Our New Furry Neighbors

About a month ago, I was in the kitchen when I saw something by our back door. 

It was a stray cat, which totally surprised me since I haven’t seen a cat on our property the four years we have lived here.

Plus, I am not a cat person.  I am a dog person.  (I’m sorry cat lovers, but it is true.)

I don’t like being around cats.  They scare me.

My husband, on the other hand, loves all animals.  He went out to check on the cat and noticed that she was pregnant.  She kept hanging outside our back door for several days until finally my husband fed her some food.  (Not my idea.)  He was worried because she seemed so hungry and was pregnant.  He’s a softie.  :)

Well, Cy and the boys fell in love with this cat, and they call her Sassy. 


One day a couple of weeks ago, Cy noticed that Sassy’s belly was thin again, and we knew she had had the kittens. 

But we didn’t know where they were.  For days, Cy tried to figure out were the kittens were, but we could never find them. 

The weather here in Kentucky was getting extremely cold for a couple of days, and Cy started to worry it would be too cold for the kittens.  He researched online if kittens could survive in that cold of weather, and it said they would be at risk of dying.  (At least that is what he told me.  He may have just reeeeeally wanted to keep the kittens.)  :)

Cy kept trying to find the kittens, and finally Sassy led him to her little burrow where she had her litter.  

Oh my goodness, those kittens were so cute!!!  Okay, I am NOT a cat person, but I LOVE kittens.  I just wish they would stay kittens and not turn into cats.

Once we found the kittens, we were able to move them into our shed where they would be safe and warm.  Sassy and her kittens LOVE their new home.  And we are loving watching them grow.

I have been dying to show you pictures of the kittens.  Sassy had five kittens, 3 boys, 2 girls.


The cool thing is they are all completely different!

One black one… (my sister-in-law has already called dibs on this one) :)


One orange one….



One black and white one….


One tan one….


And one gray one…


I know!  Aren’t they adorable?!!!


They are so fun to watch!


They love to cuddle up with each other.  And they have opened their eyes now and are getting a lot more active.


And they sound so cute when they meow. 


Can you believe it?!  I would have never thought we would be raising baby kittens!  We have bought some cat food for Sassy because she is always hungry and needs plenty of nourishment to nurse her babies.  I think Sassy is going to be a permanent fixture at our house.   I’m trying to warm up to her, but it is going to take me awhile.

Cy wants to keep the black and white kitten, and I am kind of partial to the tan and gray ones.  But they are all so dang cute!  I’m not sure how many we will keep.

What would you do?



  1. Well I think you better make a deal with a local vet. ;) I’m more of a dog person too, but they are sweet. Hopefully you can find them nice homes.

  2. Your kids will always remember this, such a good experience. I wish I could adopt the Orange one, but I live too far. It’s only eight weeks, you will be glad you did this!

  3. When I was much younger I loved cats. Now that I’m older I prefer dogs but I don’t like animals living in the house with me. My daughter once had 12 cats that she found homeless, hungry & sick. She has two left.These kittens are cute and one thing about cats is they do keep away the varmints like mice.

  4. When living in South Florida, I too, found a girl kitty who was pregnant. Since I had just moved down there, I knew no one who wanted them, called my friends in Atlanta and anywhere else to see if they “needed” a kitty baby. Well, I kept them all. I was not going to just take them and give them to someone I didn’t know. I am like your husband. I love all animals. So, I now have five “kitty babies” and they are funny, have great personalities and two of them are very “dog-like.” I hope you love them as much as I love mine. Don’t let them chase the chickens!

  5. Keep them they will enrich you life more than you will ever know and if you like dogs you can love a kitty or cat as they will grow and Sassy is already big. Just think, she is just like you trying to raise her sweet family and she is one of God’s creatures and you will not have mouser’s for sure. I have five ,yes five sweet little dogs and I love them so much but we just got a sweet little yellow tabby and she is so sweet. I have always had a cat, you know cat are really smart animals… mine passed away last year and this one is in our lives now. So I vote to keep all you can’t give away and watch them grow and enrich your lives..

