DIY Wired Ribbon Bow for your Holiday Wreaths!

Hey friends!

I hope you are having a great week! 

Today, I want to share with you how I made the bows for my front porch wreaths during my video series with Wayfair. 


It is super easy to make, and it is the same way my mom taught me to make them many, many years ago!


I hope you enjoy the video!  Please like and share if you want.  ;)


Have a blessed day!!


  1. Love it! Looks perfect… only question is how long was the ribbon you started with? I always use too much or too little and the proportions don’t look as good as yours!

    1. Amy… I think its like 3 yards of ribbon to make a 3 loop bow and just add another yard for each loop that you add to both sides. So every yard that you add to the length will add another loop to both sides of the bow keeping them even when you have finished the bow. So 4 yards will make a 4 loop bow. 5 yards will make a 5 loop bow. And just keep adding another yard for however BIG you are trying to make your bows. And this includes the loop that starts out the center of the bow. Also remember to keep the loops tight and even on both sides as you are making your bow. I hope this helps! You may want to watch other tutorials online I sure it is going to tell you how much to use in one of those. I just remember Michaels store telling me this many years ago as I was trying to learn how to make a bow Thanks, Shawn

  2. Beautiful Traci… I love your doors so much!! They make the front of your house look so breath taking!! But you taught me something that I had never done when making my bows when you brought your ribbon up to make the tails. I had always just cut a piece of ribbon extra and added it to the back of the bow making sure to line it up even so that I had the same amount of tails on both sides. Yours seems like a lot easier way to do it. Thanks, Shawn {Follower in Md.}

  3. Love that. Thank you so much. I look forward everyday to your email. I have learned so much from you. I’m in the process of turning my home into a farmhouse dec. Love Wayfair throws, light fixtures etc.

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