DIY Indoor S’mores Station

dDid y’all know that two days ago was National S’mores Day?!  

Um, yeah.  Me either.  Totally missed it.

And I feel kind of like a loser because S’mores is my absolute favorite food to eat EVA!  

Like seriously.  More than apple pie.  More than creme brûlée.  More than a large tub of cookie dough.  (And I lurve me a large tub of cookie dough!)

I love S’mores so much, I even DIY’ed me a “indoor campfire” so that I could enjoy them year round! 


This little project is so easy and a whole lot of fun to create.  I put together a short little video of how I made my Indoor S’mores Station.

Now bear with me, but I am trying to do more videos for my blog, and I am learning how to create them.  This project was the perfect project to video.  Jonathan was my camera man, and we did a WHOLE lot of laughing while filming.  I probably need to add an “outtake” section to the end of this video. :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my video!  Let me know if you make one of these S’mores Stations for your next get-together!   I would love to hear about it.  :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. What an awesome idea for indoor smores! Definitely going to try this! Having a Norwex party next month – I think my guests would have a blast with this.

    My only question is … does the stern leave a taste on the marshmallows?

    Thanks for sharing this idea!

  2. Cute video! Loved the table setup! I’ll admit though, I’d be a little nervous eating a marshmallow roasted over Sterno, but I guess it’s safe. :)

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