Big Announcement!!! Jonathan and THE VOICE!

Hey friends!  

I am sooooooo excited to tell you that Jonathan auditioned for

Season 10 of THE VOICE!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.57.10 PM

That’s the secret I have been keeping for a loooong time and why Jonathan and I were on the West Coast!

I can’t say anything else, but I’m so glad I can finally share at least THAT  with you. 

Season 10 airs on February 29th on NBC!  


Be sure to watch this season, okay?!

And I would LOVE it if you would follow Jonathan on his social media channels!

You can follow him by clicking on the different links below his picture.






  1. Woo hoo! So excited. I really thought he was trying out on American idol. I’ll be watching the voice now ;-). Way to go Jonathan!!

  2. Congrats to Jonathan and the WHOLE family. He is so blessed to have so much support! I checked out his fb page and it is so refreshing to see someone his age with such a great attitude. I’ve not faithfully followed a show in a LOOONG time but I am NOT missing The Voice this season!!! :-) Can you direct me to an earlier post (maybe years ago?) where you mentioned his hearing loss? I’d like to SHARE that on my fb page and encourage my friends to watch The Voice too!

  3. I knew it! I wish you could tell us more though; I’m on pins and needles wondering how things went. Team Jonathan! We’re all gonna be saying I knew him way back when :) Please tell him congratulations. We watch the show regularly but definitely won’t miss an episode this season.

  4. Love that show….how exciting!!! Can’t wait to watch it now. If Adam Levine comes to your house…I know you don’t know me, but I’m inviting myself over! :) We’ll get him votes from Ohio!!

  5. I had a hunch! :) I remember one of your first videos of him singing at a local or state competition. He is adorable, and so talented, and all of a sudden he looks like an almost grown up kid! How exciting! It is such a great show, and you all must be so thrilled! I will be praying… can’t wait to watch!

  6. How awesome is that ! We watch The Voice all the time and DVR it if we are going to be gone! No wonder you have been so excited. Congratulations to all of you !

  7. Congratulations! I know that you are so proud of him. I’m sure your dying to tell us more, but you can’t, so we’ll just have to watch and see the outcome. Praying for him!

  8. How exciting! Congratulations! My family and I will be watching. I had a hunch about this. West Coast means Hollywood and Jonathan is a great singer. Saw the video you posted from Opryland and church.

  9. I just knew it and couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel such a connection to you all, following his journey these past few years. I’m rooting for him and will definitely be watching the 29th!!!!!

  10. congratulations for your whole family. BUT Traci he looks like he turned 20 yo overnight. He is all grown up. It has been such a while since you have shared pix of the boys it just was a shock.

  11. How exciting!! I, too, thought American Idol until the season started. What an amazing opportunity. I’m sure your lives have already changed & im very excited for Jonathan. The girls were friends with Miguel Dakota who was on America’s Got Talent a couple years ago (we lived in the same town) so I know just enough to know this has been quite the nail-biting, pinch me to make sure I’m not just dreaming journey for yall. We’ll be watching :)

  12. Woohoo! This is what I had thought was the surprise. We are watchers of the Voice, but will for sure be watching now!
    God bless

  13. That is fantastic!!! Love to hear young people sing!! I did not know that Jonathan had hearing loss, we know of an amazing singer in our area of upstate NY that also has profound hearing loss. Her name is Sherry Anne, her website is It is so amazing what our great God can do.

  14. That’s so exciting! We really like the voice and watch it every season – we will definitely be throwing all our support behind him. Congrats! Blessings for this new day!

  15. I figured maybe American Idol or The Voice…..I was hoping anyway! The world needs to hear this child’s voice! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful gift from God! I WILL be watching and rooting for him! This is some most awesome news indeed!

  16. Congrats!! My nephew was on a few seasons back. Interesting experience- I sure hope it was good for you. Reality tv is not always what it seems. Be careful and good luck.

  17. so exciting. I’ll be rooting for him and praying. My daughter auditioned in Memphis, but didn’t advance. She said it was a fun experience. I’ll be praying for both of our kids to have the right doors open and close for their talents.

  18. Gosh- that can’t be the same little bitty boy I remember from church – he has grown up and so handsome- congrats and I will be watching and praying for him! Will love seeing a home town boy on that show…..could we have another winner from Kentucky!?! Lets all hope and pray so!

  19. Oh I can’t wait…We love the voice…He is so handsome and really has grown up so much so quickly..Good luck Jonathon!!!

  20. I’ve followed your blog almost since you started. I love every time you post Jonathan singing. Even though we haven’t met, seeing this announcement (although I was pretty sure) felt like something had happened to a good friend! Through the years I have cried with you, prayed for you and celebrated with you. You’d better believe we are cheering him on now! So excited!!

  21. Very, very exciting news!!!!But are you sure he shouldn’t be auditioning for GQ?????? :)WOWOWOW … how handsome he is!!!!!!

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