DIY Wood Planter Box {BLACK+DECKER Giveaway!}

Hey friends!

I wanted to share with you a quick little project I completed today.

I’ve always seen a ton of DIY wood boxes in blogland, and I’ve always wanted to build my own, so I finally decided to do it! Smile

diy wood planter box

This project is so super easy.

I spent about $11 bucks on a piece 12 ft piece of 1×6 pine.  I cut three pieces 29 inches long for the bottom and sides, and two pieces 7 inches long for the sides.

Then I used my new BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill with Autosense Technology to put my box together.


The cool thing about this tool is that you can switch between “drill” and “drive” modes.


We used some wood screws to attach the sides to the bottom, and then we attached the end pieces.

diy wood planter box

Because pine is a soft wood, we pre-drilled a hole using the “drill mode” on my drill.


diy wood planter box

After we pre-drilled the hole, we switched to “drive mode” to use the screwdriver.

diy wood planter box

In drive mode, a microprocessor continuously measures the tool’s performance. As the screw enters the material there is a rapid change in its torque profile. The microprocessor analyzes the rate of change and stops most screws flush with the material within three milliseconds.

I enlisted Eli’s help to sand down the rough edges.

diy wood planter box

And then I quickly gave the box one coat of MinWax Dark Walnut stain.

diy wood planter box

Next, I added some geraniums to my box and put it on my kitchen table.  Done!

diy wood planter box

I know that I will use this box a lot, indoors and outdoors.  I think it would look great with some aqua mason jars and flowers, don’t you?

Here is a quick little video that tells you a little more about this fabulous drill.




Now, are you ready to win a


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver


with Autosense Technology


for yourself?




Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment telling me why or how the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Drill with Autosense would make your life easier.

This giveaway ends June 30, 2014.  You must be 18 years old and live in the US to enter.

Many thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sponsoring today’s story and introducing me to the AutoSense Drill and its automatic clutch!


  1. We just moved into a new home — I have pictures to hang, furniture to put together, and no drill!

  2. Love the flower box–and such a darling helper you have!! I would love this drill as we are soon starting some projects around our home and this tool would help us out so much…

  3. Cute helper! I like your project! The drill might help me get some projects completed by my husband as he loves a new tool and would work just to play with it! Who knows I might just use it myself! Thanks!

  4. I wouldn’t have to wait for my husband to get home from work to borrow his. Oh, yeah, by that time, I’m too tired anyway. Need my own!!!

  5. I could use that Black and Decker drill every single day in my life right now! We are 14 months into a major renovation and doors need to be put back up, curtain rods need to be mounted, kick plates on appliances need to be put on, the list is endless!! BTW, I love your little planter box and that awesome table!

  6. I have projects that I want to do, but am lacking in the tools! I always have to wait for someone with tools to help. This Black and Decker drill would be wonderful!

  7. Great looking kid there…and love the planter box. Who couldn’t use a drill? WOW….of course I’d had everything in 10 counties drilled by the time my man made it home! I go crazy with this stuff! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Love the project! This tool would help me make nice accessories on a budget and properly put together pieces I have still in boxes in the closet. Lol

  9. I just made shutters very much like the ones that you made. I did not have a battery drill so I had to go to a neighbor to pre drill holes and then hand screw it together and now I want to make a window box for under under my kitchen window. I really LOVE how easy this drill looks and it would make all my projects SO much easier. Thank you for all your help and instructions.

  10. I would love to have a cordless drill. The one I use has an electrical cord and is always coming unplugged. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. It would make my life easier because currently I do not have a power drill. Doing things by hand it limiting and difficult :) Thanks Traci

  12. Oh my, we always have a long list of projects for which this drill would come in handy! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  13. Like everyone else it seems, i have to wait to borrow tools. it would be nice to just finish some projects on my own time. the cordless feature would make it SO much easier to work outside. Thanks for the Chance.

    BTW, your planter is darling as well as your helper.

  14. My husband and I have a big project going on in our garage right now and this drill would really help us get it done faster and easier!

