He Will Fight For Her {adoption update}

I love Sunday mornings.  

I love to get up before everyone else and enjoy the quietness of the day.  I love going to church with my family and worshipping together.  I love the way the worship music ministers to my soul and how the sermon always challenges and encourages me at the same time.   It’s like taking a deep, deep breath of refreshing air to begin a new week.

I pray that you have a place of worship that God can use to minister to your heart as well.

This week, we got an update on our little girl.  It was not the news we were hoping for.


 Now that I am back from the West Coast, we were hoping that we may be able to travel over get her soon.  However, we found out on Thursday that it will probably be April before that will happen.  And even then, there are a ton of unknowns, and it may not be an easy process (re-doing paperwork, more money, more time.)

Our hearts are broken.

I cannot go into detail, but our little girl is not in a good situation right now, which makes being away from her even harder.  She has some very serious needs, and I am asking you to pray for her.

We feel so helpless over here on the other side of the ocean.  We have a lawyer over there that is representing us, but it feels as if she has no one.  Cy and I struggle with not being able to be over there to fight for her, to make sure she is being cared for the way she deserves, to give her the love that she deserves.

We have felt anxious and filled with worry.  We want to take things into our own hands, but that could hurt things rather than help them.  

Friday night, I was listening to the live streaming of the IF: Gathering.  I was listening to the testimony of a very sweet lady who knows first hand what it means to walk through suffering.  She shared this verse from Exodus 14:14…


Just hours earlier, Cy and I were asking each other, “Who is going to fight for her?”

And the Lord spoke loud and clear to me that night, “I WILL FIGHT FOR HER!”

Adoption is hard.  There are a lot of unknowns.  A lot of waiting.  A lot of uncertainties.  It is hard to sit still.  But God is calling us to do just that.

The only thing that makes the sitting still bearable is knowing that HE is the one fighting for her.  I know that I can trust her to His loving hands.  

My sweet SIL, Ida, sent us this text a few days ago…

“Reading in Mark and was reminded of the story of Jairus’ daughter. Jesus asked him simply to trust Him without fear. Miracles are real but they require childlike faith. The kind that unburdens and bolsters the believer. I vow to beseech Our Saviour in earnest for the specific miracle of simple hope for sweet S—–. It may come in different forms everyday. Or it might arrive in a tender touch from an angel disguised as a nurse. God didn’t just request that orphans be tended to throughout the Old and New Testaments. He commanded it. He cannot contradict Himself and this is how I know He will use His hands and feet and hearts on the ground to heal her.”

That is our prayer.  That God would use those around our sweet little girl to fill her with love and hope.  We pray daily that God would protect her and heal her.

We still do not know what the outcome of our adoption will be.  But we REST in HIS promises.  It feels so good to let go of our burdens and lay them into His faithful hands. 

Thank you for your love, prayers, and encouragement over the past year.  YOU are a part of our girl’s story, and we are forever grateful!

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  1. Prayers for your sweet girl and your Family !! We have 4 adopted children and know so well the feelings of helplessness and the roller coaster of emotions you are going through right now. HE will Fight for her as the verse says … It’s the being Still part that is so Hard for us in the waiting process. Prayers for Peace and His Daily Presence to fill your Hearts during this waiting time !!! ((( Hugs ))

  2. God bless you and I’ll be praying for you, your girl and your family. Exodus 14:14… what beautiful words…In your sharing you are reaching those that need to hear God’s word one way or another…I needed to hear that verse…thank you and I pray your sweet child will feel God’s love around her.

  3. It is so easy to comment on the fun and cute blogs. But so much harder to comment when my heart hurts for you. Uggh! I need more faith! “Dear Lord, I appreciate your ministry through this blog, but would You please bring this family together and answer their prayers ASAP?!”

  4. Oh Traci…I think this is the hardest lesson God asks us to learn…Trusting him no matter the circumstance…especially hard for a mama’s heart. We stand with you and your beautiful family…love you, dear!

  5. Jenny,

    My heart is touched by your story. We were unable to have children so both of mine came through the gift of adoption. Both adoptions were miracles and came different ways. My son we had to fight for. A friend had a dream that we would have to fight for him before he was born. I remember getting his room ready buying his clothes and the same day we got a phone call that she would be keeping him. But, God never released us from believing that he would be ours. I remember one night in my tea/prayer room worshiping God with everything within me. I know that night something changed. He was 4 months old when we got him. He had to go through things no child should go through. But God moved. In his behalf and ours. He is 12 years old now and loves the Lord. We serve a big and mighty God. We will continue to pray for her and your family. <3

  6. Your post today seems like good news to me… I must have misunderstood your previous comments as I thought this was over altogether, and this sounds hopeful. I have been and will continue to pray for all of you, but most especially for your sweet, sweet girl. I don’t even know you, and my eyes are tearing up. I had triplets at 27 weeks (now 21 years ago) and the word that was spoken to me every minute of every day was: Faith… I had faith then that they would would survive and thrive and they have exceeded anything I could have dreamed. I have faith for you now… xo

  7. Thank you for sharing your personal struggle. My faith has increased reading your post today. I am laying my burden at His feet right now. I love the Psalm, cast all your care on Him… Praying for strength for your family and your little girl.

