My Living Room Refresh for Fall!

Hey y’all!

Well, it’s day 4 of my #write31days challenge, and I already hit a speed bump.


This is the second time I am writing this post.  :(  I spent over two hours editing photos and writing this post and then when I hit publish, something wonky happened, and I lost it all.  #imnotahappycamper

That’s not a fun speed bump to hit, but I am going to persevere.  It won’t take me as long this second time since my photos are already edited.  So here we go! :)

I took all of these photos for my latest video with Wayfair (at the end of the post,) and I really enjoyed refreshing my living room for fall.  In the video, I talk about how my mom was always great at decorating our home for each new season or holiday.   She enjoyed it so much and so did we kids. 

So here is what I did in my own living room…

Step One:  Warm up the floor with a rug.

We have wood floors in our living room, but we haven’t had a rug in there for about a year.  So I decided to warm up the floor with a large natural rug,  and I love how it ties the space together. 


If you already have a rug on your wood floors,  you can layer it with a smaller or different sized rug with colors of the current season.  My Kentucky friend, Karianne, from Thistlewood Farms does a great job of this in her own home.  Look at her beautiful blue rug on top of her natural rug. 

layering rugs


And if you have carpet in your living room, you can still layer a rug on top of the carpet to anchor the room like Amy from The Blissful Bee did below.


Step Two:  Add new throw pillows.

I have neutral tones in my living room, so I added some new pillows in muted golds, chambray, and navy blue. 


Blues are usually thought of as cool colors, but I think they look warm and cozy in this space. 



Step Three:  Add throw blankets.

This is my boys favorite part of this season.  They fight over who gets the throw blankets when hanging out or watching tv.  I keep a plastic tub of extra throw blankets hidden behind the smaller sofa so everyone can have their own.   When I was taking pictures of my living room for the Wayfair video, Eli came home from school and laid on the couch to watch cartoons.  He fell asleep and I snapped a picture of him because it’s real life at it’s best. :)



Step Four:  Add natural elements from season.

Throw blankets may be my boys favorite part, but adding natural elements is mine!  You can see how I added some wheat in a white pitcher above, and added some small gourds, leaves, and acorns beside it. 


I also love adding mums, pumpkins, birch wood, and bittersweet (my mom’s favorite) to my room.  But for the first time this year, I added KALE!

Isn’t it pretty?!  


Step Five:  Add lighting and candles.

Since it is getting darker sooner in the evenings now, one of the favorite things that I added to my living room this year is this adorable industrial floor lamp.  I didn’t have much light on the left side of my couch, so it was always a little dark in that area.  But now, this floor lamp lightens up this corner perfectly for some good book reading and hot chocolate sipping  this fall! :)


I didn’t get a good picture of my candle, but this is the candle that I get EVERY SINGLE YEAR in the fall.  It is called Cinnamon Cider, and I get mine at Macy’s.  Y’all, it is the essence of fall!  My one little candle will make my whole house smell amazing!  #forreal


Well, that’s it!  Five easy ways to refresh your living room for fall!

If you have an extra 2 minutes and 44 seconds, I would be honored if you watched my latest Wayfair video.  xoxo


I’ve also decided to start a new feature at the bottom of most of my decor posts called, “Get the Look.”  Many of my readers are always asking me where I get things to decorate my home, so I will try to find the exact item or something similar to share with you at the bottom of each post.  I hope it makes decorating your own home more simple for you.  :)




  1. This video was your best! You seem so relaxed and content sharing your style with us online. I really enjoyed it and I know that you will keep getting better and better with each new video. Great Job Traci!

  2. Love it. You did a great job. Enjoyed the video as well. Fall is my favorite time of yr. I decorate every room. My bedroom is important to me. I like my small accents lights , candles and decorating it to make that room feel special. I feel God’s presence as well. Thank u again.

    1. Yes, Pam! I feel God’s presence too! When I wrap up in my blanket on the couch, and I can smell that delicious candle…those little things are blessings from God. God bless you!

  3. Awh, I LOVE your video!!! Great job!!!
    I let the girls start decorating for Halloween yesterday. They unpacked a Halloween tablecloth and since we can’t decorate the table with a table cloth that big and lacy (long story) they decided to put it over the handrail up the stairway. Well, it was PERFECT!!! So they decided to keep adding to it…. some colorful string, some homemade hand-tracing monsters, some googlie eyes. All their very own ideas as they went along.
    Yes, it bought me some time to do some paperwork I needed to do, but I am reminded by your video that it is also part of giving them special experiences in our home; the most important kind of memories, right?!!
    YEA!! HAPPY AUTUMN!!! (((hugs)))

    1. When I saw Eli napping I knew it had to be a “REAL” moment because, “I know she wouldn’t stage that with her kids!” ;-) That was a picture PERFECT moment!!!! ;-)

      1. Yes! I had to take a picture. It was just too cute. I love that he still needs naps sometimes after school. I showed him the picture today and he said, “when did you take that mom?” :)

    2. Oh my gosh, Penny! YES! Your girls will never forget that. My mom would always put out little fall candy dishes with candy corn in them, and I thought that was the best thing ever. It’s the little things that make life so precious. :) Have a wonderful day!!

  4. You did great on your video! And your home looks so cozy and warm, lovely – I love every decorative touch you made. And good for you to power on after loosing it all the first time around.

    1. Thank you, Paula! I’m telling ya, if I wasn’t doing this series I would have probably called it a day and started over tomorrow. :) Thanks for the encouragement! xoxo

      1. Well Traci, I am encouraged by all of your updates, posts and encouraging words on faith, home and adoption, so thank you!!! <3

  5. Hi Love your site but am having trouble reading the extremely light colored font. Cannot read it at all on my phone. Help?

    1. I’m sorry Connie! I’ve contacted my designer about darkening it, but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I will get it fixed, I promise. :)

  6. Great ideas as usual. I love your sofa. I have never noticed the texture of the cover until these photos. Is it a slipcovered sofa? Can you tell us where you purchased it?

  7. Traci, just like I mentioned in the email to you, I knew you would do an amazing job with your “write31days” challenge. Your post on Faith Is Hard was perfect, I needed to hear the words you wrote. Then today’s “rooms refresh for Fall” is great. Love the tips and ideas, just adding small touches warms and makes your home feel comfy. Really love what you’re doing at the end, showing us where to purchase some of the items….AND really loved that they, for the most part, are very affordable! Your video is awesome also, not that I expected any less…Ha! I don’t have much time in the morning or during the day to read your post since I work, so it’s something I look forward to every day, is coming home, relaxing for a bit with my computer and reading what you have for me each day! So….keep up the great work!! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! God Bless you and your family!

  8. Loved “meeting” you in person on the video. I love your southern accent and your home is wonderfully cozy!!

    I have that same Wayfair lamp and BD sofa… though in the cream twill slipcover. Love them both!

    Blessings to your fall days….

  9. Pure perfection Traci. I love that floor lamp and have it saved to my wish list. What a bummer that you lost all of the content for you post though and had to retype it all. Way to go for hanging in there despite the frustration.

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