13 Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Hi, guys!  It’s Bre here, from Rooms for Rent!
Earlier this month I hosted a week of Thanksgiving Tablescapes. 
Day 4
Day 5
Day 2
I created a different themed Thanksgiving centerpiece everyday, and then hosted a grand finale on Friday where 13 of my friends joined me to show off their spaces as well. It was so much fun!  So I’m here today with loads of inspiration for you, to give you any last minute ideas for Thanksgiving! To see the full posts you can click the link under each photo.



With all this inspiration, I know your Thanksgiving table is bound to rock this year!!  And even if you aren’t having any guests over for the holidays this year, one of the best things I ever heard about hospitality was if we think it’s important to bring out our nice dishes and light some candles for our guests, how more important it is to show our families that same effort?  Because after all, aren’t our husbands and our children the ones that we love the most and hold dearest?!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

From my Family to Yours,


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  1. Thanks for posting. I’m just wondering when we’ll ever get over this obsession with burlap? I think it’s depressing. I have a running joke with my sister that burlap will be the mauve and mint green of the 80’s filed under “What were they thinking?” While it’s natural and inexpensive, it’s really just consumers buying what the industry tells us is vogue.

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