My New Favorite Monogrammed Accessories!

Guys!  I think you are going to love what I am going to show you today!  It’s the kind of stuff that most every women gets excited about, even those die-hard, paint splattered, DIY’ers like me!



Ack!  I love it!   Purses, bags, jewelry, key chains, and on and on….

And then throw a monogram on it and GOOD GLORY!  It’s enough to make this ol’ southern gal pass out!  We love us some monograms here in the south!

My sweet, sweet friend, Leslie, has started selling these beautiful items from Initials, Inc., and I went to a party of hers a couple of months ago.  I ordered several things including the “toiletry organizer” and the “kiss lock clutch.”  I absolutely love them both and use them all the time. 

I told her I would host a party for her last month, and with everything I had going on, I didn’t plan well and wasn’t able to host it.


But then I got the idea to just host an online party and share it on my blog.  duh.  Why didn’t I think of that in the first place?!  

I try to be selective about what products to share on my blog, but these are so stinkin’ cute that I knew y’all would love them.  And this is the perfect time of year because they have all types of cute bags, backpacks, and totes just in time for the school year.  And what women doesn’t like to treat herself to a new purse every once and a while?

These products have been featured in all types of magazines, and I can see why!  They are adorable!!


The new fall line is out, and they have all types of new prints to choose from.  :)  Check out this beautiful monogrammed luggage they have! This would be great for young adults heading off to college.  I may get some for myself since I will be hopefully traveling a lot this year.  :)


All of these pictures are from their magazine.  I was afraid some of you wouldn’t click over to view their magazine, so I screenshot a bunch of the pictures to share with you here.  I knew you would die when you saw all of the cuteness for yourself! :)

I got the toiletry organizer that you see below.  I have loved taking it with me when I travel.  


This “One Trip Wonder” bag is one of their most popular.  It is huge and is perfect for overnight trips.  How cute is that Paisley pattern?


If you have little ones, you will love the “Oh Baby Backpack” or “Stash and Dash” bag.  


Okay, check out the Cheetah print on the bags below.  They make me want to grit my teeth and say “oh my goodness!”


The great thing about these products is that you can pick any fabric you want, any type of monogram, and any type of font!  I love that it is so personalized!!!

I think these “Get a Grip” totes are perfect for DIY’ers!  They would be great to store crafting supplies, wrapping supplies, or even some tools!  

And these “Help on Wheels” organizers would be a great teacher gift!


I know that a lot of us are starting to organize our command centers, mud rooms, closets, etc to get ready for the new school year. Check out all of these items to help get you organized!


I’ve got my eye on the “Signature Mod Back Pack!”  Check out the four ways you can wear it on the right side of the picture!  So versatile!  And I love the back sacks for children that can be personalized with their names!


Here are some more great items for back to school (or preschool.)  


Now for those of you that need a new handbag for fall, you would love these satchels!  How cute are the monogramed tags?


And if you need a little big of a bigger purse, you may like these totes….



And if you are not a bag type of person, you may like some of their jewelry!


So what do you think?  Isn’t their stuff beautiful and adorable?!  I seriously love it, and they are not over the top expensive.  

Especially for the fact that you get to pick your fabric and get FREE personalization. 

So, if you want to check out even more of their products and order something from my online party, click on the button below. 

UntitledHappy Shopping!

If my name doesn’t appear somewhere on the page, just click on the “my events” link in the right hand corner, and then click on my party.  Thanks!

(Let me know if you have any questions at all by emailing me at


  1. I looooove Initials product. Will check out the new stuff..loving the backpack you can wear four different wAys!

  2. Initials Inc. stuff is the best! And in case you didn’t know, they donate $5 from every purchase of the YBL (Your Best Life) Case to the Bethany’s N.O.W. campaign which focuses on finding forever homes for children in US Foster Care.

  3. As soon as I read your post, I thought you’d appreciate the irony! They have funded 21 adoptions so far. Initials Inc is a great company started by women in north Georgia where I grew up. There is a video on their website that explains Britney Vickery’s, (the Founder & CEO) personal background behind the support of the Bethany’s N.O.W campaign: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you go through this amazing journey of adopting your girl!

  4. Hi Traci,
    Love your blog and reading of all your adventures.
    Praying for your sweet family and precious girl!
    Could you give your friend Leslie my email and I could ask her some questions about the Initials Product.
    Take care!
    Alisa Spraggins

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