Tips and Tricks to Organizing your Closets!

Welcome to week THREE of my Organize your Heart and Home series!

Organize heart and home

 This week we are focusing on our CLOSETS!

I am totally pumped about cleaning out some of my closets.  Our hall closet is the first one I am going to tackle today and show you tomorrow.  I’m also going to try and clean out the boys’ playroom closet.  (double ew.)

But for now, I am sharing with you some great organizing tips and tricks for your closets that I found on Pinterest.  You can click on the link below each picture to view the source.

Here is a great way to turn a small closet into your “cleaning closet.”  That’s a pretty smart way to store the paper towels.

cleaning closet


Boots falling over in my closet is always an issue, so I need to consider hanging my boots like the picture below.  It takes up room in the closet, but if you have the space, it is a great idea!



You can also hang your shoes on the wall with crown molding or a simple piece of trim.



Here is a great way to organize your craft supplies in a small closet.  I love using the back of a door to store supplies.  If you have closet doors with empty backs, you can take advantage of that space and install some organizers.   So smart and practical!




Love using the back of a closet door to create a “wrapping station.” 




I don’t have a lot of purses, but the few I do have dry me cRaZy!!  They are always falling over or falling down out of my closet.  I love this purse organizer that you can purchase on Amazon.   



If you are someone with a lot of clutches, here is another great way to store those! 




Kids’ closets can be some of the messiest in the house, unless you organize it like Chelsea from TwoTwentyOne did.  I love how she used the space on the bottom of the closet to add cubbies to hold more stuff.  Great idea! 

kids closet



Are you feeling motivated yet?!!

I am!  

I cannot wait to get started on my closet!  

Will you join me?

It can be a coat closet, a bedroom closet, a hall closet, or a utility closet.  Whichever needs organized the most, get on it!  :)  (You will thank me later.)

Come back Friday to share your organized closet(s) and enter another fabulous giveaway!  :)

Have a blessed day!






  1. You should try boot stuffers. I have a hanging pair and a set a friend made that just go inside the boots. Those are fabric stuffed with a lavender-fragranced wood shavings. Cedar chips would works as well. Those pictured will leave permanent marks on your boots. The that first closet. Can’t wait to see what you do to yours. I’m all over arranging closets and the whole house in general this month. I always start with the closets, however. :)

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