Bathroom Organization Linky Party (and Giveaway!)

Happy Friday, Y’all! 

I am sorry I am posting late.  I have had a CRAZY busy day!  It’s 10:00 pm, and I am just now sitting down to work on my computer.  

But I wanted to make sure that I got our Bathroom Organization linky party up and running so you could link up if you wanted to.  

I would love for you to share your bathroom organization projects!

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Now for the giveaway!

To help you get organized, I am giving away a

$50 Gift Card to The Container Store!

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 To enter, just leave a comment telling me your favorite organizing tip or trick!

(giveaway ends in one week)



I also wanted to announce the winners of last week’s giveaway!

Congrats to

Lori (shortstufflek) and Mary Christianson!!

You both win your own copy of Organizing Your Life!


I will be emailing you about your prize!

Have a wonderfully organized weekend!  

Next week, we will be tackling our CLOSETS!!!


  1. I keep 2 sheet sets for each bed. With the one that is not in use, I fold and put the top sheet and bottom sheet and one pillow case into the one pillow case that is left. It keeps everything together for the next time I need it. I reach into the linen closet and it’s altogether in one spot. This works well for me.

  2. I think as long as I keep my drawers and cupboards neat and put something back when I’m done with it I stay organized.

  3. In order to tame my mail I immediately go through and put junk mail in trash,put bills in Bill folder, and put needs to be shredded in another bin. Otherwise it just tends to clutter up my counters

  4. Gosh I wish I had more organization tips! I guess I do put chalkboard labels on my tupperware containers so I, and the kids, know what’s inside. That helps!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  5. Organization is a team effort :) and sometimes I feel like I am a team of one :). One thing that works well is to do a “10 minute tidy” where everyone works at the same time to put things where they belong, at least in the common living areas.

  6. I am so inspired by the idea of using glass jars for organizing. I am now scouring my local Goodwill to get a nice collection going – love the idea and the fact that it so cost effective – thanks!

  7. I save cans from food (veggies, juice, etc.) and remove the labels, then add a chalkboard stick-on label, for organizing pens, pencils, scissors, etc. Cute, free, and unbreakable!:)

  8. For me I do best organizing when I like looking at it. So that means using things that I find pretty. If I like looking at it I am more likely to keep whatever it is organized.

  9. Baskets and bins labeled are always important for organizing. I recently organized a gift wrapping station in a closet and I used a towel bar to hang all of my recyclced ribbons organized by color on, which is working out great!

  10. Have a place for everything and put away when finished using it. I have lots of big scarves and I bought a great hanger for pants with 4 rungs to put lots of scarves on. The hanger is very strong and can hold a lot of scarves.

  11. I like organizing things like cotton balls, bath salts and q-tips within easy reach by displaying in glass jars and keeping other beauty products/etc. organized in baskets to keep things tidy. :)

  12. I like to set a timer when helping the kids clean and organize. If the mess is too overwhelming, it helps to break it up into 10-20 minute spurts.

  13. This may seem like a strange organizing tip, but my best one is to always make the bed in the morning. It gives you a surface to fold clothes (so the laundry doesn’t get out of control), a place to put the other stuff you need to organize when you decide to start, and best of all, it makes the house look neater!

  14. Pretty baskets are definitely my favorite organizing tool! We’ve also been using a big chalkboard to display our daily cleaning chores and it has really helped keep us on track doing a little bit every day instead of getting overwhelmed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. My favorite organizing tip is making sure everything has a place. I love using bins and baskets. In my boys rooms I use cubby storage units with bins to keep all their toys organized. That’s where we struggle the most!

  16. It’s all about maintenance, really. You can have th ebest system and if you don’t maintain it, it will all get chaotic soon. So my best tip is to maintain your organized spaces regularly.

  17. I agree with Claudia. You have to keep up with the organization or it quickly turns back to clutter. I love storing my sheets inside a pillow case. I also stand over the trash can with the mail each day and toss the junk out right away. Then I file the bills to be paid in their rightful place! :-). Thx for the giveaway Traci!