  15. Oh my goodness, we could so use a power drill in our house! We just bought a house and we have a lot of work to do on it and using a Phillips head screwdriver is taking way too long and making jobs that should be easy way too hard! This is such a cute project and you have a cute helper, too!

  16. I had to trash my last box it was so old. Need to make a new one. Thanks for the chance!

  17. I like that this drill can easily change between the drill and drive modes. This would make our project to extend our deck go a lot quicker.

  18. My husband and I bought our first house last summer and have so many projects to do, it’s a real fixer upper… A new drill of my own would be very welcomed so I wouldn’t need to borrow my dads all the time!

  19. I’m always assembling things for people, and usually do it by hand which ends up being really painful. This would not only cut down my assembly time but keep my hand from hurting, too!

  20. Having my own drill will help with a ton of things. My next project is framing up doors. Please enter my name in the drawing. Thank you.

  21. This would make my life easier – for my husband to make things for me!
    Thanks for the chance1

  22. I would love to win this for my husband!
    Switching between the drill and drive is so cool! e would get lots of use out of this!

  23. Love it! I need to make me one too. I’ve been wanting to for awhile. I would use the drill for all sorts of craft projects. They come in so handy.

  24. Out deck is falling apart and needs a lot of repair. This would make repairs a lot easier.

  25. I have a lot of rooms to paint. That means lots of switch plates and outlet covers to remove and then replace. I know it’s not a terrible job, but I would love to use the Black & Decker drill with the screwdriver bits. Think of the time savings!

  26. I would LOVE to have my very own Black & Decker drill. My husband gets “that look” when I ask to borrow his.

    Thank you for offering this opportunity to win one.

  27. I am getting ready to put new railings on my deck and to rebuild my gate. My current cordless drill sucks so I use my corded one with a very long extension cord. This drill sounds absolutely wonderful. Even if I don’t win, I think I found my Christmas wish.

  28. Wow! That looks like a drill I could handle on my own. There is definitely a DIY-er within me waiting for some of my own tools to do my own projects. I’d love to have a drill like this to unleash my creativity. Loved loved loved the planter box!

  29. I have stripped the Phillips slots in the head of nearly every screw I’ve ever drilled because the the ‘trigger’ on the drill I use is all or nothing LOL. With the Black & Decker drill’s Auto Sense, stripped screw heads would be a thing of the past. :) I live in an old house with minimal lighting and often do my projects in the evening when i get home from work. The light on the Black & Decker drill would be a huge help. Those are 2 of many reasons I would love to have the Black & Decker 20V Max cordless drill. Thank you.

  30. I am in the process of updating my kitchen and I am doing it myself. I could use this to help with new hardware, trim, doors, light fixtures…etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. If I had this drill, then I wouldn’t have to ask my husband for his. I would love to have this one!

  32. Oh my…I don’t know how many times I’ve thought how nice it would be to have my own drill to do the projects I enjoy doing. Having a drill like this would be wonderful.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  33. I need my own cordless drill. I’m tired of having to borrow my husbands’ and all the “help” involved.

  34. I recently acquired a couple wood pallets!! I would love to have a cordless drill/drive to make some Pinterest inspired projects. I love your box.

  35. Wow! How cool is that drill! I’d love to have one as we just began some minor home improvements and you know what that means: Something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal turns into something major. Having this drill would sure turns some frowns upside down at my house for sure! LOL!

  36. Why would that AWESOME cordless drill be helpful? Gosh, if you own your own home like we do, you’re forever doing all kinds of projects. And my hands aren’t as strong as they used to be (ggrrr) so it would be amazingly helpful.
    I”m loving that box with stain on it!!!

  37. I would love to have a nice drill. I’ve had other drills and they don’t hold up.

  38. I would love to have my own drill. Every time I look for my husbands drill, he had taken it yo work, do having my ow would be very handy

  39. I would love to make a wooden box just like yours! It would be perfect on my kitchen table or island! This drill would make it a snap!

