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Happy Hump Day, friends!  It’s day 5 of my #write31days challenge!  Only 26 more to go! ha!


To get us over the hump each week, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite farmhouse bloggers with you.  I always love visiting other fabulous farmhouses, so I hope you enjoy it too!


My first feature this month is Jennifer from The Willow Farmhouse!



I absolutely love Jennifer’s home!  She lives in an almost 100 year old home with her husband and two children.  Everything about her home is warm and inviting.

farmhouse front porch

Her front porch definitely says, “Come on up and sit a spell,” with her antique baby crib full of pillows and beautiful fall decor.

And when I saw this picture on her blog, I just had to include it…a chicken on the front porch, y’all!!  That makes my heart happy.  

farmhouse front porch

Her pictures are full of so much character, and I love looking at every details.  Her open shelves are full of all kinds of farmhouse kitchen goodness!

farmhouse kitchen

Those green apples and mini pumpkins are beautiful, but do you spy that gorgeous farmhouse sink in the background?  #swoon  It is the original 1918 sink that came with the home!  One of the previous home owners moved it down to the basement to use as a utility sink, but Jennifer and her husband lovingly restored it and brought it back up to it’s rightful spot in the kitchen.  Now she is standing tall and pretty.  It’s a great story and you can read it HERE.

farmhouse kitchen

In her living room, I feel in love with the baskets on the wall, but then I spied those gorgeous wood steps in the background!  Oh my, just imagine all of the stories those steps could tell.  :)  

farmhouse living room

I love the combination of black and white in her master bedroom.  Isn’t that wallpaper gorgeous?  And that print on the wall caught my eye because we had it in our home growing up, but in a different colored matte.  

farmhouse bedroom

But that thing that I loved the most about her bedroom was that old wall heater on the wall.  I love those things.  They get  your room so warm and toasty, and I love the way you can hear them pop and crack as you sleep during the night.  

farmhouse bedroom


Now check out her living room and that beautiful DIY chalkboard on the wall.  I love that the frame is from old mis-matched wood.  And the coffee table crate is equally full of character.  Jennifer has a love affair with antique pieces.  They more worn and chippy the better for her!

farmhouse living room

She has a new tufted sofa in her family room that is beautiful.  It is a perfect way to add a touch of new to the old.  And her floor lamp reminds me a little of the one I just got for my living room that I love.   Do you spy the cow print on the wall?  What is a farmhouse without some cow decor, right?  ;)

farmhouse family room



One of my favorite things I found on her “about” page is when Jennifer said…

“I love old barns and fence rows. I love Anne of Green Gables and plan to travel to Prince Edward Island so I can see the Lake of Shining Water in person.”

I share Jennifer’s love of Anne of Green Gables, and if you ask my husband where my dream trip would be…he would say Prince Edward Island!  I’ve always told him that one day I want to go to Prince Edward Island and find the path lined with the cherry trees in full bloom.  #thewhitewayofdelight


I believe Jennifer and I must be “kindred spirits.”  {wink}  And now I want to go rent these movies!  

Well, I hope you enjoyed your trip around Jennifer’s beautiful farmhouse, and if you love the way she decorates, you may want to check out her online store Gable Lane Crates.

It is full of many of the items she uses to decorate her own home. 




  1. You would be hard pressed to find a lake of shining water on PEI or any lake for that matter. Even their drinking water comes completely from groundwater. Anne of Green Gables is a work of fiction by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

    1. CJ, I wonder if in Anne of Green Gables the water she refers to is actually New London Bay. Although it is a bay – not a lake as she calls it, it is the closest water near Cavendish Green Gables where the house is located. I’m a huge fan too. Although the work is fiction it does not mean it is not based on a real live location (which it actually is)!

      1. New London Bay being the ocean, it’s more likely that the “lake” is a made up place like most of the story. Green Gables is very quaint…been there many times. A bit too touristy though. Crowded and expensive. If you like Anne, check out “Road to Avonlea” :)

  2. I really enjoyed this today as I try to heal from the shingles.This helps in laying around. I thank God for your love of your home and family but most of all the love u have for God. Thank u so much. I love your friends home. I love country. I was raise in a small country town at Ky. Lake. God’s country. Have a bless day. You r a special gift from God.

  3. You are doing a FABULOUS job with this challenge. We might all get spoiled and want to read your blog daily for the entire year!!! You have so many wonderful things to share. Thank you, again, for everything you are sharing.

  4. Traci! You need to come visit Wendy at Front Porch Mercantile and we will take you to visit all the wonderful dreamy spots on PEI. They may technically not all be named the right spots that L.M. Montgomery intended but we love them all the same. it is touristy but we love to go as often as we can, preferably yearly! Go on either end of high season when it’s not so busy but you can still enjoy the beaches! We are only 1.5 hours away from there.

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