  18. I have some cabinets that don’t have shelves. Inside some I placed bins that stack to make the most out of those large spaces.

  19. I use empty paper towel rolls for keeping plastic bags in. I put several of these under the bathroom sinks and that way I always have a liner for the waste baskets handy. Also, I use toilet tissue rolls to store extension cords — keeps them nice and neat.

  20. I line the garbage bin with two plastic bags – one for wet (decompost) and the other for dry – paper, plastic, tin etc.

  21. I am a bin, basket and shelf organizer. I have my towels in baskets, my sheet sets folded together on shelves and my canned goods and food packets in bins. Would LOVE to win so I can get more!!! :-) I have an eye on some at The Container Store.

  22. Organizing doesn’t come easy to me, but keeping my spices in alphabetical order in my spice rack on the inside of my pantry door helps.

  23. I like making bins from cereal boxes using washi tape or duct tape. They are great for inside drawers in the kitchen and the bathroom. The possibilities are endless!

  24. I love to use pretty baskets to organize too. When we got a new car I bought a sturdy canvas basket for the kids to put their stuff in. I can’t believe how clean the floors in the backseat are. When the basket gets full they go through it and either throw stuff away or put it away. Often they throw it away!

    I also like to use small flip top canning jars in the bathroom for qtips, dental picks, cotton balls, etc.

    My last idea is vintage suitcases. I have a stack of about seven. I store China platters I don’t use often, books, photos, etc. plus the suitcases look super cute stacked high.

  25. For small items and crafts, I use glass jars, apothecary jars and even some old peanut butter glass jars that my mom saved. They are tall with a wide mouth providing easy access. I lost my mom when I was 25 so I love finding a useful purpose for things from her house. She saved and recycled everything!

  26. I like to use containers to organize items around the house, it really helps! Over the years I’ve learned not to put something in a “new” spot because I can never remember where that is!!!

  27. I like that tip of putting a set of sheets in a pillowcase!
    I keep a box or bag in my closet, so that when I buy a new piece of clothing, shoes, etc. I get rid of old or a piece of clothing that doesn’tt fit and donate it to Goodwill!

  28. I have tons of baskets as gifts from my mother over the years so I use them for everything! I even use them in my fridge!!

  29. Determine what you have first – and then buy supplies; otherwise you may find that what you bought won’t work, you don’t have enough, or you forgot about organizing an item.

  30. Baskets! Putting things (junk) in baskets and lining them on shelves looks SO nice & takes care of the “clutter”!

  31. I make sure everything has a “home”. I find it easier to keep clutter away and remember what I have when I know exactly where it needs to go.

  32. I keep the laundry monster at bay by folding clothes right out of the dryer. Every family member has a basket and I put the folded clothes into every basket as I fold. This is one advantage to having the laundry in the basement, I can spread the baskets out on the floor and everyone puts their own clothes away.

  33. Baskets and plastic bins from the $1 store to hide & organize stuff in. I also couldn’t live without the label maker to identify the bins/baskets.

  34. I built pull-out drawers in the toekick space of my cabinets. I store all my placemats,baking trays, extra sponges,etc. there. I look at those 6″ as extra space that’s easily used. I keep lazy suzans in my fridge for condiments and use old drawers under my bed for sheets. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I also keep like spices together, such as those for baking. Yes, I may need dupes, but it’s so much easier to just pull out a little basket holding them all. Those metal “shelves” are also good to keep from stacking too many things, especially dishes. If I can’t get to it, I can’t use it!

  36. I label my basket organizers with string tags tied on them using my handy dandy Dymo! Tags were purchased at Office Max!

  37. Command tabs come in handy for those lightweight things all around the house. I used them on the back of a kitchen cupboard door and hung my dry measuring cups there. They’re all in one place (unless of course they’re needing to be washed).

  38. I think the best thing for organizing, is decluttering, and then using the containers and items you have. It is nicer when they are all perfect storage containers,but in real life that doesn’t always happen.

  39. I love the pullout shelves in my kitchen cabinets. I want to get a couple of smaller ones for under the bathroom cabinet for the girls – they have removable trays – perfect for hair and makeup supplies!

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