Reader Kitchen Organization

Hey friends! 

It was so excited to receive an email and pictures from one of my readers, Jen, who was following along in my Organize Your Heart and Home series.  :)

Here is what Jen said,

“Hi Traci,

It’s been a lot of fun for me this week working toward organizing a few messy areas of my kitchen this week. I do not have a blog, so I hope my less than stellar cell phone pics will suffice.

We bought our home a few months ago and upon moving in stuff just got put places. We are excited to dive into remodeling this spring (it desperately needs it, it’s so outdated), but for now I have to make to space we have work. We have a decent size kitchen, but it lacks cabinet space, so without it being organized things were starting to feel like the hot mess they were. WERE being the key word as I have them totally organized now!

The two spaces I worked on this week that I love the most are my small spice/baking cabinet and my pantry. What my kitchen lacks in cabinet space it makes up for in a HUGE pantry! My husband told me that my messy before of the pantry looks rather empty because the space is so large. After spending time organizing it and several other spaces in my kitchen, I filled it up nicely.”


In my small spice cabinet, I did have a canister or two for sugars, but the rest was just haphazardly put in there. I searched my house and found some bins I was no longer using, that I was about to get rid of. I got them at Target last year in the dollar section. I had them in our office in our previous home, but our current home does not have an office space, so things get stored differently. Anyway, these small file bins work great for spices and actually created a bit more space in the cabinet, I could probably add some skinny stuff in between the bins and canisters, if I ever needed too.”




Most of the bins I used, I either had for other random purposes around my house or I found at a thrift store. The canisters for my cereal were given to me (you can barely see them to the left) and the silver canisters on the very top shelf were given to me as well. The risers for the canned goods I found at Goodwill and the wire baskets on the bottom shelf we had in the garage. One of them holds my cookbooks and the other one holds our cloth placemats and napkins. The black and tan checkered box on the floor was from a thrift store and holds a lot of random stuff – atlas books, my husband’s travel thermoses, extra paper towel rolls and the BBQ utensils. It keeps it all nice and neat and out of sight!

“Thank you for hosting this organization month, many will be blessed by it, including me!  ~Jen”


Thank YOU, Jen!  

What an inspiration you are!  

I love how creative and frugal you were in organizing these spaces!

That is what it is ALL about!  

And you have made your life easier and less stressful by getting organized.  

(That’s my goal in our home!)


Next week, we are focusing on BATHROOM ORGANIZATION!  

I hope you will join us!  

Pick a bathroom in your home that needs organizing and GET BUSY! :)



  1. Agree with Jen…..I’ve been inspired by these posts! I cleaned my pantry, lazy Susan, and three cupboards!! Thank you!!

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