New Song from Jonathan

Happy Saturday, friends!

I will be spending the day watching MANY basketball games.  Luke and Adam are both in a tournament this weekend.  :)

I hope you have a good weekend!  Have you taken your Christmas decorations down yet?  I’m starting on Monday when the boys are back in school.  

We got Jonathan some recording equipment for Christmas.  He is wanting to start recording some more songs and making more videos. 

He chose to do a cover of a popular Taylor Swift song right now called Blank Space.  Her version is faster, but he just recorded himself singing and playing the guitar.

I am really proud of him.  I LOVE music, but I do not have a “gift” like Jonathan has, and I love watching his gift grow.  He produced this song and video all by himself.  He does something on the computer with some music software that looks like Greek to me.  He records himself playing the guitar.  Then adds his voice.  Then records harmony, then anything else he needs to add.  He worked HOURS on this.  Then he videoed (is that a word?) himself with my camera at different angles.  Then he spends more hours splicing all of the video clippings together.  Seriously?  And he taught himself how to do it all!  I love watching his creativity come to life!

So here is his new song.  He would love it if you would share it and “like” it.  :)

Thanks for always being so supportive of Jonathan and cheering him on!  


  1. What a great video! Jonathan is so talented. He has a kind of Michael Buble/Jason Mraz style. He looks like he has found his passion and a way to use his talents! Very nice!

  2. Jonathan, that was beautiful. My 29 and 22 year old daughters and I really, really enjoyed your wonderful voice, passion, and relaxed focus. Hope you keep singing. Good job, mom!

  3. Jonathan is blessed with so much talent! I hope he continues with the pursuit of his passion so eventually he will be heard far and wide!
    Please continue to post his videos…he does a great job making them!

  4. You did a great job on that Jonathan! Not only are you blessed with a great voice, the talent to put it all together.

  5. My husband and I were listening to the video and he said it is wonderful that we have watched him from the beginning. He has grown to a young man with the most beautiful voice. Thanks for allowing his gift with all of us.

    God Bless

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