  8. Heartbreaking to read Traci, yet you know we all feel like your extended family so these updates are necessary for us. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your life; be it happiness, trepidation, deep faith, or grief- we ride the current with you in spirit and pray for your little girl and family to be blessed with the grace of the Devine to intervene and allow you the little girl you all have been wishing for since she had entered into your lives and snuggled deep into each of your hearts. May His hand move a mountain on your behalf, may His love shine upon her and protect her from pain & harm, and may your prayers & ours, bring about your miracle! Amen 💕

  9. Traci, no doubt it’s hard to believe this, especially because you know much more of the specifics than we do. But a miracle is already happening. A little girl half way around the world has a “team” of prayer warriors constantly bringing her before the Lord. Thank you for continuing to update us so that our prayers can intensify. Praying for all of you daily.

  10. Traci I am sorry your family is going through this. I needed to hear that the Lord will fight for me for an entirely different reason. I ask that you and your family keep my husband in your prayers as he begins chemo treatments tomorrow. I am asking our Lord to fight for me too.

  11. Traci it is so hard to remember that God answers prayers in HIS time and not ours..it’s hard to be patient but HE must have a reason for making you wait for your sweet little girl just a bit longer. Keeping you and your family in my prayer and hoping you find peace as you start each day in the quietness of the morning.

  12. You have been in my prayers since you told us about going to a foreign country to adopt a child. You are so in tune with God that I cannot believe there is a life lesson by losing her that you will get her in time. It is hard not to worry about her and the situation but trust in our beloved Lord. He does things when He feels the time is right. Be strong here at home. Then nothing important will slip past you.

  13. I am brought to tears this morning of hearing your story and your faith. My prayers are with your little girl that she will be in your arms soon.

  14. So many things I will like to say but most importantly I will say…I am praying for the miracle to be manifested that God has already provided…


    Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice. [Acts 18:10.] You shall seek those who contend with you but shall not find them; they who war against you shall be as nothing, as nothing at all.

  15. ISA. 41:10

  16. I know the pain and suffering of adoption as we also went thru it. This is so hard for me to read because I can only imagine how worried and stressed you are. The fact that you have a lawyer there is a true blessing. I’m so glad though that you know God is watching over her and you put your faith in him. Praying for good news in April

  17. Thank you for the update Traci. I can’t imagine what y’all are going through and helpless you must feel. Keep the faith and I will continue to pray for you to have the strength and courage but also for peace in your hearts. Y’all are not alone in this and neither is she.

  18. So glad for this update Traci. I am praying for God’s protection on this precious child, and for His very best for her and for you all in the days ahead.
    This scripture is for me this morning. You know how God uses our own struggles for others, and His blessings cover each of us in our own places. Thank you for sharing this today. What a wonderful promise God has given here, for you, and for all of us.

  19. Heartbreaking – without faith in our Lord. I don’t know how you would get through this. Many prayers for peace in your heart and mind, and for patience to allow God to work.

  20. Sweet friend – our prayers have been endless and we will continue on. Indeed your sweet girl does have an army of prayer warriors fighting a battle for her. Back when I was in High School my youth group would go up to Reach Out Ranch (Kay Arthur’s place) in TN for a week every summer. That is where I first heard singer Kim Hill and one song has always stuck with me. I wish there was a YT video just showing her singing it but here is the track and I hope the words bring you peace. Love you!
    “Be Still And Know…”

  21. Praying for you all right now. One of sweetest verses that has gotten me through some of the hardest trials of life is:

    “You will keep him in perfect peace,
    Whose mind is stayed on You,
    Because he trusts in You.
    Trust in the Lord forever,
    For in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength.” Isaiah 26:3-4

    He will be faithful to see you through. <3

  22. Praying big prayers for your precious girl and for you and your husband and your family. This must be so, so hard. You are loved!

  23. I will be praying for your precious girl and for your whole family! My heart is so heavy and yet so hopeful in reading your post. I will pray for a hedge of protection around your girl and for God to be her strength and hold her in His great Love. I am also praying Zephaniah 3:16-17
    “On that day, they will say to Jerusalem, Do not fear, O Zion; do not let your hands hang limp. The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”

  24. I am so thankful that i know what to pray for her and you, TRaci! May His angels surround her and bring comfort to her and may His perfect peace reign in your hearts as you wait. Love and blessings sweet friend… xo Heidi

  25. God bless this little girl’s heart. And bless Traci and Cy and their boys. God comfort them and put Your arms around all of them and give them strength and peace. We have faith and believe in Your miracles and everlasting love. We love You and thank You and wait patiently for This Miracle. Amen

  26. Praying that God will send an army of angels to surround this precious little one and keep her safe while she waits for her ‘forever’ family to bring her home. The Bible is filled with promises, Traci and none of God’s promises are ever broken. Search them out, claim them and wait for God to fulfill them.
    Because you have been transparent and have allowed all of us to see your heart and what is happening in your lives, thousands of Christians are praying for your little girl! That alone must be a tremendous comfort.

