DIY-ing our Basic Brick Ranch into the Cottage of our Dreams – Part Two

Welcome back!

house transformation series

Yesterday, I showed you some of the first projects that we completed when we moved into our ranch three years ago.

We moved into our home in June, and we planned to live there for a couple of years before we built our addition. 

Well, that lasted about 4 months!  Ha!  We were ON TOP of each other and were needing some more space, so that fall, we started breaking ground on our addition.

That sliding glass door was in 11ft x 11ft bedroom #3 in the house plans at the bottom of the post. 


We had plenty of land on the right side of our ranch and decided to build a two story addition in that spot.


However, there was a huge pine tree in the way that had to be cut down.


So we cut that baby down!  Boy did it smell gooooood.  :)  My boys were in awe of this part.


That had a lot of fun climbing on that tree!

Cy had help with the footer of the addition, but he studded up most of the rest of the addition by himself.  

And it began to look like this…


Here is a video of me showing you the inside of the addition.  I tell you in the video that we were going to do a “jack and jill” bathroom upstairs, but as you can see in the new floor plan below, that did not happen.  We ended up changing things around.  


If you look at the house plans below, you can see that we basically tore down the wall to bedroom #3 and turned that space into a hallway to the master bedroom.  We also added the staircase to the upstairs in that space.

 When we were in the middle of building our addition, and I was sharing it on my blog, I would have readers ask me how I came up with my building plans.  Y’all, I wish I could tell you that we knew exactly what we wanted and what we were doing, but that would be a lie.  :)  We were totally winging it!  We just needed space and needed it quickly!

So the plan was to build a master bedroom/bath on the bottom floor, and put the boys upstairs.  Done!

Our House Plans



I found a picture of the bedroom wall that we knocked down to create the hallway to the master bedroom.


In the picture below, you can see the old door to the bathroom and bedroom #4.  We took those down and drywalled over the opening to create a flat wall space.   Now, bedroom #4 is our master closet. :)  And the bathroom is still a bathroom, but you can only enter it through the master bedroom.


In the spring of the following year, we wrapped the addition in hardy board and would eventually paint it and the brick to match.


Whew!  That is all for today!  Come back tomorrow to see more of the renovation INSIDE our ranch!



  1. How excited am I that I found your blog! We recently downsized homes and bought the ranch of our dreams. All 1,100 sq ft of it has been a joy and an adjustment. Thank you for openly sharing your wonderful ideas and experiences. I can’t wait to show my hubby all of them. We hope one day to add on to our space as well (master suite and larger living space).

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