My Inspired Room {for our girl}

Hello, friends!  I am sooooooo excited to share my “inspired room” with you today in celebration of the new book release from my friend Melissa Michaels!  {More about the book release and giveaway at the bottom of the post!}


I have shared sneak peeks with you of our little girl’s room, but today, I am showing the whole thing!  It is 99% finished, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Girl's room collage

If you are new to my blog, let me introduce myself!  I am wife to the most amazing man ever and mom to four incredible boys!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 8.47.20 PM

My life is full of dirt, smells, basketballs, geckos, and guitars.  :)

So why in the world do I have a little girl’s room in my house?  I wonder the same thing sometimes.  ;)

Two words….

God’s Grace.

By God’s grace, I found out about a wonderful organization called Project143 last October, and a seed was planted in my heart.

girl's room


By God’s grace, He prepared the hearts of my husband and boys to make room for a little girl in our family

girl's room

By God’s grace, a little 8 year old girl’s face popped up on our computer screen last February, and it was love at first sight.  He immediately placed a desire in our hearts not only to host her for the summer, but to adopt her into our family forever.

girl's room

By God’s grace, she has my husband’s eyes and a dimple in her chin like me.

girl's room

By God’s grace, he provided financially for her to come stay 5 weeks with us this summer.

girl's room

By God’s grace, we spent five wonderful weeks together this past summer becoming the family God had always meant us to be.

girl's room

By God’s grace, she has been cared for by a wonderful foster family since she was three, and by His grace, they want her to be a part of our forever family.

girl's room

By God’s grace, we get to see her sweet face every week through our Skype calls.  We do not speak the same language, but there is always a lot of smiles and laughter during our calls.  Love speaks loud and clear in any language.

girl's room

By God’s grace, she will be back home with us soon.  We hope to travel over to her country to get her before Christmas, but if not, she will be traveling here for Christmas with Project 143 again.

girl's room

By God’s grace, He has given my husband and I a daughter and my boys a sister.

girl's room

By God’s grace, I have a room full of pink.  :)

girl's room


By God’s grace, I am reminded of how much He loves His children….big and small.  :)  Oh, how He loves us!!!!

girl's room

And so this is my “inspired room.”  When I see this room….I see God’s Grace.  And my cup runneth over.

girl's room

{P.S.  I will be sharing more details about this room this week, so stop back by and check them out.}

Now to Melissa’s new book!  Y’all I have a copy of my own, and it is a BEAUTIFUL book!

You can get your own copy HERE.

And if you want to share your own inspired room for a chance to win this fabulous giveaway, click HERE.



  1. I still can’t believe I got to be with you that weekend when you first found out about their ministry. I am overjoyed for you, sweet friend and can’t believe what a gift you will be to her (and she to you.) God’s Grace!!!

    (and Melissa’s book is the bomb too. ;))

  2. What a beautiful post and lovely pink room :-) Your story about this little girl is so touching. I love reading your posts documenting this adoption process because it really is the story of a miracle in the making!

  3. What a perfect sign with SCC’s song lyrics! I love it. Praying continued answered prayers for this little one to be with you soon.

  4. Love this room for your sweet girl! Two of our four children came into our family through the miracle of adoption! I love every adoption story and I’m so excited to continue to watch yours unfold! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. I have been following your blog for quite a few years when your boys were so little! I am so excited for your and your family. Your little girl is adorable and her room is perfect! God is so good! Wishing much happiness. God bless you!

  6. I am so happy for your family to be adding this beautiful little girl to your lives. I am 57 years old and was adopted when I was 3. I never felt any different from any other kids. As a matter of fact I was with both of my adopted parents when they took their last breaths. I feel so lucky to have been part of their family. Best wishes to your family.

  7. Your mom is smiling down with great love and abundant joy for the blessing of this daughter! So happy for your family. The room is beautiful! :)

  8. People would often day to me you are so good to adopt them, they are so lucky…with the focus on me but in my heart nothing was further from the truth. Our family has been so blessed! Glad you are getting blessed and that she is to in this way. Linda

  9. Traci, The room appears to be very pretty and I would love to see the details. However, there are so many pop up ads as I scroll down I was never able to see everything. I was able to read most of your comments. I pray your daughter is with you soon. Kim

  10. Adoption journey is amazing journey: Its a calling from God. At times it is so hard to put into words just how it fills your heart and thoughts,how it all you can think about. But those who have walk it knows just what you are feeling…Its a journey that my family has taken twice. Its a journey that we would love to take again. Traci, I am so happy for you and yours. Praying that your beautiful daughter will be home soon. What a beautiful room..It is God’s Grace. Thank you for saying yes to God~

  11. By God’s grace I saw this post, and it melted my heart. Your daughter is so blessed to be given this wonderful opportunity. She will NEVER have a date with 4 big brothers watching over her ;-)
    Happy for you and the family…God’s Blessings, Melesa Garrison
    P.S. The room is absolutely lovely!

  12. Your little girl’s room is so precious, Traci, what a blessing you’ll be in her life and what a joy she’ll be in yours! I’m so happy for your family and for this adorable little girl because she will be a part of such a wonderful family! I can’t wait for you to bring her home!

    Thank you so much for sharing about my book, I’m so honored and GRATEFUL for you, Traci! xo

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