Jonathan’s Battle Round

Hey friends!

I hope you have had a great week.  :)  I am looking forward to this Easter weekend, but I have to be honest, it has kind of snuck up on me.  With all that we have had going on with Jonathan being on The Voice, we have been a little distracted. 

Speaking of The Voice, if you watched Monday’s episode, you saw that Jonathan’s battle with Moushumi was “montaged.”  {big fat frowny face}

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.57.51 PM



We were definitely disappointed that they didn’t air his whole battle, but we knew that it was a possibility.  Every contestant knows that it might happen to them, but you don’t find out until you are actually watching it on tv, which kind of stinks. 

But we have absolutely NO REGRETS.  Being a part of The Voice was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Jonathan didn’t win his battle, but he won lifelong friends, experience, exposure, and more.  

I’m really going to try not to sound like a bragging mom, but the best part of this whole experience was watching my son’s personality and character shine through.  He is only 16 years old, but he walked through this process better than most adults.  And he was a favorite among the other contestants.  :)  Everybody loved Jonathan (and told me all the time.)


{These are some of the minor contestants (under 18.) Jonathan was the only guy minor that made it past the blinds.}


I told Jonathan that if he won the entire competition and was crowned “The Voice,” but others thought he was a jerk and didn’t like him, then he really didn’t win anything at all.

BUT if he had never even made it on the show, and yet others spoke of him as humble and kind, then he was the REAL WINNER for life!  

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.29.16 PM

Jonathan and Trelawny (his vocal coach)


And that was my Jonathan.  He kept things in perspective, he worked hard, he laughed a lot, he made great friendships, he was respectful and kind, he gave God the glory.  This mama could never ask for more!

Again, I hope that I don’t sound like I am bragging, but I want to emphasis that a person’s character and integrity is worth more than gold.  It’s easy to encourage our children to be successful in sports, school, jobs, etc, (and there is nothing wrong with that,) but true success comes from a good heart.  A heart that makes others feel better when they are around you.  A heart that cares more about others than themselves.  Those are the qualities that I want ALL my boys to have and pray that they see in me.

Again, we feel so blessed to have been a part of such an amazing experience.  Jonathan grew leaps and bounds in his music abilities, and it will be something that our whole family will look back on all of our lives with great joy.

I attached Jonathan and Moushumi’s iTunes recording to this iPhone video that was taken on my phone during rehearsals.  I thought it would give you an idea of what his battle would have looked like.

Jonathan’s Battle from Beneath My Heart on Vimeo.


Sometimes The Voice brings back contestants even though they were eliminated.  So if you want to tell The Voice how much you would love to have Jonathan back on the show, then share something like the following on all of your social media channels like twitter, facebook, and instagram.  {Just be sure to tag @nbcthevoice and @jonchutch.}

“Hey @nbcthevoice!  Please bring back @jonchutch!  He was my favorite!!  #bringbackhutch”


Thanks for all of your support, friends!  It has been SO MUCH FUN  to share this crazy ride with you!!!



  1. Love your post. Your message about integrity and character is so refreshing. Those lessons will take your kids far. And Jonathan is so good! I got goosebumps somewhere around 1:00 in the video…all those high notes! Beautiful! He has such a strong and pleasant voice. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. I love his song! He did such a fantastic job! Congrats Jonathan on all your success, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of you in the future! God’s not finished with you yet!

  3. A little disappointed that I have to pay to hear Jonathan sing. Guess I’ll never know what his ‘battle’ would have sounded like.

    All the best to Jonathan

  4. He’s so talented! I hated that I didn’t get to hear his battle on tv, so I’m glad you shared it here. You have so much to be proud of and don’t you worry about bragging! If parents can’t brag on their kids, who can?!

  5. I’m so glad you posted Jonathan’s full battle song. He was wonderful! Such a beautiful voice! What an experience for him and all of you. The pride you must feel. Jonathan proved his talent and the person he is, and your son is going to go far in life with his music, or with anything he persues. What a smart, good looking, God and family loving son you have. I don’t know any of you except from enjoying your blog for several years…but I feel pride for him in what he has accomlished. I think it is sad and very disrespectful they do not play all the songs. These kids work so hard, and if they are good enough to be chosen for the show they should be shown the decency of that song. They spent too much time on some of the practices of some of the singers..and some of that could be cut so all the contestants could have their moment. Just my two cents. Again, congratulations to Jonathan and your family…he did more than well…

  6. THANK YOU for posting this! I was so sad that Jonathan’s battle round was montaged. I’m a little surprised, actually, that they didn’t air the whole thing–the recording is absolutely beautiful! It amazes me to hear Jonathan singing harmony on this piece. The fact that he is able to do that with his degree of hearing loss is absolutely a testimony to God’s goodness–and his ability to walk with integrity and grace through this process is another one! I am proud along with you!

