Jonathan’s Last Performance at the Kentucky Opry

Hey guys!

Hope you are having a great week so far!

The boys are at a basketball camp this week and having a blast.  Smile  Poor Eli is totally worn out and went to bed at 7:15 tonight.

Last week, they finally posted Jonathan’s final song at the Kentucky Opry.  He was in the finals of the talent search and did such a great job.  He didn’t win, but he had a blast. 

For his fast song, he sang “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis.  I absolutely love that song, and Jonathan had such a fun time learning it and making it his own.

It’s probably one of my favorite performances of his.  The crowd really loved it too.

You can’t hear his guitar very well in the video, but you could hear just perfectly live.




One of the best parts of the night was getting to see one of my blog readers again!

Sherry and her husband Jay came to hear Jonathan sing last year…ky opry 007

This year, Sherry brought her mom and cousin too!  I didn’t get to get a picture with all of them before the show.  I wish I had!  But Sherry found me to say goodbye after the show, and I am so glad she did!


We were both sweating like crazy people because there were issues with the air conditioning, and it was 100 degrees in there!  My hair was flat, and we were burning up!!

Sherry and Jay are such sweeties, and it meant so much to all of us for them to drive all the way to the Kentucky Opry to hear Jonathan sing again!!  Smile

Thank you, Jay and Sherry!!!

The Kentucky Opry Talent Search is over for another year, and we are going to miss all of our western Kentucky friends!  We love visiting with them as much as we can.  We are hoping to go down there sometime this summer so Jonathan can perform in their “Stars of Tomorrow” show. 

Thanks again for letting me share this part of our lives with you.  Smile


Have a blessed day!!!


  1. wow I am listening to your son while I write this. I was a little bit confused when I first spotted the pix as I thought your picture with your friend was your niece.
    Jonathan did a great job. Is he working on his music for the talent show later this summer along with the exhausting basketball camp ?? I am still not receiving the newsletter/blog unless I remember to seek it out but I am subscribed. I was told that from your end you can unsubscribe and resubscribe but if I do it it is sketchy for the resubscribe. have you had others comment or do they just think you have dropped out???

  2. Great job, Jonathan! I will never tire of listening to you sing. Keep on growing and learning and loving.

  3. OMG that was so good. He may not have won there but he sure has won a place in my heart. I was looking back through some of his song from earlier and he gets better every time I hear him. Thanks Jonathan you make me happy when I hear from you.

    God Bless

  4. How very awesome….Jonathan will go places in the entertainment world…He is so very, very awesome and I am so very proud of him ….Keep us posted on all he does because I truly believe he has talent that does not need to be “put aside”…..thank you my precious friend for sharing this and I can only imagine how very proud you are of him….May God continue to bless you & yours….I Love You my precious friend….

  5. Oh yeah! My fave of his performances! He is really comfortable on stage now and he sounds great! He’s grown so much!!! Cheers to a fab future! Keep it up Jonathan!!!

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