Our Weekend Wedding Fun

This past weekend, one of Cy’s former bank employees, Raeann, got married.  The boys love Raeann because she used to babysit them a lot years ago, and she was their favorite baby sitter. She always brought cookies to make, and movies to watch, and even a tent to play in one time.

We went to the dinner rehearsal Friday night, and Saturday was the wedding.  The boys were so excited to see Raeann get married!

Eli put his “tuxedo” on around 11:00 am on Saturday even though the wedding wasn’t until 5:00 pm.  He was ready to go!


Adam wanted to wear a “tuxedo” too, so he and Eli dressed alike. Smile

It was such a beautiful wedding, and it was fun seeing old friends and spending time with them. 

I ask a friend to snap a family picture of us because we rarely get a picture of the 6 of us all together. 


I love these boys so much, y’all! 


They are the apple of my eye.

Of course, they loved blowing the bubbles as the bride and groom left.


The beautiful bride and groom left in a red convertible bug…


I snapped a couple pictures at the reception.  My favorite part was the popcorn bar.  IMG_1433

It was SOOOO delicious and so cute. 


They had these cute little bags to but the popcorn in.  We devoured our popcorn!page

There was lots of burlap, and natural décor, which y’all know I love.


It was such a wonderful time!  Smile

I wanted to share Jonathan’s song with you.

He sang “Only You Can Love Me This Way,” by Keith Urban.


Have a Blessed Day!!!


  1. Hi Tracy,

    This is my first emailto receive from you, and I was so excited to receive it. I went to a wedding this weekend also. They had a candy bar and my two granddaughters whom I took with me loved it! It was their first wedding and thats all they are talking about now! I love your family photo seeing how each son is growing up and so handsome. You and Cy are truly blessed! Love ya, JoAnn

  2. I just love getting emails from you. You have a really cute family! Thanks for sharing the wedding pics, looks like you all had a really good time!

  3. Hey-look you are back! I haven’t seen you in a while–so glad to see you!!! thanks for working to get back to us!!!

  4. Got your email with link to your blog with no problem, but have been getting your link all along, so all is good with me,

  5. Love the pictures and seeing your sweet family and lilstening to your son sing, it must bring tears to your eyes everytime! I just remarried last June and LOVE seeing anything to do with a wedding!! Thanks for the post!!

  6. I thought it was MY EMAIL that was the problem. This came through fine.

    Your boys are growing!!!! Beautiful pictures.

  7. Hi Traci. You’re probably not aware, as I KNOW you’re not this kind of person, that when I click on something of yours, first there is an advertisement that you can’t get out of easily. This one was for TROJANS and it’s a pretty graphic ad. Maybe this is a problem more on my end of things. Hhmm, I’ve never had this problem before on anyone else’s blog. But this was the 2nd time something has come up (no pun intended).

  8. I got the email for this post and then got a 2nd email later without the information that you had switched services.

  9. I have received your email. However, I have now switched to bloglovin for my favorite blogs because I quit receiving all blogs that came from feedburner, and a few others. Glad to be reconnected with you and others. I wish others would do this too.

  10. Traci, just wanted to let you know I got your email today. This is the first email notification since June 3. Yay! That is a nice family picture that you got with everyone dressed up!

  11. What a great wedding! Love the red VW convertible as their ‘limo’. What a handsome family y’all are. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Tracy,
    Letting you know this email reached me too after not receiving any subscription emails from BMH or Organize and Inspire in quite some time.

    I did have a bit of trouble finding a link to click on for this post. The “title” was not showing up as a link, only the word “here” allowed me to reached your latest post. Hope that helps. Family is looking great, as always!!

  13. Yay….Getting my daily updates again! I had stopped receiving all blog updates. This past Sunday and Monday I’ve started “hearing” from everyone again!
    Love the photos and listening to Jonathan ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes….God has definitely given him an amazing talent. You have a beautiful family!

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