus points, and since we live so far away, we usually don’t have a lot of people there for Jonathan.  We could use the extra help in our cheering section.  Smile

You may want to call early and get your tickets, it is usually a full house for the finals.

Click on the button below to visit their website:

I pray you have a blessed day, friends!

P.S.  The winner of the Black and Decker giveaway is..

Your Winner


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  1. Congratulations Jonathan–wishing you the very best–but your amazing talent will carry you through the competition!

  2. well Inland empire, So. Calif. is a bit far for audience cheering but it is there in spirit. Go Jonathan. Gad to be re ceiving your newsletter again.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness Traci – he is so talented! My Hubs is a Blues guitarist and plays at House of Blues, etc and I can tell you your “little guy” has it SO together for such a young man! He did a fantastic job on one of my fave tunes and I love that he just ignored the amp not being plugged in. Can’t wait to hug your neck at Haven in July. xoxo

  4. Watching Jonathan perform always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing his talent with us.

  5. Each time we hear him sing it runs chills up and down my arms. Oh my he has improved ao very much. I could listen to him for ever. We wish him all the lovein’the heart can hold. Can’t wait for the announcement. But no matter how the vote, he is top in our book.

    God Bless
    He will take you where he needs him to be.

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