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Y’all today is the very last guest post for my “It’s a Summer Spectacular” series!

summer spectacular
I have felt so very blessed by this amazing community of blog friends that I have!!  I knew that this was going to be a crazy summer for me with our hosting of our little girl, Jonathan’s music adventures, and the every day life of having my kids home for the summer.  All of these guest posts that you have seen on my blog this summer are from sweet, loving blog friends who willingly came to my rescue!  How blessed am I?  Seriously, it makes me almost want to cry.  
Today’s guest poster is the very sweet Roeshel from DIYShowOff!
She’s the little, tiny, petite thing in the middle of the picture below…
Thank you, Roeshel, for being here!!!


Hi, fellow friends of Traci at Beneath My Heart!
I love Traci’s big heart, amazing talent and fun sense of humor, don’t you?
Oh…by the way, it’s me, Roeshel from DIYShowOff and I’m so honored to be here today!  
I’m sharing a quick weekend project that’s going to help guests and delivery drivers to locate the front door
as well as add a little interest to curb appeal. 
framed house numbers tutorial

What I used:

spray paint

house numbers

picture frame with wood backing

scrap wood plank 

clear lacquer 

Framed House Numbers materials

What I did: 

1. Remove glass from picture frame. Dispose/recycle glass.
remove picture frame backing
2. Apply light even coats of spray paint to frame and house numbers. Let dry. 
spray paint
3. Apply light even coats of spray paint (your color of choice) to wood backing. Let dry. 
4. Replace backing to picture frame.
5. Attach house numbers to center of frame with screws,
use scrap wood plank behind backing to anchor house numbers to frame backing. 
6. Apply a clear coat of lacquer for sealing and let dry.
7. Hang and display. 

Indoors:framed house number wall art


or out: 

framed house numbers tutorial

Enjoy the end of summer! 




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