  40. This looks like an awesome drill. I might even be able to make the box like you made!

  41. I have shutters to put up, furniture to make and projects around the house. Ours just broke after 25 years and I’m having a hard time knowing I don’t have a drill. Thanks for the giveaway! By the way, I love your flower box. I’ll add that to the list!

  42. What a great flowerbox! I love the way you stained it. I would love this drill. I currently have an old 14 volt drill that I use for endless repair projects in my 147-year-old house. A newer one with more juice would make like much easier!

  43. I would love to use this drill as I put together projects for my home. You are an inspiration when I see the projects that you have done in your home. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. This BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Drill with Autosense would make my woodworking so much easier. Love the new drill/drive technology!

  45. As a beginner do-it-yourself-er, I would absolutely LOVE to have my own drill instead of having to dig out the hubby’s 80-year-old one. It would make my projects so much easier!

  46. We have wooden fencing and when it needs repairing, it’s a real problem to get an electric drill to reach the far portions of it. This cordless drill would make those repairs much easier.

  47. I’m retired (early)and want to start creating things myself. My husband is not crafty so I’m on my own with the help of blogs (just found you) to teach me how to DIY. I have nothing but a hammer and about 6 pallets I’ve picked up. Would love to have this to get me started.I’m so ready. Thanks!!!

  48. I am putting together a photo gallery with lots and lots of pictures to hang and no drill at all.

  49. The older drills my husband had are large, heavy & the batteries have all died. Now that my husband has passed away, I need something easy to understand and use.

  50. I am constantly striping screw heads:) AND I would love a drill that was mine – so I could always find it and not have to dig through my husbands tool box – and try to guess the last place he had it :) Just think of the things I could get done around the house :)

  51. We have just started demolition on our old kitchen, so this would come in super-handy! Thanks!

  52. Hi Traci! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Father’s day weekend! Thd drill you have looks like it would be easy to work with. I have never won anything lol and it would be nice to win something so practical. I love your blog Traci and thank you for all your fun and przctical tips! Especially thank for Sunday inspiration!!!!!

  53. Lots of projects and a tool like this would sure make things a lot easier. Does not look intimidating to use. Love the box your made.

  54. this would make my life alot easier. Our old cordless drill stopped working and I have alot of fix it projects I would love to get done this summer

  55. I think your box and blackboard are the cutest! I would love the drill, as I think it would prompt me to DO some’do it yourself’ projects.:)

  56. Our house needs so much TLC and with a small budget and a busy husband, I am trying to learn how to make repairs myself and also do projects to improve our 75 year old home. I just built a 45 foot privacy fence by myself and I’m hooked now with building and using tools. I want to get my own tools w/o having to borrow. I would be thrilled to win the drill!

  57. I do not own a drill machine at all, and I see awesome projects done with it, this would be a life-saver.

  58. I would love this drill, I have had a broke wrist and using a screw driver is a thing of the past! :(

  59. I need a drill of my own since I seem to be taking on more of the handyman role these days! I can’t seem to find all the pieces needed for our old drill.

  60. We are preparing for a major remodel & my hubby’s drill needs replacing desperately! This would help us so much!

  61. We have just recently moved into my grandparents farmhouse. It is old and we are having to do a lot of remodeling. This power tool would be greatly used!

  62. Since I’ve burned out two battery operated drills, I’d like to have one that actually do a job without dying before the job is done!

  63. I could finally fix my kitchen chairs. They need to be recovered and put back together to hopefully be more stable!

  64. We are coming to the end of a kitchen/bath renovation and I have (from experience)realized the value of a tool such as the Black + Decker Drill/Driver. For all the projects coming up it would be a great help!

  65. Getting our house ready to move so we are finishing a lot of projects. This drill would make life easier. Thanks and Decker.

  66. A cordless drill would sure help us to build all the wooden things my husband and I like to build, plus it would help us in finishing our 2nd chicken coop. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  67. We just moved into a new home 2 months ago and are starting on some remodeling projects. I’m sure this drill would go a long way in helping make those projects easier!

