Creating a Gallery Wall

I have a wall right next to our stairs that I have always wanted to turn into a gallery wall.  But gallery walls intimate me.  

There’s no fool-proof, specific way to design one, so I usually just stand like a deer in the headlights staring at my blank wall.

So I have been looking around Pinterest for some inspiration, and I found out these things…


1.  I need to pick a color scheme for my gallery wall.

Do I want to have all black frames?  White?  Mix of colors?

Do I want my pictures to be all black and white, or color, or a mix of both?




Do I want to add items with pops of color to my gallery wall?





2.  Do I want to hang items symmetrical or asymmetrical?

Sometimes I like the look of symmetrical gallery walls. 

It’s so pretty and organized and neat. 



But let’s be honest.  Pretty and organized and neat are not words I use when describing my house full of boys. :)

So I think my favorite are the asymmetrical ones.  



I want my wall to be a hodge podge of special pictures and items that I love.   




3.  I need to decide how to hang them.

There are many ways to hang your items.  I like this way suggested by Kim from Sand and Sisal.   She cut wrapping paper the same size as the pictures she was hanging and then placed them on her wall. 

label (1024x683)[1]

Or, you can cut a piece of paper the same size as the wall space you are covering, lay the items on the paper and trace it, then hang it on the wall.  You can also mark where you need to nail in the wall.

You can see this tutorial at What’s Ur Home Story.


Well, that’s what I have come up with so far.  I am hoping to tackle our gallery wall next week.  

If you have a great gallery wall at your home that you would like to share,

please email it to me at 

Or you can snap a pic on your phone and upload it to my facebook page HERE.

I would love to share your gallery walls in a future post, and of course, I would LOVE the extra inspiration!


Have a blessed day, friends! 

If you need some free printables to get your gallery wall started, click HERE to check these out.

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  1. I have a small wall at the bottom of my staircase, that leads into my kitchen, and I’ve been wanting to do a gallery wall on it SO bad. I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet. The weekend comes and goes and “hey, what happened to my gallery wall idea?” Ha! I think what I’m going to do is a GIANT frame with maybe chicken wire (or some other cool wire/string concoction) where I can use cute little clothespins to “hang” pictures. That way I can change them out as often as I want, and I can hang my Christmas cards there too! I have the idea, I even have the supplies, I just need to do it… =\

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