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We had some beautiful warm weather yesterday, and it made me so excited to start spiffing up our landscape around our new front porch. 

If you remember, we just completed our front porch last fall, and the only “curb appeal” we were able to start was our gravel walkway.  We have not been able to plant any flowers or shrubs until now, and I am soooo excited! :)



I’m not exactly sure what I am going to do, but I have decided to plant hostas (plantation lilies) around the edge of our mulch.  

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.07.23 AM

We have a patch of grass between our pavers and mulch that will be difficult to mow without flinging grass all over our walkway and landscaping, so I am hoping that as these hostas grow, they will create a pretty border and make it easier to cut the grass beside it. 

I am hoping to add a small dogwood tree or something similar on the left side of our front porch, but I will probably do that next week. 

I did add some red geraniums to our flower boxes though!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.07.49 AM

I love, love, love red geraniums.  They remind me of my mom because she loved them too.   As you can see, we haven’t added any new much yet, but will hopefully do that by next week. 

Until then, here are some houses I found on Pinterest that have beautiful landscaping!  Enjoy!































Have a blessed day! 



  1. I’m hoping to get some work done as well! and I’m also looking at hosta since most of my front yard is shaded and I know those do well in the shade. I love the photo above with the winding entry lined with the varigated hosta – so pretty! And, I’m drawn to walkways as well as shrubbery areas that are rounded rather than straight lines which seem so ridged.

  2. When I clicked on “Click HERE to continue reading” in my email, it took me to a login page with the logo of a large W in a circle above the login boxes. Very frustrating but at least I was able to get to your post just by using Google. At least I now seem to be getting the email about a new posting.

    Excited to see your landscaping starting to come together.

  3. Love lotsa gardens, but don’t enjoy lotsa weeding. ;) I, too, get red geraniums every year in memory of my mom who also loved them.

  4. We are putting in a gravel walkway, too. Well, hubby is doing the work. Your first inspiration pic is one I had saved. We just bought a few plants for in front of the foundation, hoping the deer don’t treat the flower beds like a salad bar.

  5. Hi Traci! The front porch and the gravel walkaway look very charming. I am sure they will be great with your flower plans!
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    kisses ML

  6. Geraniums are beautiful. I LOVE hydrangeas. My grandmother had those growing on the side of her house. BEAUTIFUL!

  7. I love all of these landscaping ideas, but I must say I really like the photos with the salvia and the photo with the hydrangea. Blue flowers are so pretty in my opinion. Plus, salvia attracts hummingbirds and needs very little water once established. Have a great day Traci! By the way, geraniums do really well in hanging baskets with white alyssum mixed in.

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