Antique Lockers for the Boys’ Room

Hey friends!

I pray you had a wonderful Labor Day with your family and friends!

I certainly did.  Cy and I took the boys to the food court at the mall and had lunch, then walked around for a bit.  The boys had fun playing at the Apple Store.  Smile

It wasn’t anything super special, but was just a fun time together as a family.

Then we went over to Dad and Janet’s house in the afternoon to celebrate my dad and Luke’s birthday.  We have a LOT of family birthdays around this time of year. 

It was so wonderful being together as a family!  Our family is always crazy when we get together, and I love it!  Lots of noise and lots of laughter.  #doesn’tgetanybetterthanthat

I wanted to show you the lockers that I finally finished for Luke and Jonathan’s room, and I wanted to show you some pictures of the WHOLE room so that you can see how it is laid out.  I’ve had a ton of readers ask me to see the entire space, so I hope these pictures help you envision it.

I looked up the old post of when I found these old lockers/cabinets in our shed.  They were there from the previous owner and were full of old paint cans.  We just left them in there when we first moved in because we didn’t have time to clear everything out.  I had totally forgotten about them until I started to clean up the shed the next Spring!



As soon as I saw the lockers, I knew I was going to use them in Jonathan and Luke’s room.  They were super-duper dirty, but that could easily be fixed.



They made me think of these lockers from Pottery Barn…



So, I cleaned them up real good, and added some shelves in the middle for more storage.  I left them the color they already were and just sanded them down a little because I liked the patina.DSC_0010I also left the sheet of galvanized metal on the back of the lockers, because DUH, that’s awesome!  The original owner had painted the galvanized metal the same color as the lockers, so I just removed the sheet of metal, turned it around, and attached it so the galvanized metal would be showing. You can sort of see the metal in the picture below…


For now, they are full of the boys’ t-shirts and shorts.  The rest of their clothes are in their closet.

I left the old handles on them because I could see several layers of paint, and I just like that kind of charm.


 So people would think that it looks old and dirty, but I see pure beauty! I have such a love affair with old things.  

The lockers are directly to the right of Jonathan’s industrial shelves.


As you can see,  Jonathan and Luke’s room is very long and narrow. 


Jonathan’s bed is on the far side of the room.


Their new DIY Sawhorse Desk is against the wall in between their two beds.




Luke’s bed is to the left of the desk.  I am standing in the doorway to their room in the picture below…


The boys have been loving their new desk!


Directly to the left of their desk is Luke’s side of the room.  His room is right by the door, thus the “exit” sign.  Smile

2014-02-23 17.56.25

The last thing we need to do in this room is add some doors.  They do not have a bedroom or closet door right now. I have some old 5 panel wood doors on our back porch waiting for a new coat of paint.  As soon as I get those finished, Cy will hang them for me.

We are still working on their bathroom.  We have made a HUGE change of plans in that space that includes some demolition.  Yep.  You heard me right.

I will share the details soon. 

Have a blessed day, friends!!!


  1. Such a great room! what an awesome find with those Lockers…such lucky boys to have a room like this!


    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  2. I look forward to all your posts. Our styles are very similar and I can’t think of a single time I haven’t loved what you’ve done in your house.

    Having said that, is it tacky for me to make a small suggestion? I love the pegboard in the boys’ room, but I could love it even more with some weathered or “aged” wood trim around the edges of it. I think it would beautifully tie together the sawhorses, shelves, etc. rather than leaving the plain edges.

    Of course, it is just a suggestion and if you are like me, at some point, you have to call a project “complete” to keep from going on and on and on!

    I’ve enjoyed watching you settle into your home and express your own personality through its decor. I love that my home says I am all about my family and the simple things in life. Yours clearly says the same!

    God’s richest blessings on you and your family!

    1. Not tacky at all, Lena! I love your input, and I totally agree with you. I would like to eventually frame out that pegboard. I ran out of time when this post was due for Lowe’s, so I didn’t get to it. :) But hopefully I will in the future.
      Thanks for following my blog!

  3. LOVE everything about this room! The shelving and their personal spaces is my fave! live the lockers, colors and deal too! Thumbs up!

  4. This room is fantastic. You used the space perfectly and your attention to detail is amazing. Really wonderful

  5. Such a great use of that space! It reminds me of a dorm room – a very organized and awesome dorm room. I love the light over Luke’s bed. The lockers are perfect, too.
    Demolition in the bathroom?! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done.

  6. Beautiful job in their room & what a blessing those lockers are! Demo? Boys’ bathroom? WHAT???!!! No doubts here you have an awesome plan ;)

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