Sunday Encouragement

Although I am not looking forward to not seeing my boys as much once school starts, I AM looking forward to having more of a routine for myself each day.

My top priority is to spend more time in God’s word.  (My second is too eat cleaner and exercise more.)

Friends, I cannot say enough how important it is to spend time in God’s word each and every day.  Even if you only have a few minutes in the morning before you rush off to work, I encourage you to spend it reading from God’s word.  There are so many great devotionals out there that give you some scriptures to read and and encouraging word for the day.


This world can be so overwhelming, especially with all we are seeing in the news lately.  It breaks my heart.  We need a good dose of God’s word to keep us rooted.  We also need to pray each day and cast our burdens on Him.  He knows our hearts, and He loves us so much.

As we start this new week, let’s try to set aside time with God each day.  I know it will make a HUGE difference in our attitudes and in our lives.


Have a blessed week, friends!


  1. Thank you for this post today. I love that you reference Christ and the importance of serving him. I too am ready for school routine. No kids at home anymore but my husband is a school teacher and I love the school routine. Is there a devotional book you would recommend?

  2. Amen Traci! It’s so true when we put God first every thing else will fall into place. I know from experience that when I focus on Him every day my days are sweeter and full of goodness! God bless you and your family, Traci!

  3. Renee, have you tried “Our Daily Bread” devotional booklet? It comes in the mail (snailmail) every month and has daily Bible readings and commentaries.
    Go to or which also has the daily commentary.

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