Cy has a new job!

Hey guys!

I have some exciting news!  Smile

My hubby has a new job!

If you have been following my blog since last year, you know that my husband left his banking job of 15 years to go into business for himself.

He started CB3 Insulation and Remodel, and became self-employed.

It was a wonderful, yet not-so-wonderful year.

The best part of the year was watching God provide for us month after month.  Being self employed was quite a challenge, and we were truly relying on God for our “daily bread.”

And HE was always faithful.

The first part of the year was super busy, and we were all getting used to Cy’s new schedule.  Basically, he had no schedule.  He pretty much worked 24/7.  He was putting in 70-80 hour weeks sometimes, which we new would happens when you try to get a business up on it’s feet.

The summer was difficult, and July was our hardest month.  That was the month we started talking about me going back to work again, and I took a job for a week.

We got on our knees, literally, and prayed for God to guide us and show us what to do.  Again, HE was faithful.

Cy’s job began picking up again, and he became so busy that he was having to turn down jobs.  We thought that his business would be about 75% insulation jobs and 25% remodeling jobs, but it ended up being about 85% remodeling jobs and 15% insulation jobs.  We never advertised his remodeling business, but through his reputation, he was getting referrals left and right.

He was making good money and staying busy.  Who could ask for more, right?

Well, along with all of his work came a lot of stress.

In our almost 17 years of marriage, I have never seen my husband so stressed and so worn out in my life.  He was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted from the demands of keeping his business going.

Like I said, we knew the first year of starting a business would be the hardest.  We knew that.  But at some point, we looked at each other and both said, “Is this worth it?”

Our time together as a family had suffered over the past year.  I spent over half the year feeling like a single mom.  (I have the highest respect for single moms!!!)

The boys started feeling the “absence” of their dad as well.  Cy was missing out on so many “little” moments with the boys to keep his business going.

This didn’t make Cy happy, me happy, or our boys happy.

Our boys are growing up so quickly.  Jonathan starts high school this fall, and he will be in college before we know it.  IMG_0773

Cy didn’t want to miss those moments with his boys, but he had this new business, and he was trying his best to make it work.

There is one thing that I know for sure…Cy loves me and he loves our boys!  I have seen this man fight through blood, sweat, and tears to provide for his family this past year.  He is the hardest working man I have ever known!

A couple of months ago, a potential job presented itself to Cy.  He was not looking for a new job, but he was pursued by a community bank that was getting ready to build a new branch in our county.  Cy was an excellent banker with an excellent reputation in our community, so I am not surprised they wanted him to run their new bank. Smile

We prayed, and we both agreed that God was providing a way for Cy to easily move out of his self-employment and back into banking.

Cy loved banking, he just had gotten tired of the national bank that he was working at.  He is going to love working at a community bank so much more.

A year ago, this banking job was not even available, so we both feel that God led him to start his own business for a year until it was.

His new branch will be finished being built in July, but until then, he is working in Somerset, Kentucky where this community bank is originally from.

He started his new job yesterday.

But even over the last month, since we knew he would be taking this job, he has been so much less stressed.

I know that this is going to be such a better thing for our family right now.  If Cy does go into business for himself again someday, it will probably be when our boys are older and out of the house.

Time with our loved ones is so precious.  I know this is a decision we will never regret.

Cy and I are both so thankful to God for all His many blessings, and how He has continually watched over us this past year.


To God be the Glory!


  1. What wonderful news for your family! It’s so amazing to see God’s plan unfold in our lives and to have doors of opportunity like that open wide for us to walk right through :-)

  2. congrats! on the new job! It was good to try a new adventure and hey, he can do side jobs when he wants too…

  3. Congratulations to Ty! You and your hubby definitely have your priorities in order; as I always say, “Family first.” :) Excuse me for being nosy— I am just curious how you only worked for one week as a teacher. Did they hire a replacement after the first week of school?

