Kitchen Organization Linky Party, and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey friends!  

I hope you have enjoyed this week of organizing our Kitchen!  I am so excited to see what you have been up to!  

But before I share the linky party, I want to show you this great giveaway I am having today!  

I am giving away 2 copies of Organizing Your Life

by Cyndy Aldred!!


We ALL need an organized life, right?  :)

And guess what?  My craft closet is in this book!!!!

 Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.34.14 AM


Huh?  Wha?  

How cool is that?!  

Cyndy Aldred is a wonderful blogger over at the Creativity Exchange, and she contacted me last year about using pictures of my craft closet in her new book.  Of course, I said, “yes!”  (Thanks for asking, Cyndy!)

I wish I could tell you that my craft closet today looks like the pictures in the book, but that would be a flat out lie.  It’s a hot mess right now.  (But I WILL get it organized, and my blog series this month is going to help  me!)

This book is full of projects from other bloggers as well (You may recognize some of your favorites below,) and it covers ideas for organizing every room of your house. 


Cyndy says…

“After the introduction and the “Getting Started” first chapter, the book is broken down, room by room (kitchen, bedrooms, closets, etc..). For every image shown, there are highlighted organization tips to the right that are examples in the featured image. At the end of each room section are two “Quick Tricks”, which are quick and inexpensive DIY projects for that particular room in the home. There are also 19 DIY projects (a little more involved than the Quick Tricks) throughout the book for almost every area of the home as well.

Here’s a sneak peek:”


To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which room in your home needs the most organizing?

If you would rather just order the book now, click the link below…


Now it’s time for you to link up your Kitchen Organization posts!  


*Remember, if you do not have a blog, please send your photos to or message  them to me on my facebook page.


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  1. Whichever one I am in at the time!!! My kitchen needs a lot of help with very deep cabinets and several glass doors.

  2. We are in the process of purchasing a foreclosed home and selling our trailer home. I need all the help I can get….I have no idea where to put what. :) My office will be the most important….I need to organize my photography business the most.

  3. It seems my home is always in need of organization with six kids but right now my basement and storage areas could use some TLC!

  4. The most…it is the office/piano/craft room…LOL!!! 2015 is time to paint and clean out/freshen every room. Took care of our family room in December and it’s now my favorite room…very calming!!!

  5. I agree with Sue – whichever room I am in! However, my bedroom is a disaster. I think at the end of the day all of the leftover things get thrown in there. Plus, I hang all of my clothes in there to dry. Help!

  6. Every room needs some re-organizing but I would love to start with the bedroom and truly make it a master retreat!

  7. Wow! I am choosing my pantry/laundry/craft supply room. It is the room that needs to be the most organized because of all the multi-functions,however, tit is a disaster. Thank you for your giveaways. I love your blog.

  8. definitely my new crafting room i am working on…..sigh. i am about halfway there but am having a hard time organizing some things, especially the 7 (gasp) large storage containers of yarn.

  9. I think my bed room needs the most help at this time. I am a full time teacher and have 2 active teenagers that are into all sorts of activities. I would love to have time to do the organizing. Fixing meals and doing laundry is about all that I can get done.

  10. My kitchen! I have wonderful drawers for my lower cabinets but they are full and I still have things that need a place! I have to figure out a different arrangement , to be sure!

  11. My kitchen needs the most help I don’t have many cabinets and it is small.need ways to organize without a lot of expense. Same thing in my closets

  12. I am a fulltime employed grandmother with two precious grandchildren. Whenever they come to my house, they love to bake in the kitchen. My kitchen needs help with organization. I would love to have a copy of this book to assist me.
    Thank you!!!

  13. Your plan inspired me into action and I have realized just about every room in my house needs organizing and this is the month to do it. It may take me that long! :) Lots of secret (and not so secret) clutter :)This week I have been working on resetting after Christmas. Almost done

  14. I would really like to get my fridge/pantry/kitchen organized. Trying to start the year with healthy budget friendly meals for my family. Thank you for a chance to win.

