Thanksgiving (Fall) Tablescape

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I know that for some of you, especially those down south, fall is just starting to come into full swing. Being in the north, I feel like once the cooler temps hit, it’s not long before the snow is here. Growing up we would always have a running poll in school to guess when the first snow flurries would fall, and as crazy as it seemed to pick a day before Thanksgiving, more often than not those were the winning days. While I know most of you aren’t even thinking snow, it gets me thinking about Thanksgiving.
One of my favorite ways to decorate is creating a beautiful table scape, and today I’m going to share with you how I go about decorating my table for Thanksgiving.
I start by completely clearing off my table, to have a fresh look, and perspective to design.
Once my table is cleared I start by layering fabric on top. I still like to see my wooden table top, so I fold a simple white tablecloth in half and center it on my table so that the wood is still exposed on both ends. Then to add texture and depth, I add a 2nd layer. This year it’s burlap, last year I chose brown kraft paper that I could write on with chalk. 


Once my table cloths are in place, I begin in the center of my table. 
I believe the key to creating a good centerpiece is to have lots of texture, different heights, and plenty of layers to keep the eyes moving.
Cake stands are the best way to add height, and still leaving a surface big enough to decorate on. 
For this table I started by placing a boxwood wreath down first, and then placing a glass cake stand in the center of the wreath. I know most people associate orange with thanksgiving, but for this table scape I’m sticking with a cooler neutral color palette.
I love using pumpkins not only for fall, but for thanksgiving as well, so keeping my cooler color scheme in mind I added cinderella pumpkins next.


Now if I were stopping here, I would stick with the layout in the photo above, with my candlesticks centered on either side of the center pumpkin. This is perfect if you are limited for space, or prefer a more simpler centerpiece. However, I did say in the beginning of this post that one of my favorite things to create was a beautiful table scape! Since you know I’m not stopping here, I stagger my candle sticks (shown below).


On the opposite sides I place to different cabbage heads, both purchased from Lowes for less than $4 ea. I left them in their original black plastic container but then wrapped them with burlap.


Next, I add my favorite piece, because after all it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey!


To top the table off, I finish it with a few squash, and mercury glass votives for added sparkle!





For more Thanksgiving Table inspiration I will be kicking off a week of Thanksgiving tables,
a different table each day for the entire week November 3-7.
I have some fantastic friends joining me that Friday to show off their Thanksgiving tables as well. Mark your calendars you won’t want to miss it!


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