  4. I love how God provides over and over again. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6

  5. That is awesome news Traci. God is good! Thank you for sharing your exciting news with us.

    1. “…I call him Father; I call Him faithful; I call Him everything that I’ve got….” Hallelujah!

  6. “…I call him Father; I call Him faithful; I call Him everything that I’ve got….” Hallelujah!

  7. congratulations to cy on the new job! funny how the Lord moves us in and out of situations to land us somewhere we would of never even thought of. best of luck♥

  8. Congratulations to Cy! I am so glad for y’all! The banking industry is tough, isn’t it? I’ll never forget the time a few years ago when Jack was working for a bank. . . he was a Managing Director and was CIO for a division of the bank, when boom! The bank was bought by another, larger bank. There’s just so much consolidation in the banking industry. I hope Cy loves working for this new bank–it sounds like an awesome fit for him!

    I know you’re amazed at the way God has provided for you through this year. It’s been a wild ride for you, hasn’t it? May God continue to bless your family.

  9. God Bless you family and your husbands new job! Such an inspiration and an uplifting post. Just reminds us all how God always knows best and is constantly in control. Having a very down day today myself over finances and the battle it is sometimes to keep a float in this life. Greatful to God and greatful to people like you that post about his grace and constant guidance.

  10. What a journey! I’m sure you wouldn’t have chosen it if you knew what was coming but it’s fun to look back and see what the Lord did.

    Somerset, KY. Totally random but in a middle school mission trip to Michigan, we stopped to sing at a church in Somerset. People in the church graciously opened their homes to a bunch of high school and junior high kids. The family I stayed with (along with three others) was a total blast. That was 1986-ish.

  11. I’m so happy for all of you. I’ve thought and prayed for your family this past year. As a self-employed person, I know the stress/ so glad this has worked out for the best. thank you for letting us know.

  12. Congratulations to Cy and to you and your family! I’m SO happy for all of you! I think he will always have those who will call him to do remodeling. He is so good! But a 8 to 5 job would be a welcome change. My husband gets his Masters this weekend, and is a CPA. Does he need any help? We are praying that a new job will come our way too!

  13. Congratulations to Cy and to you and your family! I’m SO happy for all of you! I think he will always have those who will call him to do remodeling. He is so good! But a 8 to 5 job would be a welcome change. My husband gets his Masters this weekend, and is a CPA. Does he need any help? We are praying that a new job will come our way too!

  14. Congratulations to Cy and to you and your family! I’m SO happy for all of you! I think he will always have those who will call him to do remodeling. He is so good! But a 8 to 5 job would be a welcome change. My husband gets his Masters this weekend, and is a CPA. Does he need any help? We are praying that a new job will come our way too!

  15. So happy for your family! Great news! A lot of people will miss him for sure! If he is ever looking for a side job, and is willing to travel to New York :) I would have plenty of work for him! Enjoy your time together. You are right, those growing up years go by in a blink!

  16. Your story gives me so much hope. My family is really struggling right now due to my husband’s company shutting down. I know God WILL provide for us. I just sometimes have a problem with asking why we are experiencing what we are. But I’m sure God has a plan for us at some point and we will be able to look back and say “now I understand why it all worked out like that”. Thanks for posting this when I needed to read it.

    Btw, Somerset is near my hometown. :)

    1. I think sometimes when we experience these struggles, God is giving others an opportunity to help you and for you to receive the blessing of being helped by others. We can all use lessons in charity, humility, compassion and patience throughout our long journey.

  17. I hope now you will consider going back to regular blogging (which I loved) and not do all these sponsored advertisements.

  18. Congratulations Cy! Happy for all of you. I know all to well what it is like to have a husband gone. My husband retired from the Navy three years ago but prior to that he was gone all of the time and missed so much of our boys lives. So happy for you all that Cy will not miss any more of those precious milestones. God is great!

    On a different subject I was on FB earlier and saw a before and after post posted by Country Living. It was the remodel job Cy did of the kitchen. How cool is that!