  15. My kitchen pantry needs the most help. Its the one place I really need to focus on the most. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Oh my gosh it is definitely my craft room. I am new to crafting and have been in my house going on two years and have only got about 1/4 of it done..I walk in there and turn right around because I am so overwhelmed. Last years xmas cards were done in my dining room table…

  17. Actually it’s not a room it’s my master bedroom closet. What a hot. Mess. I don’t even go in there. My clothes are piled up on top of the dryer. How sad is that?

  18. I’m redoing my laundry room. It needs the most help as I figure out what belongs in there when I also make it a mushroom area.

  19. The room that needs organizing most is my craft room. It is an 800s/f room over a detached garage. It should be a dream space, but tends to be my worst nightmare simply because it is so large and easy to fill with stuff! Help!!

  20. I’ve just started organizing my kitchen, in fact I don’t know where to begin, Help is needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I just moved into a new house and need to TOTALLY re-organize the home office. I’m looking at boxes everywhere and am at a standstill trying to figure out where to start. I’m very thankful I stumbled upon this website.

  22. My laundry room. I have no more room to pile onto the washer and dryer. We can barely walk thru it to the packed garage. No wait the garage is the worst space/room. I can’t pull the car into it.

  23. My goal has been to have my own home @ 55 which is in May, so this is definitely my year! :-) Right now I’m renting a room in a farmhouse so trying to make 7 X 10 foot room into a bedroom, livingroom, office & craft room has been done by creating zones for each place but the thing I struggle with most is having a place for everything so everything can be in its place! :-)

  24. My craft area….it is in a room where I can shut the door where no one sees it…so I can stop what I am doing and go cook dinner or other chores…..therefore I tend to leave it a mess a lot! I can never find what I need.

  25. I have several drawers and a couple of cupboards in my kitchen and the pantry (located in the half bath)to organize on the first floor that need organization. The 2nd floor needs the storage closet organized for sure – somehow make it more than a catch all. Then there’s the basement…yeah this is the biggie! Major sorting/throwing out needs to happen in order to figure out how I need to organize!

  26. My basement needs a lot of help as it seems to be the dumping ground for whatever doesn’t happen to have a specific place. Help!

  27. I truly could use direction & the physical help of organizing my Master Bedroom! I would love for it to be a serene place to come into for my husband & myself! It has become a combination bedroom/storage room/treasure keeper room. My health doesn’t help me in getting things done but I do what I can; it’s like eating the elephant inch by inch (o:

  28. I am with some of the other ladies…whichever room I am in. I would say that my kitchen probably needs it the most though. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  29. I worked on my pantry last night after I went grocery shopping, it’s so nice to have it all organized and looking pretty!

    I love your craft closet!

  30. The craft room/guest room probably needs it the most but barely anyone sees that so I would say our art cabinet/shelf needs it the most since its visibly messy! :)

  31. My entire house??? LOL!
    But I think the most caos right now is my closet and garage!!!

  32. Definitely my craft room. It is a disaster!!! I would love ideas for organizing this small but very needed space.

  33. It’s a toss up between my dining room or home office. Both are in need of some serious organization.

  34. I am actually organizing every room in my home to get it ready to sell. And I am organizing my new lake home that we plan to move in to. I love to organize so this makes me very happy!

  35. My laundry room is a dissaster, but I’m afraid it needs more than organization! When I finish my closets, kitchen and baths, I’m going to attack with fervor. This book would be a great reminder. :)

  36. Ummmm… I only get to choose one? I really think it would be my craft room, but I can think of several more that are a disaster area. :-)

  37. I need to work on my kitchen. I love kitchen gadgets and anything to do with cooking so my kitchen is bursting with stuff that needs to be organized.

  38. I think this book looks amazing and inspiring! I would say that my entry needs the most organizing because it isn’t being used to its potential and becomes a dumping ground as well as an out of control shoe area!! Help!!

  39. Our storage room. It is upstairs, so I don’t walk by it unless I need something, but it is the place where outgrown kids’ clothes go, holiday decorations and where all our wrapping paper, boxes and bags are. It’s a doozy!

  40. Definitely my kitchen. I tried to do it last year and it looked great for a while, but I have 2 teenage kids and it hasn’t lasted long. It needs a re-do for sure!

  41. My sewing room needs help! A lot of Christmas extras were put there “just for now”!

  42. My home office is my biggest challenge. I tend to leave way too much on every horizontal surface and have to really search to find the books I’m needing.