  6. I am a CAT PERSON!
    I too befriended a stray kitten, a year later she gave me four babies,2 of which were sent to new homes..the remaining 2 i kept,one was peach and white..long silky hair..he was my baby four 12 years,a long time for outdoor cats. the other a silky calico, was killed at 3 months/ peachy and his Mom Goldie enjoyed the good life..she passed away at age 15!
    I have 2 rescues now that we brought from Denver..these are indoor furbabies..
    we purchased our present home with their safety in mind..screened lanai,with a kitty door!
    enjoy the furballs..

  7. The kittens are adorable! I’m not sure what I would do, but I would fall in love with all of them. On a side note… I like your nail color! I bought a similar OPI color and haven’t tried it yet. See, you inspire creativity in us even when you are showing us kittens!

  8. Enjoy the kittens while you Find Great Homes For Them! These cuties will turn into cats that are independent aka ignore you… Just saying. I would keep Sassy and give joy to other homes for the kittens. Good luck!

  9. We inherited a kitten that was at the bus stop one morning. I, too, was not sold on the idea of having a cat–but when I asked my husband what he really wanted to do, he said without hesitation, “Keep it.” And then I knew as his wife, I just couldn’t say no. And let me say, the cat has been wonderful. He plays fetch with the kids, catches mice, and is a wonderful snuggler. My three boys, who also have a dog, love this new addition. (We also have three lizards, and a guinea pig–so I say keep the cats!)

  10. Oh, how wonderful that you and your family saved the lives of these little kittens. I think Sassy went to the right place! I am sure you can find homes for the kittens (although keeping one would be nice) but Sassy is yours. I know you will grow to love them. Thanks for the smile that this posting gave me this morning.

  11. Oh my goodness! All that kitten cuteness!! I’d say keep them all (but then again, I’m a cat person). Jackson Galaxy has great information on his website (and the Animal Planet website) on cat/kitten behavior – you won’t find those little kitties so scary if you understand their body language and behaviors :-)

    Just as an fyi – our silver tabby plays fetch just like a dog and our daughter trained her to walk on a leash outside and our calico is like a teddy bear – she loves to be carried and held constantly.

    Love, affection and play do a kitten good! Good luck with those adorable babies.

  12. God brought them to you to care for His little creatures, knowing you could be trusted! We too had a mama cat bring her babies to us on our deck and we got them moved into our garage at first, but before long we adopted all 3 kittens into the house and they are now 10. One of them, Miss Mitty, follows me around the house and waits by the garage door for my return when I’m gone. My husband says she is just like a dog, not taking her eyes off that door! They need your love and care!!

  13. Pets have a way of finding you. They often choose you, you don’t choose them. I had never touched a cat til we moved to Florida and a neighbor who was moving away, asked me to feed the three cats she was feeding. Well, they turned into 7-10 cats, all of whom I had spayed. Some of them I took to a cat sanctuary and one of them we took with us when we moved. My dear husband is terribly allergic, but got shots for many years so we could keep her. She is going to be 12 years old and went from a very feral cat to our sweet indoor pet. Spay the mom and the kittens you keep and find good homes for the rest.

  14. They are all adorable! I love the yellow one. One thing about having 2 – they can curl up together during the winter and keep warm and make you feel less guilty about keeping them outside in the cold. hmmmm….speaking from experience here! We let ours sleep in the garage for the winter usually, but right now we have no kitties at all and I can say it has been nice not having anything else to take care of. But I’m sure the next stray that comes along will take up residence, they always do. With outside cats, I love the fact that they earn their keep by keeping the mice, moles and voles away. Kittens are so entertaining!

  15. I am a animal lover. We currently have four cats, a dog and a cockatiel all of them found us and needed a safe home and love. We have all the cats spayed and the dog was neutered when he showed up. Just keep in mind that spay and neutering, shots, food, etc. can get very expensive and you have to multiply it by how many you keep. I still cringe every time I go to the vet. I know how important it is to keep everyone healthy and protected so try not to think about it when I sign the check >^..^< I hope you and the boys enjoy and love the ones you keep and find joy in placing the others in loving homes.

  16. I grew up with a cat and always loved having them around. But! After I moved out of the family home as a young adult, I figured out that 99% of my breathing/sinus issues were caused by the fact that I am allergic to cats! I do love their cuteness, though!

  17. We are cat people, among many other animals living on our 20 acres. Our cat also was stray and picked our house for his own. Animals seem to know where they will be welcomed. Those babies are so darned cute. I would have a hard time choosing one to keep. Your only salvation is to have mama neutered (and the one you keep). Enjoy! The cat will rid the area of all nuisance critters, I.e. mice, etc.