  19. So many cool things about this post. God is amazing, first and foremost. How cool to be featured in a magazine? I live in Louisville and love when fellow KY bloggers go big. Congrats on the job and new beginnings. Cherish those moments. My youngest turns 18 this summer. Where did the time go?

  20. Congratulations! Jobs can sometime be so stressful and families always seem to suffer. I’m so happy that a way was made for y’all to come out of a difficult situation. Cy is such a talented handyman, as evident by all the remodels you’ve shown us, a skill that will always be in demand and a wonderful talent to have. May our God continue to bless your family, Tracy. Lots of love and good wishes from here in GA!

  21. Thank you, Jesus. I have followed along with you for several years and my heart has been anxious and worried about all of you this whole time. I have prayed for guidance and peace throughout this time.

  22. P.S. I don’t mind those sponsored posts AT ALL. Do whatever feels right. You need something for yourself and I believe those posts help spread the word of your blog.

  23. I am so happy that God has blessed your family so richly. How could He not, you are the best christian family I know.

    Now about thoes sponsored post: I love them because it gives us info about new tools, and product. Sometimes they even give us a chance to win that object.

    Keep up the great work and continue your love of family.

    God Bless!

  24. Congrats on the new job! Sometimes we mistakenly think that if something isn’t “forever” it must not have been God’s plan for us. Good for you to recognize that God gives us “in the meantime” opportunities as well. :)

  25. Congratulations to your family!! Reading about your year all I could think was: look what you and Cy have taught your boys! Although he was super busy and stressed, they saw their dad work hard to provide for them- they saw their mom and dad pray together- and they now see how amazing God is! You and Cy are such wonderful parents!

  26. I love how you share your heart with such open honesty. Today’s life story was such an encouragement to me. So very excited for your hubby, you and the boys. God does the promoting and as you have said PROVIDES for us. We do walk with His favor. It’s just so nice to hear how He has opened those new doors. Glad you don’t have to be back working full-time!

  27. So thankful for you and your family. You have a beautiful, obedient heart and an example of faithfulness and trust in Him. Thank you for the ways you bless me by your posts.

  28. Congratulations. God is faithful and never breaks his promise. So happy for your family. I too, have visited Somerset Ky. Beautiful folks and the lakes were awesome. We met a great family from there each year at our condo on vacation in Fl. My boys and theirs became fast friends. Small world.

  29. Traci,
    Doesn’t this kind of thing just show you how strong faith can be?., I love hearing answered prayers and how God always is faithful and provides., it may not be what we want but he takes care of us.,
    Congrats on the new found time and regaining your family back.,
    Keep writing these sweet and precious testimonies. We all truly enjoy your page.

  30. congratulations. so wonderful to hear the praise and glory being given to our Savior. Having been sought out for this job could be an opportunity for the big head Blessings for the six of you.

  31. Traci – very happy for you. My hubby also started a new job and we are looking for home. Everything goes under contract very quickly so extra prayers would be awesome! I’m happy that there are other that put family and God first. Inspiration I needed. Thank you and God Bless!

  32. so great to read that a new job presented itself. It is SO hard to have your own business. Your husband is gifted to be able to have many talents!

  33. Congratulations to Cy and to your whole family! It sounds like your whole family will benefit from his reduction of work hours and stress. Our kids grow up fast and it’s good to not miss the little things.

    Also Traci, just wanted to let you know and couldn’t find an email address for you that I recently realized I was no longer receiving email messages of your blog (and many others) and then I received an email from Diane Henkler of the blog “In My Own Style” explaining that in mid April Feedburner stopped working. She has changed over to another provider and I am now receiving her email updates again. Just wanted to let you know that I am experiencing the same problem with your emails, in case you are unaware that your email subscribers are probably not receiving your emails any more. I hope you can get this problem fixed so I can receive your emails again! Thanks.

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