Boys’ Bathroom Update

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This bathroom is just days away from being completely finished!  Whoop!

This has been the eternal project!

Last time I posted about the bathroom, I told you were going to be doing a little demolition.  Usually demolition happens in an old space, not a new one. 

Well, we had originally planned to have a tub/shower combo in their bathroom.  So we installed a tub.

boys bathroom
But neither Cy or I ever liked the look of the tub. 

It butted up right to the doorway and made the bathroom feel crowded.  It just didn’t look good. 

boys bathroom

We tried to figure out how to not have a third (back) wall in the tub so the space would feel more open, but we still didn’t like it. 

We both knew it had to go, but we didn’t want to make this project take any longer than it already had.

Well, we eventually bit the bullet and tore the brand new tub out.  And removed some of the tile from the wall.  And hung new drywall and layed new tile on the floor.  Ugh.

We bought a square shower pan and created a corner shower for the boys.  Even though we would rather have a tub in this space, the stand up shower just worked better for us. 

boys bathroom
I’m going to try and find a cute shower curtain for it.  :)

So here is what the bathroom looks like today. 

boys bathroom
I bought those oval mirrors at Home Goods.  I “think” I like them.  What do you think?  Should I go with a different shape?

They are framed in that old brown metal, which I like.  I’m just not sure about the shape.  We haven’t hung them yet, so maybe it will look better when we do.

Now that the tub is gone, the bathroom looks sooooo much bigger!

boys bathroom
Now I need to find some cute baskets to put on the vanities Cy made.

boys bathroom
I found this cute piece at Hobby Lobby. 

I am going to hang it on the wall and use it as a towel holder by the shower. 

boys bathroom
I still need to figure out a window covering and lights above the vanities.  But at least the bathroom will be “usuable” soon, and I can kick the boys out of the downstairs guest bathroom. :)

boys bath
Have a blessed day!


  1. SO cute! I love so many of the details in the new bathroom! The vanity design and color are great! And, those mirrors are perfect! Great idea for the towel holder too! Great job! :-D

  2. I like it but have a question about the shower square. Does a curtain on something that size (can’t tell how big it is) really keep the water from getting on the floor?

  3. I think I would have had the same issue with the tub if I was doing the make over. I like the shower but how are you going to keep the water out? Are you adding doors or a curtain?
    I think the mirrors are keepers and once you hang them you will like them. The bathroom looks like it is all coming together nicely and I’m sure your excited to have it completed.

  4. I don’t like the mirrors. With the chunky angular vanities I don’t think they fit. I would get large rectangular mirrors that go up just above the the board and batten and below the lights. I like the look of industrial lights that drop over the mirrors. Those appear to be tall ceilings, too, and the oval mirrors are out of proportion.
    Great decision getting rid of the tub and just having a shower! The boys would have been taking showers in the tub/shower combo, and a shower stall is much easier to clean.
    Love the towel holder from Hobby Lobby! It is a great, unique space for your boys. The floor is fabulous too.

  5. Hey Traci

    I agree with previous poster, not a fan of the Oval mirrors. The mirrors are not ugly by any means, I was thinking something more along the lines of a rectangular mirror, BUT it’s what you like that matters!

    Good choice on going with shower stall, don’t ya just hate to have to redo something you have already worked hard at putting in???? Girl, I feel your pain on that one!
    Towel holder from Hobby Lobby is perfect. Can’t wait to see the final reveal, I know its gonna be fantastic.

    Marilyn C.

  6. I love the oval mirrors! The oval shape breaks up all the straight lines in the room. I even love the rope, it goes with the room (and the rest of your house!).

  7. Cute towel holder! I think the mirrors are good if they’re hung high enough. What happened to the industrial green farm lights you bought a couple of years ago? I still think they’d look great in that space. I guess a wrap around shower curtain wouldn’t have worked in the bath (not that it matters now). For future reference, it’s really easy to fabricate a shower base; then you can make it whatever size and shape you want.
    I might also suggest using some piping to make industrial-looking towel holders for the side of the vanities. They look great, btw. All in all, it’s totally great.

  8. Hi Traci,

    Not sure on the mirrors. They almost look too small. How would they look horizontal instead of vertical? I think they might fill the space better that way. And then I could see a light that faces down above them.

  9. Hey Traci,

    This bathroom looks awesome. Love the shower decision although I totally get the angst over the tub. But then again boys probably prefer showers when they are older anyway, and they can soak in your awesome tub if they have too right? ;)

    So was I dreaming or didn’t ya’ll pick up some barn lights not long ago? I thought those were going in one of the rooms getting redone? Anyway, my point is that barn light pendants would look good in there. If you had to, you could retro fit them to sit on the wall over the mirrors.

    The mirrors are pretty, but I’m not sure they are right for that space, but then if you go with square or rectangular, then you risk having too many angled objects in the room…the sink stands, the shower pan, the floor tiles (which are awesome by the way) then again, maybe it’s because they don’t seem big enough for the area and that could be that they are not hung yet. I love hanging them with the rope though.

    I’m pretty sure once you get them hung and everything in place, they will look amazing.
    Can’t wait to see it!

    1. Hi Cindi!
      Thanks for all of your input and advice!
      We did pick up barn lights on the World’s Longest Yardsale, but we ended up putting the large barn light in the hallway right outside the bathroom. I was going to use the small school lights over the vanity, but the globes don’t look quite right. I need them to be smaller. Not sure what I am going to use for the lights.
      I agree that I don’t need a square mirror. Too many straight lines in the room. I was hoping to find some round mirrors I like, but haven’t had any luck. I think these oval mirrors will do for now. :)

      Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Your bathroom…your posts…your house…it’s all so inspiring! Is there some post where you’ve listed all your house paint colors. I love the clean, bright feel of your spaces and was hoping you’d share your paint colors with us.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I do not have a post with the paint colors in my home. I need to get on that!! My whole house is painted in Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams, except the little bit of wall in their bathroom, and it is a light gray that I can’t remember the name of right now. :)

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