Fun on the Farm (And videos of Sania Louise)

Last weekend, my family went to the Devine’s Corn Maze.  It is a tradition every year for my Dad and Janet (Papa and Memaw) to take all the kids and grandkids to the maze.  My boys look forward to it every year!


(back row) My brother-in-law, Wayne/my sister-in-law, Ande and my brother Blake/my niece Kinsey/my nephew Cory/my niece, Courtney, and her husband, AJ/Me

(middle row) My sister, Cyndi/my great nephew, Colt/my nephew, Drew/MeMaw and Papa/Luke

(front row) Sania Louise, my nephew, Ryan/Eli.  (Missing from picture is my husband and son, Jonathan.)


Sania Louise had a great time climbing on the mound of tires, jumping on the big bouncy thing, petting the animals, and walking through the corn mazes. 



She spent half of the time riding on her cousin Drew’s back. 



Drew and my Luke are only two weeks apart in age and the best of friends.  


I love having my girl there with us, and she loves all of the attention.  My whole family spoils her rotten. 


After we took the family picture at the top of this post, Sania Louise came up to me and pulled on my shirt and asked, “dat’s my family?”

She loves to hear me say it over and over again.  “Yes, sweetie, that’s your family…Forever!”

After we leave the corn maze, we always go back to Dad and Janet’s house to roast hot dogs, or eat a bowl of chili, and of course, make s’mores!

It’s the best time ever!

That evening, Jonathan sang at a local fall festival.  It was the perfect fall day!


I’ve had many of you ask if I could share some video of Sania Louise so you could hear her talk and see her little personality, so I put together a bunch of short clips from my phone for you to see.  The end clip is the best one and cracks me up every time I see it.  I hope you enjoy it! :)



  1. I have been curious about how she puts together the idea of all the extended family and in particular grandparents..thank you for sharing.
    it looks like you have another handsome young MAN living in your home. Your sons all have the absolutely most handsome combo of both of their parents.
    God bless you all.

  2. Awwh Traci thanks for always sharing your family with us out here in blogland!!! Its so nice to hear about your family and your extended family doing things together. It is so great how everyone has takin to Sania Louise and made her apart of the family!!! She proably doesn’t know what to do with all the love and attention that she is getting. But she looks SOOOO HAPPY!! Does she still talk about her country much now? What seems to be her most favorite thing to do so far? Well keep updating us from time to time. We love it!! and cant wait to hear all about everything!! She is precious and you got the most handsome boys!!! Thanks from a Follower and friend in Maryland, Shawn

  3. Love your posts about your family and your new precious girl. I find she looks so much like you it’s crazy!,, been following you for quite some time now from way up in Northern Ontario Canada and love watching your farmhouse and family as they grow. Blessings to all.

  4. Thank you Traci for sharing a few video clips with us. I agree that Sania Louise favors you. I bet it is hard for her to comprehend the number of people that are now her family and that love her. She is definitely one blessed little girl! May God continue to guide y’all and give you the necessary patience as you help Sania Louise adjust. A very beautiful family!

  5. So sweet! What precious memories are being made! Our kiddos are 21 & almost 19 so the trips to the pumpkin patch still happen, but aren’t quite the same anymore…it’s more about the creepy corn maze, etc . but I’ll take it any way I can get I guess! What a beautiful family!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. How blessed you are Traci. All the anxiety and tears and waiting paid off big time with your precious little girl. Thanks so much for sharing the videos. So precious to see her interaction with your boys.

  7. Traci..I so enjoy your family posts and updates on Sania Louise. She is one very lucky girl! God blessed you all with one another and with each passing day, Sania Louise will come to understand this more and more, as I’m sure you, Cy and the boys already do. Blessings to you all! Would you please post some recent videos of Jonathan’s singing and update us on his music career…thank you!

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