Update on our Garage Addition: The Walkway

Happy Hump Day!

I wanted to give y’all an update on our garage.  I usually share videos of the progress on my Instagram stories, but if you are not over there, then you haven’t seen them.  (If you want to follow me on Instagram, click HERE.)

The garage is now covered mostly in siding, but of course needs to be painted white.  And the new garage doors are installed, but missing the black hardware. 



Cy built the walkway about a week ago, and put up the roof this past weekend.  


I haven’t decided whether or not to paint the walkway gray to match our front porch, or stain it.  But the columns will be wrapped in wood and painted white to match the columns on our front porch.  


For the roof, we are adding metal siding in burnished slate.   It’s kind of a brownish/gray color, and I think it will go well with our shutters. 


Someday, we are going to add a wrap around porch to our master bedroom addition on the right side of our house, and that porch will be covered with the same burnished slate metal roofing to tie it all together. 



Here is a view of the walkway from the back of the house.  


The new laundry room is on the left.  Everything will be painted white, of course. :)


We are going to leave the inside of the walkway roof vaulted, but covered in a bead board type wood.   And I am hoping to have a pretty outdoor lantern in the middle of the walkway roof.


The door we have now to the laundry room is temporary.  When we can afford it, I am wanting to get a door that matches the wood doors on my front porch. 

In about a week, I should have another update with the metal roofing on and maybe the columns wrapped and painted. 

Until then, have a great week!!




    1. Hi Beverly!
      The siding is not regular vinyl siding, but a composite siding, like hardeboard (sp?). It can be painted any color and it lasts forever. Our Garage is on the left side of our house where the walkway leads to. I just realized I didn’t give y’all a full shot of the whole house so you could see where the garage is. Sorry about that. I will add one. :)

  1. LOVE this! how great that you all have such a “vision” for your home :). I have said it before and I’ll say it again…You are so lucky your hubby is so handy. I love mine but bless his heart, he can’t even paint a wall without wearing most of the paint – of course, that may be intentional so he doesn’t have to paint HA! Please keep sharing your up-dates – I see them on Instagram too.
    Also, thank you so much for the info about your slip covered couch – I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Yes, I am fortunate to have a hubby who is so handy. :). But we’ve gotta love those not-so-handy hubbies too. hee.hee. I’m sure your husband is great at something that mine isn’t.
      Have a great day!

  2. The pop up ads are very annoying! I used to enjoy reading blogs but now they’re all just advertisement to where you can’t even enjoy the pics.

    1. Hi Kathy! I totally understand. Unfortunately, ads are a necessity, just like commercials. I have to get paid somehow. :). I work over 40 hours a week on my blog, and I can’t do that for free, ya know? I’m sure my readers wouldn’t go to work without getting paid either. It’s a necessary evil, but I understand your frustration. They bother me sometimes when I visit other blogs too, but I know those bloggers are trying to earn a living as well, and I just click to close the ads and enjoy their hard work. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am always so amazed by not only your creativity but the great cooperation between you and your hsb to see it and deliver it.!! love it. what terrific role models you are for your children. and the beautiful bow this family pkg is wrapped in is Christianity. Merry Christmas.

  4. Love your painted gray porch. I would do the same with the walkway. Cy certainly knows how to build. Love everything.

  5. It’s all coming along nicely! And I must say, the front doors on your home are the prettiest doors I’ve seen!! I remember when you got them that they were doors that someone else didn’t want. ?? I can’t imagine NOT wanting those doors. :) They’re absolutely beautiful. Very excited about your newest projects! Are you “in” your new laundry room yet? Now that’s serious excitement! Thanks for the updates and pictures! PS – You’ll need to add wreaths or a shot of red to your garage for the holidays! ;)

  6. Can you photoshop the walkway in both stain and painted like your porch? My first instinct was to stain the floor, more as a contrast to the porch – but not sure how that would look of course. fore going for it, maybe you can see it mocked up to help decide? It’s going to look great no matter what – such a fun feature!

  7. Tracy, watching along on your progress and it looks wonderful. We had metal roofing but removed it and put on composite shingles. Why? It is very loud when it rains. Really, it’s hard to sleep. Just wanted to share before it goes up. xoxo

  8. That is a dream of mine, to add a breeze way and a garage with a bonus room. We need to the space for homeschool , crafts and sewing. Do you think you will close the breezeway in one day? I wld love mine to be close in from blowing rains…but I am sure to stay in budget it will have to be open.

  9. So is that walkway going to be enclosed between the house and garage/laundry room? I am assuming it will be, otherwise you will be going outside to do laundry each time? I think I missed something along the way somewhere.

  10. I’m a little behind on my comments….But, everything is looking great! I look forward to your updates on your home. You have such amazing vision for what you want and what looks good. Keep up the good work and try to get some rest when you can! I know you are a busy lady! God Bless!!

  11. Like the way you tied the garage to the house, with a nice, yet simple walkway. It’s very challenging to connect an addition like this one & I’ve seen remodelers struggle to create an entire room (mudroom) between the two buildings, which isn’t easy to do with older homes in New England where they need garages more & the houses aren’t level.

    And then you’ve also got to decide if the investment is worth is which is one of my most popular blog posts, https://hometipsforwomen.com/is-building-a-garage-addition-a-smart-investment

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