Our Bonus Room above our Garage

Hey friends!

We got back from camping at Mammoth Cave National park here in the beautiful state of Kentucky, and we had soooo much fun!  It was our first “family vacation” as a family of seven.  :)

It was definitely different having Sania Louise with us, but she loves the outdoors and had a great time hiking and exploring the caves.  I will share more about our trip later this week. 

But for today, I want to update you on our new garage and bonus room. 


The bonus room now has walls!  And it really helps me see how big it is going to be.  The boys are super excited about this space!

And I am going to love having a garage to finally park my car in.  I had a garage in our last house, but we haven’t had one in our new house for the past five years. 



This week, I get to pick out two new garage doors.  I am wanting something that fits in with the farmhouse look.  The garage has two windows on one side, and one window and the door to the covered walkway to the laundry room on the other side. 


Right past the door to the walkway is the stairway that will lead up to the bonus room.  This stairway will eventually be closed off with a door at the bottom of the stairs to keep it private. 



When you get to the top of the stairs, you immediately notice the large window opening.  It will be three separate windows in one opening.




I wanted a lot of light in this room since we will not have windows on the other walls. . 



We have a five foot knee-wall on each side of the bonus room, and eventually we will have a bathroom in the back corner opposite the stairs


I love the view from the bonus room window opening….


This is what the back of the bonus room looks like.  The bathroom will be in the corner on the left. 


Here is a shot from behind…you can see the door opening that will lead to our covered walkway that we hope to be constructing soon. 


And this is what the garage looks like in comparison to the rest of our house.  The garage will be wrapped in the same white hardie board siding that is on our addition, and we will put the same shutters on the large bonus room window.



Things are happening quickly, so I hope to share another update with you in a week or two.

I hope you have had a great day!  This mama is hitting the hay early tonight!  Camping wore me out! :)




  1. Have you considered installing some sky lights into the bonus room? I think the extra natural light in such a large room will look lovely & connect everyone with seeing the sky.

  2. It’s really looking great! I look forward to seeing it when it’s all done. I know you can’t wait till it’s done. Y’all have done an amazing job with your home. Your home is beautiful, but the land and scenery are just amazing! I am very happy for you and your family!! Get some rest! God Bless!

  3. You have really done a lot of planning. Have you considered a window on the back wall, or in the bathroom or in the Staircase? You might really appreciate a crossbreeze or some natural light. Once your walls are closed in it may be quite dark in the bonus room. Good luck with your project.

  4. So exciting!! Looks really good!! I am curious as to why windows in the garage, I’m sure you have a good reason, would be fun to know how/why you made some of your decisions (I find it interesting).

  5. I can’t wait to see this space finished, as well as your laundry room! You have great decorating style and taste! I do agree with Dianne. Once all the walls are closed off, the bonus room might seem a bit dark. We bought our home 25 years ago and when we redid the living room we added more windows! Natural light is always the best.

  6. How exciting! We desperately need a garage overhaul, but just haven’t taken the financial leap. Want to rent Cy out to us for a couple of weeks?!

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