How to Make Your House Plants SHINE!




Happy Hump Day! 

Today, I wanted to share with you a quick tip on how to make your house plants SHINE!


how to make your house plants shine

Several months ago, I shared with you how I love Fiddle Leaf Fig trees. Smile I have been wanting one for quite a while now.

Well, I finally got one! Yay!
But when I bought it, it was very dirty with that white filmy stuff on it.

how to make your house plants shine


So I cleaned her up and made her shine in 2 Easy Steps!

First step was to take a wet paper towel and clean off the dirty film on all of the leaves.

After I did that, it started looking better.


how to make your house plants shine


But I wanted my plant to SHINE!

So I took some Hellman’s mayonnaise, {Yep! That’s right!} and applied it to my leaves with a paper towel.


LOOK at how it made my fig tree SHINE!

how to make your house plants shine

Isn’t she beautiful?

I got my fiddle leaf fig tree for my den, and I will be taking pictures of her in her new space and sharing it on my blog soon.

Do you have any tips or tricks to making your house plants shine?  Please share it with us!


how to make your house plants shine


  1. I have tried banana peals and that worked great as well. I also wonder if coconut oil would work?

  2. I give my plants a nice shine by wiping them with a paper towel that’s been dipped in milk. So simple!

  3. I love fiddle leaf figs! Do you mind sharing how much that one cost?
    My sister lives in Tampa, and there they grow in the ground. I saw them everywhere.

  4. Wow! What a great one you found!

    I paid $50 for one half that size last year here in Miami.

    One word of warning: Make sure the mayonnaise does not touch the underside of the leaf. The underside contains pores that the plant needs to breath. If you block these pores, the leaves will die.

    As always… LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    God bless you and your wonderful family!

  5. Nooo, I can barely look at mayo,lol, but I make mine shine with some veggie oil on a paper towel and voila! Same results!!

  6. I agree with Cynthia ,I have always used milk to make the leaves shine. Just a little on a cloth and rub the topside of the leaves and they will shine great.

  7. my welcome plants’ leaves shine with the use of eggwhites..using a soft-bristled food brush…a bit inexpensive than Mayo..just thinkin’ out loud..thank you

  8. While it looks beautiful the mayonnaise will attract dust and it will also clog the plants pores. Long term it will do more damage than good. If you take an old cotton cloth and wipe each leaf – OK really rub each leaf – they will shine, as plants have natural oils in them.
    Hope this helps.

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