  27. Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and know that I am God” Keeping you all especially that sweet little girl in my daily prayers.

  28. Traci~ Tears are running down my face as I read your post. First of all, thank you for sharing this with us in “blog-land”. I am honored and humbled to pray for you and your family. The “waiting ” is always so hard… but something I learned many years ago, helped us when we waited so long to start our family. 4 years of waiting & 5 miscarriages ( even one at 19 1/2 weeks). I heard a devotion from a sister in Christ. She shared that waiting is a very “active” time. We are trusting in God’s plans, drawing closer to Him as He PREPARES us for what is to come. And He’s preparing your little girl too. I had never thought of waiting as being ACTIVE. It really penetrated my heart. I clung to Deuteronomy 31:8, “It is the Lord who goes before you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed”. I can only imagine what you are feeling. How much your heart must ache for her. I have been praying all day for her and your family. Claiming victory through Christ and His timing. Asking Him to provide ALL of your needs and hers too. Thank you again for being vulnerable, and sharing your heart with all of us. God has got your back… and hers too! Hugs and prayers sweet sister. May God receive all the glory! AMEN!

    1. Lisa D is correct. It’s in the waiting that God is working, preparing. It’s also the hardest time ever. As hard as it is to wait, knowing things that you know, and wanting to protect and provide for this precious little girl, rest assured that your Father is going before you and making the way clear. He’s got this. Rest assured as well that you have prayer warriors that are lifting you all up!

    2. Lisa! What encouraging words! I have never thought of waiting as being “active” either! What an amazing thought. Not only are we active in the waiting, but so is God, doing His work in all of our hearts and preparing the way for us. Thank you for sharing! And thank you for your sweet prayers. God bless you!

  29. Quote from Cory ten Boom….”There is no one place safer than another in Gods world”.
    He’s got his. She is in the hollow of his very capable hands. Believe it!

  30. What a sweet post. I will continue to pray for you, your family and this precious little girl. She’s so fortunate to have someone who wants her so dearly. I just taught a lesson today about “Turning it over to Him”. It’s always easier to say than to do. But I know He is so mindful of you and loves you even more for loving one of his precious children. Thank you for sharing something so tender to your heart.

  31. While reading your post, I had tears in my eyes, and goosebumps, someone once told me that goosebumps were a sign of the Holy Spirit. I felt led to share this scripture passage from Philippians 4:6-8: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Sending Love and Prayers to you and yours. 🙏🏻😘

    1. Jane, thank you so much for your words and the reminder of Phil 4:6-8. It is one of my favorite verses and I am clinging to His peace that passes all understanding! Bless you!

  32. Hey girl, praying continually for your precious little girl and each of you! Ps 34:4 is a go-to verse for me and I’m praying this over you and your little girl!

  33. Wow! God is good. In sharing your own struggle and personal pain you have encouraged me today – which I needed. Not for the same situation you’re going through but just to hear that God fights for us if we will just be still and let Him do His work. What a blessing your blog is/has been to me. Praying for your sweet little girl and your family.

    1. Thank you, Angie. I’m so glad that God is speaking to all of us in different ways on our different journeys. God bless you and thank you for your prayers!

  34. what can we say to truly bring comfort in this stage? perhaps in hindsight there will be so many comforts to your readership when there are so many scriptures shared here.. thank you for these opportunities.

  35. There is a beautiful blog, A Place Called Simplicity writen by an amazing woman named Linny Sanders. Her family has adopted many international children. I encourage you to check it out. She will inspire you and she may be able to help you with your current situation. God bless you.
    (Mom to 5 adopted. 4 international and one home grown)

  36. Bless you, sweet friend. I am so sorry for the anguish that you’re going through as you wait. I’m especially sorry that your girl is not in a good place right now. But how beautiful to read here of all the people who are praying for your sweet girl.

    It’s hard to rest when your heart is in pieces, isn’t it? But your faith is not in vain. Indeed the Lord will fight for her.

    1. Why don’t you contact Laylah from “The Lettered Cottage”. She is waiting for her baby from Haiti. I think you two are both in the same boat. It might help you with the time problem. Hope this helps. Lisa

      1. Thank you, Lisa! Layla is one of my best friends in real life, and we text/talk often about our adoptions. She is such an inspiration and always an encouragement. God brought us together 7 years ago and she has been one of the biggest blessings that has come from my blog. :) Thank you for sharing.

  37. God Bless you and your family’s efforts to bring this sweet girl into your home to heal and love. And God bless your hearts that are hurting right now. Your God will not withold any good thing….therefore He really is fighting for your little girl and for you. Bless your hearts, for the hurt you are feeling now. He will heal this for you also. Much Love and prayers.

  38. Check out Heritage Link on Facebook. We are giving money to families that are adopting. We want to help families who are adopting. I’ve only read a small portion of your story. I’m so sorry it is taking do long to get your little one home! Praying!

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