Happy September 1st!

I love this time of year.  It’s seriously my favorite.  :)

I’ve already started adding fall touches to our home.  I am especially excited about decorating our new front porch with mums and pumpkins.   I got these wreathes at TJ Maxx the other day, and I think they will really look good on our new doors!


But since we still have a little painting to do out there, for now I am working on the inside of my house.

For our fireplace mantel, I am bringing back some decor from last year and then adding a few new touches. 


I like using as many natural elements in my house as possible.  It’s so easy to just go outside and clip a few branches off a tree and stick them in a vase!  And it almost always looks beautiful!  There is nothing prettier than God’s handiwork! :)

I also pulled some of our cozy fall blankets and pillows out of the closet for those chilly mornings and night.  There is nothing better than snuggling with a blanket on the couch!


And what is fall without some good smelling candles?!  I have  been lighting this amazingly-good fragrance from Yankee Candle.   Have you tried Lush Berries?  It’s from the new 2015 Fall Line.  It smells like I have a fresh berry cobbler baking in the oven!  YUM!   What is your favorite Yankee candle to burn in the fall?


And to celebrate the first day of September, I am making a big pot o’chili!   I have such wonderful memories of smelling chili cooking on the stove when I was a child.  Just. feels. like. home.


Have you been adding any fall touches to your house yet?  I know that many of you are still holding on to hotter temperatures, but it has been feeling chilly in the mornings and evenings in these parts, and I LOVE IT!

Now I can’t wait to enjoy the fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and kettle corn!  #lifeisgood

I hope you have a blessed September Day!

*This post is sponsored by Yankee Candle Company.  All ideas and opinions are my own.


  1. Started to decorate my new mantle for fall this morning before heading off to work. This is also my very favorite time of year.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your heart😊 it brings joy to mine & many others. You share so many things beneath your heart because God is above your heart.😊

  3. we have pyracantha at this time of year and it resembles bittersweet so much that when we first transplanted from OH to CA I erroneously thought it was the same when observed driving through a neighborhood. ours is also firethorn. do you know if there is a connection ??they both spell October to me

  4. Decorating the front porch has begun at my home..Your home is so beautiful. My home sure could use your talents. Have a wonderful evening

  5. I love that wreath! I have put out sugar pinecones on foyer table tray, antlers on wood charger, dark brown striped balls in metal bowl on lil dining area table, and brought out a fall candle. Wreath is next then pumpkins! I keep it clean and simple around my house as i have lots of windows and fall treasures like a maple tree and burning bushes and mums to view outside.

  6. I Have seen your posting for CreamCheese sugar cookies before, but can find it now..Would you please repost for me or just send the receipe to me , thank you so muchhh!!

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