  68. Perfect addition to my tools and what a way to assist in making my projects easier…GREAT BLOG love it and all the inspiration that you bring :) Thanks!!!!

  69. I love to build things but I am a light weight – I think the compact size of this tool would make it easy for me to handle.

  70. I would like to create a photo wall in our family room. How cool would it be to make my own frames out of reclaimed would around? The black and decker would help out tremendously. ❤️ Love your chalkboard planter.

  71. I think I’d do all the things around the house I now wait for my husband to do…..

    closet organizer…done

  72. I’m not very strong or handy, so power tools make jobs a lot easier for me. I just need some of my own! :)

  73. I am retired and rediscovering my love for arts and crafts. This is a drill that I would be able to use to build frames for my art work. Love it.

  74. This drill would make household projects so much easier! My husband AND I would love working with this drill…fixing the chicken coop up, the barn, hanging reading shelves for the little ones, etc. I could go on and on…

  75. I’m the only girl in our house, out of myself, my husband, 2 sons & now a grandson… I’m the one that does a lot of the projects at our house… it would be awesome for me to be able to show the boys that I have my own tools to work with :) thanks!

  76. Getting older and it would make doing repairs easier and wouldn’t have to bother my son as much

  77. Would love this..would be just what I needed to tackle some of the projects in pinterest!

  78. Just getting ready to revamp and organize my kitchen cabinets. Would love to be able to use a tool like this!

  79. I would certainly make your planter box and a thousand other things that I have been wanting to do. And then there is Pinterest!! The possibilities are endless!!

  80. I’m the handyman around the house. I also help out a couple of wonderful ladies in our neighborhood whom are widows that don’t have a lot of money. The drill would help me help them with more fix it projects around the house. It would also help me out too.

  81. I’m always asking hubby to fix this or make that, partially because I’m a little nervous about using his tools. Having a drill of my own might make me less tentative to make something independent of him. The box is just perfect, btw.

  82. The Black and Decker drill would make my life easier because I would not have to look through my husbands tools in search of a drill. I am giving some rooms an uplift and the drill would come in so handy in putting up window cornices and shades. Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas.

  83. I love to be able to do projects myself and this would be the perfect tool to help me out. The look on my husbands face is priceless. It would go right next to my toolbox in the garage.
    Thank you!

  84. My husband would love it if I got this drill! It would make my life easier b/c amidst one of our last bathroom projects I think I accidentally threw ours away! :( He’d really appreciate a new one! haha.

  85. I’m not very strong or handy, so power tools make jobs a lot easier for me. We just got kitchen remodeling done in the house. And so much more to do my self. I am sure this tool will help me a lot and will come handy. This will be an amazing tool to have.

  86. I would not have to borrow my husbands for taking off and putting back on the hardware on my projects!

  87. I don’t have a power drill, but I have lots a projects! Having a new drill would really make life a lot easier.

  88. I have several projects around the house that would use this awesome tool! Starting with hanging a shelf in one of the bedrooms! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  89. This would be great in our house so that we could keep one in the shop and one in the house!

  90. I am trying my first building project without man help! I’m building three walls with a doorway to make a new bathroom. I’m thinking a drill would be incredibly useful!

  91. I am renovating my kitchen and will soon be tackling a bathroom, so this would be fantastic!

  92. I recently started my own business “Brushed by the Heart” after retiring from Nursing (cardiac) for 30 years. I now Redo furniture, upholster and teach art classes. I know it will come in very useful with my Furniture Finds i enjoy Flipping.