  18. I love my cat!! We’ve had one other cat before this one and he was wonderful too. So many people think they don’t like cats but have never had one or been around them. Cats can be just as sweet as dogs…truly. I was allergic to both of our cats when they first arrived but the itching and sneezing went away pretty quickly. I have a funny kind of warning story for you – my BFF loves all animals and has lots of them. She has a cat that had a litter of kittens and they kept nursing and nursing…Long story short, one day she called me and asked me to go to her house and check on her cat. I went over and the cat was having another litter of kittens right on her master bed. I’m telling you that because Sassy can get pregnant again sooner than you might think. :)

  19. I was never a cat person- always dogs but a cat just showed up one day and is now a permanent fixture in our home. We love our “Brutus” and he loves our dogs! As time goes on you will feel the same! Love those kittens!

  20. I am always so happy to hear of anyone who helps a stray in need no matter what it is…I keep a bowl of fresh water and food on my porch for a stray cat who is so scared she won’t let us near her! We have been trying for months and can only get within five feet of her. If you plan on keeping any of the kittens and Mama, do them a favor (and yourself) and please have them spaded or neutered. My husband is retired military and we have traveled a bit and it has always saddened me how people can bring an animal into their home then leave them when it time to go to their next duty station. Your husband and you are really doing something great for these little ones! I hope they bring your family joy every day and that you share pictures of their growth with us….

  21. I didn’t think I was a cat person either. The problem was, I had never been around cats. I absolutely love them now. We have four and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Sassy and her kittens are adorable, just open your heart and you will be a cat person before you know it!

  22. I reaaallly think you should keep one of the ones you are partial too. Since you weren’t a cat person in the past, it would make for a smoother transition to becoming one. :-)

  23. Hi Traci,
    I just love your blog! I look forward to reading each and every one of them. You have such beautiful style.

    Sassy and her kittens are incredibly beautiful and sweet looking! I am a huge advocate and lover of animals – I have been since I was a little girl. All it takes is that one cat to get under your skin and into your heart for you to find out how wonderful they can be. Sounds like you and your family are on your way :) God bless you for that! There are so many misconceptions about cats – that they’re aloof, loners, not very affectionate, etc. I have never had one cat that was that way and I have had many. I believe that the love you give to them comes back to you tenfold. I’m sure your Sassy will give you so many years of unconditional love and happiness. My experience with rescue animals is that they know when their life has been saved and because of this, they give so much more love back!

    I’m so proud of your husband for actively searching for those tiny kittens and for wanting to take care of them and their mother. What a big, tender heart he has.

    With my many years of experience with animal rescue, I would highly advise you to spay the mother and spay or neuter any of the babies that you plan to keep, once they are the proper age, to prevent any further unwanted litters. This will also make for a happier, healthier, much more content pet. I would also recommend making them indoor pets. There are so many dangers that lurk outside for them – other animals, catching diseases from other animals, the risk of being hit by a car, cold weather, etc.

    God bless you for making a difference in those precious, little lives and for sharing their story. I pray that they all find wonderful, forever homes!

  24. Find homes for the babies if you can. Once the kittens are weaned get her fixed. Search online for places that will do it for free for feral cats. If you can safely handle the kittens they will be socialized and can be adopted. I have three feral cats I take care of. They all have been fixed. I feed them everyday and we have built them an outdoor home to spend the winter in. The mama is still hissy but the 2 year old and the 1 year old will let me pet them, run my hands over their legs and belly. They have recently started purring and meowing at me when I feed them.

  25. All it takes is bonding with just one cat and you will become a cat person and a dog person. I am both, couldn’t live without at least one of each (see my website). They are all so pretty, so just wait until their personalities develop and you have your answer on who to keep. Just be sure to get the ones you keep spayed and neutered. They make better pets and it is healthier for them. Can’t wait to see who you choose to keep. So glad Sassy has a safe home now.

  26. My husband felt the same as you until…a little bundle of fur wandered out of the cornfield one day.
    Now, he just loves our Trixie.
    They are playful and sleep in the cutest positions!
    Good luck with deciding how many kittens to keep and which ones. :)

  27. This made me laugh because I have spoke those same words, “I wish they would just stay kittens”. Cats are so sneaky. Haha. Not a cat fan either but those little babies are super cute.

