Fashion Friday! Navy Blue & the Perfect Spring Shoe!

Happy Fri-day, y’all!  

What a week!  Not only did season 10 of The Voice premiere, but we got a GREAT update about our girl this week!  I will share more about that in a post tomorrow.  YAY! :)

For now, I want to share with you the Moved by Moonlight top from Glamour Farms!  This is a great top for a day of shopping!  (And who doesn’t like to shop, right?!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.22.25 PM


My sister and I “had” to take a trip to Target this week because I was looking for some more items for Adam and Eli’s room.  So we decided this would be a great time for me to snap some pictures of my new top.

Do I look like I am ready to shop or WHAT?!  :)

Moved by Moonlight

Isn’t that Knightsbridge Dome Handbag by London Fog great?!  It’s a great cognac color and matches my shoes perfectly, but I actually carry it every single day because it goes with everything!  I listed my purse in the slider below, but I also found some more similar purses for you to check out.  Most of these purses are on sale and over half off!!

Again, this is another great top that covers my backside!  (Are you seeing a theme here on Fashion Fridays?)

Moved by Moonlight

And can we talk about these adorable shoes for a second?!  These are so stinkin’ cute, stylish, and comfortable!

I airbrushed my rough heels for you.  #yourewelcome

These shoes are the perfect color because they match everything! I will be wearing these a lot this spring.  The good thing about these shoes is that I can wear them with a pair of jeans, or I can also wear them with a dress to church if I want to.  They have zippers on both sides, and the leather is super soft.

Sancia zip sandal

Sancia Zip Sandal

Look how cute these shoes look with this Primrose Dress…

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 6.28.06 AM

Once we got to Target, we headed on over to the bedding aisle to check out some quilts and pillows for the boys’ room.

Moved by Moonlight

Under my Moved by Moonlight top, I am wearing my Ah-mazing Tank Long Shaper in Latte.  You can see if peeping out of the bottom of my navy top. :)  I wear a shaper under my tops almost every single day.  

I was also looking for some storage baskets for the boys to hold their toys. 
Moved by Moonlight

The jeans I have on are super comfy as well.  They are called the Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Bright Mid Vintage Wash, and I got them at The Loft.  You can get them HERE.  (They are 30% off right now, and 40% off if you use your LoveLoft card.)

Moved by Moonlight

I picked up a few items for Adam and Eli’s beds and hope to share them with you next week.  They are super cute!

Moved by Moonlight

Oh, and don’t think for one minute that I didn’t do the MOST IMPORTANT THING while shopping at Target!!!

Yep, I got me a coke and popcorn to make the experience complete.  #canigetanamen?

Can you tell how happy it makes me?!


Now, if you are ready to get this cute top and shoes for your spring wardrobe, or what to check out the other new arrivals at Glamour Farms, be sure to use the coupon below for $10 off your order of $20 or more!

Happy Shopping!

glamour farms discount


  1. Ummmmm… It’s kind of a “requirement” to purchase a coke and some popcorn at Target..right??? lolol…. Gorgeous top!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s update!!!!

  2. Traci—you are so darn cute!! Wish I was your BFF!! Love your popcorn/coke photos!! Thank you for sharing all that you do about your family, faith and home! I love your tricks and tips on your personal and decorating style! I am so excited about Jonathan and “The Voice”…your story about his hearing brought me to tears! He is an amazing young man, no doubt about it!! I am praying for your little girl to come home to you soon! I look forward to your posts every day–they touch my heart more than you know!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. We can totally be BFF’s Brenda! :)
      I know we may not see each other, but I consider all of my sweet readers my friends, and if we ever meet in real life, we will totally have a BLAST!
      Thanks for your sweet words! xoxo

  3. Love that top and so disappointed it doesn’t come in XS. According to the size chart, this would be the size I needed. Can you believe that I have never had popcorn from Target but I WILL b trying it now!!!! So happy to hear you go good news on your girl 😊

  4. Your post definitely brought a smile to my face! Looks like you & Cyndi had fun. I can’t wait to see your post tomorrow.

    God bless!

  5. Aren’t you just adorbs – as my teenage daughters would say. :) I must admit I have to see if I can find Wed show as I didn’t know it was on again Wed and was watching my recorded Tue show. Sigh. God has placed your daughter on my heart to pray fervently for on Mon & yest. There’s definitely no coincidences with God! And with Him nothing is impossible. Praying your girl all the way home ;)

  6. Super Cute – You are adorable! if I ran in to you and Cyndi in Target I’d probably scream! So excited to hear your news tomorrow – and look at you giving us a “teaser” just like a tv show preview – Love it!

  7. Hi Traci~ Love your new top, shoes & purse! Your beautiful hair sure has gotten long- is it naturally curly? I’ve been watching “The Voice” but haven’t seen Jonathan yet, so I’m anxiously awaiting your next post to say just when he will be appearing! Are you feeling the pressure to hurry up already with it?! I love your blog and truly enjoy reading it. You are blessed!

    1. Hi Vicki!
      No, my hair is not naturally curly. I wish! I use a curling iron on mine.
      And yes, we are dying for Jonathan to appear of The Voice. We don’t know when he will air for sure, but I promise that you will see him on there! :)

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