  93. I need this soooooooo bad. So I can do my DIY projects and not have to share a drill with my husband ;)

  94. I need to win this for my daughter and son-in-law, as she just posted this today on her FB page:

    OK. As my granny would say “I’m so mad I could spit nails!!!” As most of you know we have started from square one together. No power tools, latter’s, or other things that make home improvements/repairs a little easier….so I set out to prove frilly curtain rods for my daughters new bedroom is not a two man job….(sigh, this is where I was wrong I think). Without things like drills and latter’s its very hard to reach the top if windows. An without a level its hard to know if things look OK. Well….I smash my finger, had to screw the screw into the wall, unscrew it from wall, insert drywall anchor, line up holes in frilly rod holder, rescrew-4X’s!!!!!!!! And that’s just for one window!!!! Then I get all rod holders in place and discover something aweful-one rod is too short and I DESTROYED the packaging just getting it out. So what do you do in this situation…..BRING OUT YOUR ROOTS AND PUT SOME REDNECK ENGINEERING INTO IT!! Needless to say all it took was a pencil and a strategically placed hook to do the job. Looks great!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! So…even though my arms are tired from standing in a kitchen chair and reaching above my head to screw things in the wall numerous times for the past 1 1/2 hours I decide to move onto bathroom to put up shade over the window……ONLY TOOK 5 MINUTES TO GIVE UP!!! — feeling annoyed.

  95. Oh my goodness…this would really make my life easier! I am doing hom improvements on my 40 year old house and have to borrow my son’s drill (same one you’re giving away) – he lives 2 hours away, so I have to put my projects on hold until he visits and then he thinks he has to “help” me! I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  96. I think the led light would be a helpful feature. Lots of projects could be completed with this tool!

  97. I painted my cabinets, and I need a drill to put on the drawer pulls. This would be perfect!

  98. It would make my life easier because I somehow lost the charger to the drill I own on my last move:(!!.

  99. I have some old weathered wood I want to make bird houses and some pallet projects. It would be great!

  100. My BF and I are doing a lot of projects in my house so we can sell and get one of our own together. We LOVE to work on projects together and we have fun. This would make it so much easier. Then, we could use it around the new place. Thank you! :)

  101. Love Love Love this auto sense …..I could prove to the men around here (friends and neighbors) that it is NOT me but the puny drills stripping the screws …..and then I wouldn’t need to borrow anyone elses :)

  102. Would LOVE to get this! My husband and I just bought a house back in December and we are slowly building our tool collection. We don’t have much, and an electric drill isn’t one yet! We have done some renovations, but have borrowed family tools. Now that we have out own place that we call home, I want to get into a lot of DIY projects and this would be the perfect tool to start with!!

  103. OH MY GOSH! I love a drill. Waiting on a man to do something for you is like waiting for paint to dry. So with a good drill I could just do it myself.

  104. I sure could use one because my drill motor battery is no longer available. I have several projects I would like to do.

  105. This would be an outstanding addition to my small collection of tools!! Great planter box..can’t wait to try one…

  106. We are buying a house and I have so many things like this planned, it would be way easier with this drill!

  107. I would be independent from always needing my husbands muscle for my DIY projects!

  108. I could use this drill for several projects around the house. It would be quicker than the screwdriver I am currently using. :-D

  109. It would be so nice to have my own drill, I am constantly doing projects, always asking my hubby for help, I could do it myself…… P.S. He doesn’t share well LOL!)

  110. For various reasons, we no longer even have a drill! A reliable one would be awesome!

  111. I would love one of these. I use to consider myself a “tough chick”. Then a was struck with a disabling condition similar to MS. Soo I need one to get my “tough chick” back. Due to the unknown my parents bought a house for me to “rent”. So this would be put to very good use. And no more borrowing dad’s. :)

  112. Such a cute project! I love how the drill is a drill and driver in one!! How awesome! I need this to make the farmhouse table I have been wanting forever! Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. This will seriously help my husband with that honey-do list, that just keeps getting longer!!

  114. This would be a HUGE help this summer as I tackle all the home improvement profects I have been putting off all winter.’m

  115. I love being able to switch between drill and drive and no cord.My drill is over 30 years old. Heavy, corded and have to use a key to change bits!

  116. Just bought my first house so there are lots of pictures and decor to be hung!

  117. We recently purchased a 1954 home. I’m sure there will be lots of projects to do and this drill would make them so much easier to do.