  28. Traci, I vote you keep the orange one! :-) I had three orange cats growing up, and I found they are the most affectionate and mellow among the cat family. Others have confirmed that for me.
    I’m one who goes by the personality of an animal rather than its species. I’ve loved both dogs and cats, but I’ve met others I haven’t cared for. I know, I’m weird!
    Loved this darling post and photos!

  29. I am a cat rescue volunteer. Of course I’m going to say keep them. They are all beautiful. Of course they will be safer inside, but you can get them heated beds and water bowls, among other things, to make them comfy outside. But please spay/neuter. Look in your area for low cost spay and neuter clinics. That momma cat will soon be ready for more and by 6 months of age, the kittens will too. Thanks for sharing those cuties.

  30. What a cornucopia of sweet furriness you have been blessed with! My furry girl is 20 years old, indoor cat , afraid to go outside without us around, which is just fine with us.When hubs comes home she sees him drive in the driveway from her cat tower, and starts talking! She doesn’t do that for me. She knows when I am in pain and comes and sits or lays down on me and shares her body warmth.I could be a dog person ..but I agree with Cesar Millan, they need walking with pack leader, and I am not up to that. Cats do rule!

  31. I am a cat person, and I would keep them all. I am quite prone to do that. The first thing I would do is have mama kitty spayed and the babies as soon as they are old enough.

  32. We just found another one, baby girl, walking through the back yard. We had heard her for 2 days crying. She is so cute, only weighs 1# and are feeding kitty formula. The kids love her but have been busy finding her a forever home. We have numerous cats, all rescues, and they are here for the rest of their lives (most are 8-15 years old)and I don’t want to start over with a new bunch at the moment. Please check out your local spay program and see if you can get them spayed before they go to their forever home.

  33. we have 3 strays that have had their trips to the vet. one is marked like a Holstein cow,1 has what looks like a zipper going down his back and tail and l that looks like he was snooping in the black paint. they are outdoor cats (allergies).it is so comical to see what looks like dogs in cats clothing.

  34. I agree with Nancy. Please have the kittens that you keep spayed/neutered and insist that the new owners of those you give away do the same. Better yet, have the surgeries done before the new owners get the kittens. Also, please have Sassy spayed as soon as possible.

  35. I like dogs and cats. Growing up we always had both around and numerous litters (which is a great way of getting an introduction to s*x ed for kids). I couldn’t imagine my kids’ lives complete without a dog (and it has to be substantial, Golden Retrievers being a favorite). Living in the country, we’ve always had cats to take care of the mice and gophers.

  36. Traci, you will love cats once you get used to them. My husband wasn’t a cat person when we got married 31 years ago, but we have never been without one now! We have three and they all have different personalities. Enjoy those babies. I love your blog!!!

  37. I just love animals! Those kittens are adorable. I would love the gray one or the black and white one, but Tx is just a little too far!!! Not sure how my blue heeler would take to a kitty, either . Watch out for those claws, they look like little needles in the pictures and kittens always tend to stick them out all the time!

  38. hi Tracy, the same thing happened to us a few years back, I was not a cat person either, but I fell in love with the cat, we kept him 4 years and I became so attached, sadly he was run over this year and I was devatasted!!You are doing such a sweet thing!!

  39. If you have property, fix the kittens and let them roam. Although coyote’s will get them and maybe a ‘hawk’ if not watched carefully. They will catch mice and other ‘nuisance’ critters for you. I have two inside kittens at my house called Molly and Mosey.

  40. Congratulations on the lovely Crazy Cat Lady kit. ;) They’re addicting. I have 3 old boys (13+ years and older), but miss having kittens. I’d love to get some more once mine are gone, which hopefully won’t be for many, many years. Good luck with your decision on which one(s) to keep.

  41. They’re adorable! That was kind of you guys to help them along. If you don’t decide to keep any, I’d find (indoor) homes for them. Please make sure to spay/neuter as cat population can get out of hand fast.

