Dresser Makeover {for our girl’s room}

Hey friends!  I hope you are doing well!  

I haven’t posted in a week!  YIKES!  {I told y’all it was going to take me a while to get through the loads of laundry! ha!} :)

I’ve been super busy doing things around the house….cleaning out closets and drawers, putting summer clothes away and getting fall clothes out, re-arranging furniture, trying to get some pictures on the walls…..

I finally figured it out over the weekend…I’m in nesting mode!   Our sweet girl will be back home with us soon, and I am like a pregnant woman running around trying to get everything ready for her arrival!  I also think that with the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve been itching to get things in order before the chaos begins.  :)

Anyway, I wanted to drop in and show you the dresser makeover I did for our girl’s room.  I completed it in May, before our girl arrived for the summer, but I am just now sharing it.  I was trying to be extra frugal with her room, so I decided to use an old dresser of my mom’s that had been in storage.  It’s a cherry dresser, and I know that some people cringe when they see someone paint a cherry piece of furniture, but believe me y’all, my mom would TOTALLY want me to paint this dresser and use it in our girl’s room.  Unpainted, it would have sat in storage for years.  Plus, I LOVE having something of mom’s in my girl’s room.  :)

I shared this photo on instagram in the spring…



I removed the hardware and drawers and lightly sanded everything with a  fine grit sanding sponge.



Now, this is the part where I would show you a step by step tutorial of how I completed this makeover.  But that’s what really good bloggers do.  :)  I’m just going to tell you the steps, and you can picture it in your mind, and it will be fabulous!!

I painted everything with one coat of KILZ primer, and then I painted two coats of basic white Valspar paint.  Next, I spray painted the hardware an oil rubbed bronze and reattached them to the dresser.

Voila!  I love how the painting it white shows off the curvy detail at the bottom of the dresser.  I think it makes it look more feminine.  


The lamp was a Laura Ashley find at Goodwill for $6.00, and the pink flowers are from IKEA.  I got the frame for her picture half off at Hobby Lobby.DSC_1016

This dresser was/is absolutely perfect for our girl!  The small top drawer holds her hair bows, clips, nail polish, and lip glosses.  The other drawers hold her undergarments, shorts, and pajamas.  I can’t wait for her to be back home with us using this dresser each day!  




Have a blessed day, friends!!


  1. What a fabulous job you did and it is a beautiful little girl’s room. Your Mother must be smiling from heaven.

    1. It’s so great how people differ! I like the white, but would have preferred the brass hardware; it’s trending once again and looks so fresh to me.
      Traci, it’s also fun to just take off the dark oppressive stain from cherry pieces and let the natural finish shine through. I think it’s a very “Kentucky” look that gives a bit of authenticity to rooms.

  2. So pretty!!

    By the way, Rick Steves has a great guide book for your girl’s country. I don’t think we have ours anymore or I’d send it but it’d be outdated anyway. If you can spend time in the capital, make sure to check out the occupation museum- it was the best we saw in all of Eastern Europe.

  3. Super Cute!! It would also look adorable with clear crystal knobs. Those are super girly. Love her little room

  4. Does your little girl have a name? I hv never heard you mention it. Can you choose a new name or will you keep her given name?

  5. It is so pretty and I know your daughter will love it. I just sent a very small care package this week( since we can only send every 3 months) to our little girl but it is not the same. Can’t wait for us both to get our girls home and in our arms.

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