Cottage of the Month Feature!

Happy Friday, friends!

I just wanted to share something exciting with you.  Well, it is exciting to me!

Today, my home is being featured as the Cottage of the Month at The Old Panted Cottage!



This is a huge honor for me because I remember checking out the featured homes each month on this blog when I started blogging six years ago.  I remember seeing some of my favorite bloggers who I stalked loved featured as the Cottage of the Month.  Never in a million years would I have thought that my home would one day be featured as the Cottage of the Month! 

So I was so thrilled when Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage asked to feature my home!  

cottage of the month


If you want to check out the feature and check out previous homes that have been featured as the Cottage of the Month, CLICK HERE.


If this is your first time visiting my blog, WELCOME!

I am the mother of four amazing boys and married to a wonderful man who loves to DIY as much as I do! :)

I love the simple things in life like porch swings, picnics, “bless your heart” and “hey y’all,” belly laughs, fresh cut grass, chippy paint, bare feet, and a good hug.

I believe in a good hard day’s work, and that something is only worth the time put in it. 

I’m trying to turn my 1970’s brick ranch into a modern day farmhouse with character and charm.  

I just wrote a series about the progress we have made in on our home so far.  You can check it out by clicking HERE:

home series


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old house


Thanks for visiting and come back to see me soon!!

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  1. I am definitely excited for you as well as it is well deserved. You certainly have a beautiful home, totally magazine worth.

  2. You DO deserve it. Every room is perfect, but perfectly comfortable looking, as well. I still love the fireplace vignette with that coffee table. CTD

  3. Hi~ I just toured your lovely home on “Cottage of The Month” and among many things that I loved, I fell in love with the pillow that has a bicycle print. Please tell me where did you find such a sweet pillow? I do not have a blog, though my family continually insist that I should. I would like to follow yours. Your home was inviting, lovely and I feel it was resplendent of who you are! Drusilla~

  4. LOVE your home!! So cozy and simple and vintage too. :) Looking forward to looking back through your blog and reading your archives.

  5. Congrats!!! “Cottage of the Month” I was so excited when I saw your pic !!!! Can’t wait to see the new porch!!!!!

  6. Love your home—-The pillow with the beach scene and bike—can you tell me where you bought that–I love it!

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