Sunday Encouragement


In a world that focuses so much on outward beauty, I want to remind you what God’s word says about beauty.

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Does this verse tell us that we shouldn’t care about our outward beauty, or that we should wear make up or jewelry?  No.

But it is telling us that we shouldn’t focus on our outward beauty more than our inward beauty.

As I get older, I struggle with how my body is aging.  It’s hard watching my face and body change over time.

But if I focus on creating beauty on the inside, in my heart, then that beauty will never fade or disappear.

Some of the most beautiful people I have ever known are covered in wrinkles. Smile  Yet when I am in their presence, they radiant beauty through their smiles and their words.  I want that kind of beauty.




My encouragement to you (and me) today is to focus on the inner beauty of our hearts.  To let God’s word transform us into the women that He wants us to be.

May others see something “different” in us, and may that difference be the indescribable love of Jesus Christ.


Have a blessed Sunday!!!


  1. What a nice reminder. If only everyone would focus on inner beauty! Btw- I think you are beautiful and your kind heart radiates out through your eyes!

  2. Speaking of beauty from the inside, how did you get so blessed to have beauty inside and out? I know the answer, God is shining through you and we can see it.

    God Bless

  3. So very true Traci! And I agree with the other comments, your beauty does radiate from the inside, as well as from the outside :-) have a blessed Sunday

  4. Bless you, Traci, for this reminder! We can all relate to looking in the mirror and seeing that time is marching on! Nothing is more beautiful than a beautiful soul! I believe you have one. Your mother did too.

  5. Thank you Traci for this reminder that God loves me from the inside out… Been feeling “old” lately with children moving on, friends children marrying, and all of the sudden, I realize that I am the age my mother was when I married…30 years ago! Thank GOD for loving me no matter what.
    God bless you Traci for keeping Him in front of me.

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