  43. My office/hobby room needs the most organization. We moved into this new house 3 months ago and I just have not been able to unpack the boxes in this room and get it organized.

  44. The office, for sure. All my books, the sewing machines, the desk and the pack n play are all in there! Oh my word! It makes me a little jittery just thinking about it.

  45. My kitchen. A caterer designed the kitchen before we bought the house. The kitchen is HUGE! That is my problem, I think.

  46. My office/craft room right now is a “crap” room and is is desperate need of decluttering and organization! Right now it is overwhelming & I have no idea where to begin to organize this mess! HELP

  47. My bedroom. I need to go through my closets and
    dressers and get rid of things I haven’t worn in years and then organize what is left.

  48. my office. I moved in October and all unpacked boxes are in there. There is a path into the room but it is quickly narrowing. Hellllppppp mmmmeeee!

  49. The kid’s bathroom has become a place to stockpile extra fabric, used up bottles of stuff (what’s with that?), and all kinds of stuff that doesn’t belong there. This is where I need to start. Looks like a great resource!

  50. Most definitely my craft, sewing, computer, printer, ironing, Christmas decoration room!

  51. Oh boy, where do I start? The whole house except for my living room, but especially my basement storage room and office/sewing room.

  52. Probably the bedroom, mostly because the closets are a weird shape; the doors don’t extend as far as the closet, making a weird space it is easy to lose stuff within.

  53. Most unorganized person in the world because I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator! My worst room has to be my craft room which doubles as anything else I need it to be!

  54. I have to confess that I am a “piler”! Piles of various contents in every room! However, since my kitchen is well used (and loved) it needs constant attention to organization. Love your blog!

  55. Talking about coming full circle…. Back in my childhood home caring for my 94 yr. old Dad and 90 yr. old Mom. They have only 55 yrs. here with everything they’ve ever owned being of great value! Lol Help..I need motivation to even begin organizing!!

  56. I have two rooms that need an incredible over haul – my third bedroom (I have named it the “dump room” and my inner basement (storage). Both need to be tackled and conquered in 2015!

  57. I could really use some help in my kid’s School room ( I home school ) and that room is also their playroom. Toys galore everywhere during school is a little distracting to say the least… thank you for reading!

  58. My Craft Room needs organizing the most, but each of my rooms could use a good de-cluttering.

  59. My office/guest room could use some ideas to make this room function better for both purposes.

  60. I would like to start with our office that we’ve never been able to organize. I feel that if we start there we’ll have more time to keep organizing the rest of our home.

  61. Most definitely my craft studio and garage. I have bought lots of storage containers that were in a sale recently with the intention of having a fab craft studio and garage that I won’t be embarrassed to show to friends and that I’ll be able to find what I’m looking for easily. I don’t just want them to be organised, I want them to be attractive and organised.

  62. Definitely the kitchen. it is the easiest place for “out of sight, out of mind” because of the cabinets.

  63. My master bedroom would make me so happy, and I would spend less time getting dressed and trying to find things.

  64. Having just retired from teaching, I have stacks of craft miscellaneous that needs to find a ‘home’ and, hopefully, get used in my free time! Ideas are always welcome.

  65. One of my guestrooms. It’s used for storing odds and ends and could look at lot better with a little more organization.

  66. I want to create a “pantry” in an office closet next to my kitchen. It would mean I would have to use some power tools to build some shelving – so I’m a little nervous!

  67. I would like to create a craft area in my guest room. I have a lot of craft supplies and need all the help I can get.

  68. Boy#3&#4 have a horrible time keeping their room picked up… So when they get frustrated they shove everything into their closet. Now that’s one “hot mess”!!!!

  69. I don’t know how to answer this, My craft room, master bedroom, office, kitchen/family room. So you can see I have a problem and can use help.

  70. I think the room in our house that is the most unorganized is our laundry/mudroom. It’s in the basement and it has that out of sight out of mind dark whole quality. Making it my most unliked room.

  71. so hard to choose just one… probably my bedroom. It ends up being a dumping ground for every item of clothing my kids no longer want and has a mix of uncompleted projects, everywhere…

  72. My bedroom definitely! I’ve got was too many clothes and accessories to know where to put it all.

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