  7. I agree, Sandy, I think if they’ve gotten that far, the show should let us see every one of their battle rounds. I also think it’s difficult to keep going – there can only be one winner, so one by one, everyone is eliminated at some point or another. I also think it’s very subjective, and depends on what the coach is looking for, the song choice, whether the contestant nails everything in the pocket or has anything just a little bit “off” – so many things can affect the outcome. Although the young lady’s voice was very unique, I personally liked Jonathan’s singing much better – I got goosebumps during his falsetto reaches! He’s amazingly talented, and I can definitely see him being successful should he decide to pursue his love of music. Good luck to you, Jonathan, you already have half the “battle” won, with your family’s love, and your Savior Jesus by your side. :)

  8. Thank you for sharing Jonathan’s video with us!! I was so disappointed to not see him Monday, and after watching this I am not sure why – they were a beautiful duet and he was wonderful!! Even more than his voice is seeing and reading about his attitude which is so beautiful! (I think it comes from such amazing parents and family!!) Thank you again for sharing this experience with us!! I felt like I was cheering on my own child! Way to go Jonathan – we will continue to watch where God leads you!!

  9. He did amazing!! You all should be very proud!! I am surprised as well that this was montaged because it is an absolutely beautiful version of this song. Congrats to him :)

  10. Aww,so sad that he got kicked off! I missed it on Monday but I recorded it and will hopefully make time to watch the show tonight.

  11. That was just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us Traci. I feel like we all got ‘robbed’ when they didn’t show the whole thing. :(
    But I know all of us who watched and have heard your stories, are so very proud of Jonathan. You are right on the money when you said being the kind of person he was was by far the most important thing that came from this. We need more ‘heroes’ of this kind in our tennagers world, and only good can come from it.

    Cheering on the sidelines for a family and a son who ‘get it’! I know it makes God smile too. :)

  12. It was so fun to watch him. I know Jonathan will go on and do great things with his talent! All your boys are chick magnets!!
    Loved reading all the behind the scene details too!

  13. He was great and I am disappointed he didn’t go further but I am sure they taught him a lot and I know all of the girls would have voted for him.
    Do you think he will try again? I know it had to be a strain being away for so long but I loved every minute of it. Thanks for going through with this as it was something to look forward to each week. I know we will hear a lot more from him!

  14. That song gives me chills, it is so beautiful and they both did AMAZING! Love what you said in your post about character and integrity!

  15. Holy crap-olie!!! MAN!!! I love listening to them sing!!! He should join One Direction to replace Zane!!! Josh has always sounded great and now you can tell that a little coaching really polished up those fantastic pipes!!! WHAT a stepping stone!!! … his walk down a musical road is JUST beginning. :-) I don’t think you were bragging. (Bragging would be something like ‘my kid was better than that and should have gone farther and you’ll be sure to see him on tv again….’) It is great to be proud of our kids!!! When we appreciate their individual talents and respectfully express that pride to them it makes them confident and STRONGER for facing the bigger challenges. So proud of him using his musical talents and so happy for you using your blogging and communication talents to uplift so many of us along the way. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

  16. I’m new to your blog,but watched Jonathan in the blind audition. Your sister Cyndi, posted on her blog about your son. My husband and I watch The Voice on a regular basis. We were bummed when his battle round was not shown. So thank you for sharing it on Vimeo. He was SO amazing!! His performance honestly made me cry, I was so touched. God has given him a true gift, and I truly believe that even bigger things are in store for your extremely talented son. But, as you said, he’s already a winner. What an inspiring young man.
    God bless you all!

  17. OMGosh that was so incredibly beautiful. I have been behind on TV because of work and, while I am bummed Jonathan didn’t win his battle, he has soooo many good things ahead. He’s amazing! Great job Jonathan!!!

    PS: I’d pay to listen to Jonathan anytime. ;)

  18. This is absolutely amazing! Gives me chills! I know this is a proud moment for your family. J accomplished something that many only dream of. This is just the beginning. May God Bless you all!

  19. Thank you for sharing the Battle Round. I was bummed they did not show it Monday night. What a beautiful voice Jonathan has. I know God has plans for him, much bigger than The Voice. We shall all stay tuned to see what those great plans are!!Keep doing what you are doing Jonathan!;)

  20. Traci…I was so very disappointed when Jonathan didn’t make it through his battle round even though he did an outstanding job! Thanks for posting his full song…he has a great voice!
    I will keep Jonathan in my prayers for bigger and better opportunities for him in his future! 🙏🏻

  21. Traci, What range your son has. He is so talented. Hope to hear many more songs from him in the future. He is truly a winner.

  22. Jonathan did wonderful! How true it is that a persons character is what makes them a winner. So as you say Traci, he us a WINNER by far.

  23. Well, I thought that was a beautiful song!! Thank you for sharing. God has given Jonathan such an amazing talent!

  24. Thanks for sharing the battle round video. He has a beautiful voice and a sweet spirit. I know you’re so proud of him. We’re sad that he didn’t make it further, but I always say “G-d leads by stops as well as starts”. He knows best and this is all part of Jonathan’s journey. I look forward to seeing more of his talent, and hope you’ll keep us updated.

  25. Traci – I also enjoyed the Periscope video you posted. Unfortunately, I had to close my account because I was getting inappropriate notices from women soliciting “fun times”. I’m new to Periscope, and don’t know if there is a setting to avoid this. If anybody has any input on this, I’d like to know it because my daughter also does music videos on Periscope. Anybody?

  26. wow! That was amazing.. I was captivated the entire song. I totally believe he will go far one day.. Good job to you and your son for all the hard work put into this fun adventure!

  27. Traci- He did awesome! I think they sounded beautiful together, as well. As another person mentioned, I’m always amazed by those who can sing harmony because it brings such depth to a song. You should be very proud and I hope he continues to grow graciously into the man you have shaped him into being all along!

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