  42. Hi Traci~ Greetings from beautiful Minnesota!I enjoyed your Sassy + kitties post and it reminded me of my own cat story: When I was about 3 or 4 years old I had a cat who had had a litter of 7 kitties. My dad named them for me: Teeny, Tiny, Tony, Faloney, Baloney, Sally & Jon. Sally was the only female and was orange. The 3 “T’s” were all gray. “F” and “B” were both black, and Jon was a runt and mix of black, gray and white. Dad says I knew every kitty by name and cared for them like a mama. I remember pushing them all around in my dolly stroller and covering them up with a baby blanket so they wouldn’t catch a chill. Thanks for the reminder of a sweet childhood memory!

  43. 1) get momma cat spayed as soon as possible.
    2) get the ones you decide to keep spayed and neutered as soon as possible.
    3) I would totally keep the orange babies.
    4) it’s wonderful that you and your family stepped in to care for these kitties.

  44. Hello Traci. The kittens are adorable. A pregnant stray cat adopted our yard too. She had 3 male kittens. We caught her and had her neutered so she wouldn’t have any more. When the kittens were old enough we did the same for them. Mama left as soon as the kittens were weaned…she had enough of them I guess. The “boys” live very comfortably in our back yard. We enjoy them very much, but we don’t want more. I always encourage folks to have their pets and strays neutered. It’s the responsible and kind thing to do. Beats being euthanized by animal control or starving.

  45. I’m not a Cat person but I can see how Cy and your boys were taken by Sassy. She is so pretty and her babies are adorable. I would want the gray one. Well that is if I were a cat person. If Miss Sassy is going to be a part of your family I would get her to the vet soon. A friend of mine took in a stray who had several litters and it took her forever to find homes for all of them.

  46. First thing I’d do is spay Sassy ASAP. Then I would take all kitties to the vet for check-up & ask how soon they could all be spayed/neutered. Pick one to keep with Sassy & find responsible pet owners to take the other kittens. I’m more of a dog person, too, but a responsible pet owner first and foremost. They’re all so precious and deserve good lives. Good luck!

  47. I think I’d give some of them away to good homes. Keep Sassy and have her fixed. Your boys will love them, plus cats keep mice and snakes away! They are great pets. I love dogs too!

  48. I love cats and I love dogs. Kittens are cute but they are really high-maintenance! I love sitting on my couch with my orange tabby curled up with me. If there’s a lap around, he will find it. I love my 2 yr old maine coone too. He’s not a lap kitty but he’s still sweet, very energetic, and tolerates my snuggling him. Both cats love my dog, a lab mix. He grooms them!

  49. Im a cat person and a I love them all. But the grey one stole my heart. He is so adorable (or is a she?) We adopted a stray cat too, several years ago, but our dog never admited, so the cat never came home. She lives in our roof and get sterilized after give bith five kittens, two girls and three boys, by now, only remains the mama and one kitty.

  50. Oh my, I’m late reading this post! I love cats and kittens, therefore, I’d keep them all. I believe if you allow them to grow with you and into your family, they will grow into your heart!

  51. Getting them all fixed before giving them away would be a chunk of $. I agree it needs to be done but see if there is a animal rescue in your area and ask them how you can get help getting them fixed. Your local vet may have a “pet board” where you can post photos and the vet can provide discounts for the people who adopt them.

    I grew up with dogs and cats but they were outdoor animals. We never had an issue with cats harming chickens. Dogs did, but not cats. I always thought I was a dog person too. I had an incredibly special dog!!!! Then a stray cat found us and when he died we were SOOO sad! I was happy to have the house cat-hair-less for a while. Then last December another stray “found us”. He is a beautiful jet black and his demeanor couldn’t have been more perfect for our kids; patient, loveable, and he lets us hold him cradled on his back like a baby! What a lover boy!!! Then a few months ago when we went to the pet store for fish food there was a new kitten up for adoption that looked just like our boy at home! We had been thinking our boy needed a companion since the kids are gone to school all day and this kitten was super playful and loads of fun. The two kitties quickly bonded and now can be found sleeping together, licking each others ears, and playing surprise pounces on each other. They bring us sooo much joy and now each girl has a cat to hold, snuggle, talk to, play with.

    My advice, check out a book at the library on cat behavior and watch Jackson Galaxy cat behavior tips on you tube!

    Then open your heart to the experience. God puts people in our lives for a reason and He puts animals in our lives for a reason. Enjoy!!!

  52. I’m a dog person, but I love all animals. God will bless you for having compassion. Just be sure to get the ones you keep spayed/neutered so that there are no more unwanted kitties. Maybe the vet will give you a discount.

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