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Y’all, I have posted 15 straight days!!  It is seriously a miracle!


I hope you have been enjoying it.  I know my dad is because he is always complaining that I don’t post enough.  (I love you Dad!)

Last Saturday, I shared 10 Farmhouse Kitchen Essentials with you, and today we are going to talk about how to get the farmhouse look in the bedroom. 

I am going to share with you some of my favorite inspiration pictures that I found online, and point out in each picture qualities that give each bedroom that “farmhouse look.”

Most farmhouse bedrooms have a very light and airy feeling.  You will most often find white on the walls, white in the furniture, and sometimes even white on the floor. 

White bedding is my favorite farmhouse touch.  My Nannie Allen always had beautiful white bedspreads on her tall four poster beds.  I remember we were never able to get on them because it would wrinkle the bedding.  :).  She loved keeping her beds very crisp and neat.  



I also love the contrast in colors that you find in farmhouse bedrooms.  This photo below was one of my inspirations for my own bedroom.  I love the contrast of the black and white. 



You can see in my bedroom how I painted my mom’s bedside dresser to get a similar look.

 Another color that you often see in farmhouse bedrooms is brown.  And that brown is usually found in the form of wood.




Wood baskets, wood blinds, wood benches, wood flooring, and wood furniture…. 



Speaking of furniture, I love how most pieces in farmhouse bedrooms do not match.  I love the mix-matchedness of it all.  :)



And a piece of furniture that you will see a lot in farmhouse bedrooms are benches, and usually at the foot of the bed.  



 Notice all of the different pieces of furniture in the picture above.  Nothing matches and yet it goes beautifully together.  



Another way to add that warm wood tone to your farmhouse bedroom is through baskets and natural rugs.





Some other things you might find in a farmhouse bedroom are gingham and stripes.   



I LOVE me some gingham!  Especially red gingham! 





 Those are just a few of the things that I love most about farmhouse decor in the bedroom, but that certainly isn’t everything.

What are your favorite items in a farmhouse bedroom?



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  1. My Grandma taught me the same thing….if you sit on the bed (but you are not suppose to) you straighten the bed linens when you get up. Must be straight and crisp!! Love the pictures of the farmhouse bedrooms. lots of great ideas. I don’t want this month to end…I have really enjoyed your daily posts!

  2. how ironic that we should be enjoying DAILY posts by you in my absolute favorite month. is there anyplace on earth that October is not just the most fabulous ???

  3. I love the look of white and I even slip-covered my couches in white about 6 years ago. I love the look and still love it. It was a great way to change the look of my home. I also love the look of those beautiful bedrooms you shared. But now we do live on a small farm now and I want dark couches and need darker coloured bed linens. I don’t want to have to change my pants before I can sit and to be honest in the summer I can’t always get my feet clean. I’ve tried. Gardening dirt is hard to get out of those dry hands and feet. I’d love some suggestions that still give the light and airy feel of the photos above with the practicality of a working farm or gardener.

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