Dipped Marshmallow Treats (for Adam’s school fair)


Oh, y’all.

It’s been one of those weeks already.  Smile

One where you are going a hundred miles an hour and you can’t hardly come up for air. 

You know what I am talking about. 

Last night was the 5th grade Entrepreneur Fair at Adam’s School. 

Adam had to create something he could sell at the fair, so we came up with these dipped marshmallow treats.

Dipped Marshmallow Treats


These were so fun and easy to make!

We used…

  • large and small marshmallows
  • pretzels
  • straws
  • chocolate, white chocolate, and orange candy melts
  • caramel
  • sprinkles
  • graham crackers

I got the cute fall straws at the dollar store.


We used the straws for the large marshmallows and pretzels for the small ones.


We set up our dipping stations all over the kitchen…


And dipped away!

It was messy, but fun! Smile

My favorite was the ones we dipped in chocolate and then rolled in graham crackers.  S’mores on a stick!  Yum!

I also liked the ones dipped in caramel and then chocolate.  Watch out!  Smile

The marshmallows looked colorful and pretty on Adam’s table.

dipped marshmallow treats

And Adam was super proud of his “store.” 

(Okay, yes.  I added the bow and doilies.  It’s all about presentation, y’all!)  Smile

dipped marshmallow treats

The best part about the whole night was that they sold like hot cakes, and this made my “business owner” very happy!


Way to go, Adam!!




    1. It was for a school fundraiser, and everyone purchases tickets at 25 cents a piece. The large marshmallow was 2 tickets,and the small marshmallows were one ticket.

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