  118. I am always building something and the ease of use of this item would surely make me more productive.

  119. I am a single mom who does it all around the house. I use an old corded drill borrowed from my dad! Would love a new easy to handle drill to use to build Pinterest finds and do general fixing up around the house! Thanks!

  120. Oh, it would SO make my life easier for all my projects I do for my booth, “Rescued & Restored” (you can check it out on FB). Thank you for this opportunity! :-)

  121. Want to try and start building stuff, but have no tools. This would be a great start.

  122. I am refinishing thrift store furniture. The drill would most definitely help me in repairing some of the not so sturdy pieces. This, of course, would just be the start of the fun to be had!

  123. This drill looks awesome! Every time I have a project our drill has a dead battery. Then it is so bulky I can’t get things strait. The auto sense would be a sanity saver!

  124. I don’t have my own drill.
    I borrow one when I need to work ona project, which is often. Winning this would make things so much easier.

  125. We gutted our double walk-in closets in our master bedroom. He just wants hanging rods and shelves in his but I am designing a girly space to neatly store hanging clothes, drawers for folded clothes, pull out shelves for my collections of shoes, bags and jewelry.
    My hubs brought home a Kreg system kit to help me build my dream closet. The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Drill with Autosense is the perfect tool for this job!

  126. I only got a screwdriver, so having this would speed up my handy work when needed.

  127. I’m planning on building some wooden squares for seating around a fire pit and the drill would sure come in handy.

  128. This drill would be sooooo enpowering! My love is one of those handy guys that can fix or build anything. That means that all our home projects are moved to the bottom of the list while he works on all the paying jobs, friends and family. With this drill I really could DIY. I love the box planter and the caulk board.

  129. It would be Amazing because…It would be My Drill, I would know Exactly where it was when I would need it! ;) LOL! No, seriously though, it would be great with all of the wood projects I make.

  130. I love to rehab everything. Unfortunately, my husband borrows my tools and I don’t have them when I need them! I would love to have this drill/driver. It would be great to hide it in my toolbox as mine disappeared!!

  131. As someone who does a lot of DIY, I’ve yet to purchase a drill! You’d think I’d know how to remedy that. The thing I’d be most excited about is the little things that it would make easier to do, IE. drilling holes for curtain rods, putting in screws to hold up shelves.

    PS Your project is super cute and I love that chalkboard saying!!!! :D

  132. I need to make a couple of headboards for my guest rooms .. this would certainly make the task a lot easier…..

  133. I own all Black and Decker power tools and this would be a welcome addition to my workshop. I am a single Mom and when you don’t have a man to depend on you gotta have Black and decker!

  134. I would love to win this so I could have my own drill. We are remodeling our home and I always have to go in search of my husbands drill.

  135. As a teacher I really love to do projects with my students. This cordless drill would be an outstanding tool to have on hand and easy to manipulate by my students.

  136. Oh my! Great project – I love that you enlisted you son to help out. Our cordless drill is not very powerful and it constantly ‘dies’ in the middle of a project! It would be so fun to win a BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Drill with Autosense – just to finish some projects that need a good drill/driver! Thanks!

  137. My husband would be able to complete even more fabulous projects for us!

  138. I copy so many of your ideas. This one’s next. Between all the projects at my house and my boyfriend’s, this drill would make life so much easier. I could then stop aggravating the neighbors.

  139. This would be just a perfect addition to my much wanted birthday gift of a kreg jig!!!! ;) then I could save up for all the wood I’ll need for all the fun projects u show us! ;)

  140. i have a few planter boxes that need to be remade. this tool would be perfect to get er done!

  141. This would be sooo helpful with all of the projects around the house, as well as helpful in shop.

  142. I currently have a B&D cordless drill and use it so much, but really need the driver part as my house has lots of ‘fat lightered’ pine walls and it can be too tough for my current drill. I then have to borrow my son’s drill/driver. Would love to have one of my own. Thanks for the opportunity!

