Doing Good on a Grand Scale #HandsofHaven

Last year at Haven, we were given the charge to “Do good on a grand scale.”  Our Haven team took that to heart and began trying to figure out ways we could use our conference to do good on a grander scale.

We came up with Hands of Haven.



We are so excited to harness the creativity and talent of bloggers all over the states while partnering with Habitat for Humanity to bless others in our communities.

Since the Haven Conference has been held in Atlanta the past 3 years, we are partnering with Habitat for Humanity to do a local build right there in Atlanta on July 26th.  Twenty area bloggers will be helping with the build on that day.

But since bloggers are not just located in Atlanta, we have asked them to join us all over the states in partnering with H4H in some way on July 26th.

They can contact their local H4H and see if there is a build on July 26th that they can volunteer for, and if there isn’t, we are asking them to buy from or donate to their local Habitat ReStore.

To get the word out on social media, we are asking the to take photos of themselves using the hashtag #handsofhaven.

We also have tshirts for sale to help raise money for the Atlanta Habitat build. 

hands of haven shirt



Hands of Haven Day

Saturday, July 26


On 7/26/14, volunteer with your local Habitat, or visit your local Restore, or just wear the t-shirt proudly!


Purchase your Hands of Haven T-shirt by clicking this link. Share a picture in your tee on July 26th using #HandsofHaven.


Even if you are not able to volunteer on that day, purchasing a t-shirt helps our cause immensely! If you are simply interested in donating to the cause, please click the donate button below.

All proceeds go to H4H/Hands of Haven Day.  THANK YOU!!!

Also, we are not just doing good ONE DAY, but we are declaring September as our month of service to H4H. We would like to encourage everyone to serve their local Habitat for Humanity in some way during the month of September.  Be sure to use to take a picture and use the hashtag #handsofhaven.  And if you bought a tshirt, be sure to wear it in your photo.


Thanks to all of YOU for helping us “do good on a grand scale!”


Haven Team


  1. I already give!!!:)) In fact, I’m trying NOT to be so generous. Seriously, this is wonderful. My Restore is 1-2 miles from my house and I really have to keep from visiting it all the time. I find the best stuff. Can’t wait to see the transformation. I really like it when they do renos instead of new builds.

  2. H4H is a wonderful organization. I volunteer there every week. It empowers us and gives us skills. The joy you see on the faces of the families whom are working towards homeownership is priceless.

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