A Good Adoption Update!

Happy Sunday, friends!

I wanted to pop in on this beautiful Sunday morning before we head out to church to tell you about some good news that we received about our adoption this week!

First of all, our i800 was approved and is now in country!  YAY!  So that means that all of our paperwork is over there!  This is HUGE.  (If you have been following our adoption, you know that all of our paper work was approved last fall, and we traveled in December to get our girl.  But when we came home early and our adoption was technically “ended,” we have had to re-do some of our paper work and also do extra paper work to proceed with the adoption.)

We also found out earlier this week that our sweet girl is no longer at the hospital, and is at an orphanage now and attending her boarding school during the week.   

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.08.14 PM

BUT the best news we have received so far is that we MIGHT get to talk to our sweet girl through Skype next weekend and see her sweet face!!  We have not had any contact with her since we left in December.  We have sent her a few letters, but that is it. 

Here is the update we received yesterday from our adoption coordinator:

K— is going to call the Orphanage this week, to see if possibly you can SKYPE with your little girl next weekend! I will keep you posted, as soon as she lets me know.

Also, the Orphans Court is going to make the “best interests” decision in the beginning of May. If you remember, that is that extra decision the Ministry now wants, and the one you did the letter and the pictures for. K— did not tell me the exact date, just the beginning of May. Once they do, they will send that paperwork to the Ministry. So once they get that, and once the Ministry gets the updated Health information from the hospital, the Ministry will prepare your new referral. I will warn you the Ministry has been slow in referrals, but we will see. They know this is a unique case, and everyone is aware of the situation of it.

So, while I do not think you will make your girls birthday, I think you will probably travel in June sometime. It all hinges on how long it takes everyone to do their part.. mostly the Ministry. 

So the pieces are slowly coming together and falling into place – I know its not as soon as you hoped, but I do ( and I hope you do) see the light at the end of the tunnel!




We are so thankful for this update!  

I know that many of you have faithfully be praying for our girl and our family.  THANK YOU.

I hope this update gives you some more specifics that you can pray for.   Please pray that we WILL get to Skype with her next weekend.

We know that our adoption coordinator feels that it will be June before we travel, but we are still praying for a miracle that we can be with her on her birthday, May 11th.  


This time, our boys will be traveling with us.  It was way to difficult on all of us, especially our youngest, Eli and Adam, when Cy  and I traveled last time alone.  So there will be a lot of details we will need to work out, but we will worry about that when the time comes. :)

I will keep you updated as we find things out.  Thank you for taking this journey with us.  It has been a wild ride, but we have seen God’s hand on it throughout. 

Have a blessed Sunday, friends!  xoxo




  1. Traci thank you for sharing! What a beautiful way to start a Sunday. I will be praying about Skype and May 11 ;-) on another note, our church is having the Compassion experience this weekend at our church (4 days actually) my family and I are scheduled for our tour right after church today. it made me think of you. Please pray all the children featured will get sponsored ! God bless you deer friend!

  2. That is just wonderful news. Praying your paper work passes through all the right hands and you are reunited with your beautiful girl soon. God bless you all.

  3. What absolutely wonderful news! I will keep you, your family and most especially you sweet daughter in my prayers. You are blessed beyond measure for your loving relationship with our Heavenly Father and he will see fit to bless your daughter as well. You are a shining example of your love for God our Father. Blessings to you and your family ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. When you say you will receive a referral, do you mean a referral for a different child or the same little girl? I hope everything works out eventually and your adoption of her happens. We adopted 7 yrs ago. It was one of those stories you hear where someone knew someone and it all went very fast. We met her at 10 days old and the next time was when we brought her home a week later.

    1. HI Dana! It is a new referral for our same little girl. She has received a new medical diagnosis, so we had to re-do our paperwork and get a new referral.
      Wow! What a blessing your adoption was. That is wonderful. :)

  5. I will certainly be praying that you get to Skype with her AND that all is finalized so you can be with her on May 11th. God’s will be done in Jesus name!

    I think you mentioned it before but I’ve forgotten (getting old LOL) … where is she from?

  6. I will definitely include the skyping in my prayers and will pray for May 11th. On a side note. Your choice of scripture in the graphic really spoke to my heart and I needed to hear it. My son is in the military and we said our see you laters yesterday morning as he left for Afghanistan. Part of his pre-deployment tasks included meeting with the lawyers and writing a will and power of attorney. He gave the envelope to me back in March and did share his wishes with me but I pray I don’t ever have to actually open that envelope.

  7. What wonderful news! I will be praying. And I will continue to pray after you get your little girl home. My daughter and her husband and little girl traveled to China 4 years ago to bring our grandson home. I know something about the struggles before AND after. It takes everyone in the family, but it is so worth it, and I’ve never doubted one time – even in the hardest times – that it was God’s plan. The most wonderful things are often not easy, but they are worth it. Always bear that in mind. Love to your family.

  8. Traci, so wonderful to hear that your girl is out of the hospital. God is certainly preparing all of you to be together. I will definitely pray for you to be able to Skype next weekend and for a miracle of all of you being together on her birthday.

  9. YAY!! I cannot tell you how Overjoyed I am to here your Good news today! I, like all your blog followers, feel emotionally invested in your path towards this adoption! We have all laughed, cheered,prayed, smiled, waited in anticipation, cried, and continue to pray that your little cutie will be calling you and Cy Mommy & Daddy soon! May God bless this adoption and may prayers be answered on your behalf!

  10. Oh Traci! So exciting to see God make His way in this journey and I’m so glad she is back in the orphanage. I can’t wait to see how He works out the rest of the details! Love ya!

  11. Traci, That is such good news! However, I am still praying that God’s timing will be her birthday! Just knowing that things are moving in the right direction must be such a relief to you. God has His hand on her and on you. Your faithfulness will be rewarded. Hang in there!

  12. Love to heard the good news, and I will keep praying for a happy ending and reunion with your little girl.

  13. Such great news! I’ve so happy your little girl is out of the hospital and the adoption has taken a huge step forward in getting her on her way home. I’m praying that will be for her birthday :). I didn’t get a chance to stop into Compassion while in town. We were very busy planning a wedding :)

  14. Traci, I am so uplifted to read this message to update us on your adoption process. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers that things will all finally come together for you as a family to travel to bring your girl home!

    Blessings and best wishes!

  15. Than you for sharing so much of you LIFE. I have been crazy touched by your adoption journey. Praying and believing…knowing all things work together for good. In Christian love…. D

  16. Traci, This is great news. May God’s mighty hand rest upon this situation and give you favor with the agency. I pray for those involved that they will have the wisdom to place this little girl in the best possible hands that she can become all she can be for God and flourish and grow in Jesus Christ, Amen (Definitely praying for a great outcome.) :D <3

  17. Oh my, my, my… thanks for the update. I’m covered in goose bumps. Still praying for you and your family!!!! (((hugs)))

  18. Awesome news. Hope you get to see and talk to your sweet girl this weekend! May and June will be here before you know it!!

  19. Traci, I am so very happy for your good news. My thought & prayers are with you & your family. God Bless you all!

  20. This is good news indeed! I’ll be praying that you are reunited soon, and that the adoption proceeds quickly! I’m happy for you, that the whole family plans to travel together to see her. You must be super excited! God’s blessings on you all <3

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