  143. I am a single mom with three boys. Our house was built in 1880 and is in need of constant repairs which I cannot afford to pay someone to do. Lacking proper tools is a great disadvantage and means I have to muscle it with hand tools. Sometimes I can do it and sometimes I cannot. What we most often need is a drill. Can only imagine how much easier this would make our lives and improve the way we live.

  144. We have so many little projects around the house to do this summer. This tool would be so useful!!

  145. Okay, we purchased a log home in Tennessee this spring & have really, possibly, bitten off more than we can chew! We are in the process of rehabbing the home, stripping, sanding & re-staining the whole outside of the house. Next year we hope to fix the back deck & screened in porch, which is where the new drill would be a real useful tool! Thank you!

  146. What a wonderful world it would be if I had my very own cordless drill! The uses are endless, hanging pictures, mirrors, shelves, taking old hardware off of furniture before I paint, just to name a few! Thank you for the chance at a great giveaway!

  147. Oh how much easier my upcoming move would be with this awesome drill. Curtains and pictures to hang and accessories to be made. This BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill with Autosense Technology would make these tasks fly by with ease!

  148. I would give this drill to my brother so his life would be easier with all the little projects I give him….hanging curtain rods, building a coat rack for me, fixing the porch railing…..Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  149. I am moving very soon and have new furniture still in cartons that most of it requires a drill. I will also have new curtain rods to install and other various projects that require a drill to which I do not own.

  150. I love the led light on this. This would make my life alot easier in the fact it does not strip screws like my old one did.

  151. I aspire to be the best & coolest mom for my 2 little boys! Seeing all of these easy DIY projects that would bring so much joy to their lives inspires me. Among other tools I wish I had, this drill would make life that much easier for my household and making my boys little hearts desires come true! Please pick us! Logan & Landon’s Mommy

  152. My husband and I just started flipping properties. I am not as proficient as he is at using a drill. This drill seems like it would be perfect for a woman to handle!

  153. Nothing like a momma that lets her son help her with projects around the house! i am 21, a mother to a 10 month old “helper”. We could use this amazing tool as i am just starting my little home decor business with a great passion for pallet wood projects!
    I forgot to add that my husband and I have just started our very own earth garden. this BLACK+DECKER will change our lives as we would be able to upgrade our arrangement to a much more professional and nice looking garden!

  154. I’m in the middle of home renovations, and this tool looks like it is easy enough for even me to use. It would be great to be more “hands on” with the work to be done and not just on the sidelines.

  155. This would be awesome to win this for all the craft projects I got going on. I don’t have a drill, I borrow one. Would be awesome to have my own.

  156. I would love this drill. We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom and kitchen and I also have several old furniture pieces that I am going to redo. This drill would help tremendously. Love the planter box!!

  157. Since my husband is handicapped, I do a lot of the diy stuff around the house. Even if he wasn’t handicapped, I’d do it! I love to figure out how to build and fix stuff and presently I have a rechargeable drill but it’s too small and weak. I need some power!!!!

  158. I have never used a cordless drill…I bet it’s amazing! I need to drill some holes for a fun project for our ladies group at church…would love to have the thrill of a cordless drill. :)

  159. Awesome giveaway! This drill would make my DIY so much easier. Not to be tied to the wall with a drill! Cabinets to make, furniture to build for outside, wall trim, . . . .

  160. I’d love this because my husband is always taking our drill for projects. I’d love to have my own so I can have it on hand for whatever brilliant ideas I come up with!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  161. I would love to win this amazing drill. I could actually do projects on my own. Thank you for the chance to win.

  162. I want to refurbish my patio, which includes rebuilding the fence, repairing furniture, and adding some things to make it more attractive. Right now I don’t own a drill, so this would cut down a lot of my time.

  163. I could fix the loose boards on my deck and install a handrail on my basements stairway.

  164. i recently started my own business and this would really come in handy for frames and other small projects, as well as for larger projects that my husband would be working on (raised flower beds for the yard, pallet furniture, etc.)

  165. It would make my life easier because then I’d have a cordless drill of my own… instead of having to hunt down my husband’s (or trying to do it manually when he takes his tools to his mother’s house … like last month!)

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