My Journey to Wellness – Part 3

Well, y’all…starting my “journey to wellness” during the holidays was probably not the best idea.  {wink}

If you missed Part 1 of my journey, where I share a picture of my big bootie to the whole wide world web, you can read about it HERE.

My goal in the first part of my journey was to drink more water.  I was doing really great at first, but lately, I have not.  It is so hard for me to drink as much water as I need to be drinking.  But, I AM drinking more than I was, so that is good, right?

My second goal was to exercise more, and I am happy to report that I actually went to a Zumba class last Tuesday!  I was so proud of myself!  However, that is the only exercising I have done.  :(  Again, this time of year, with three of my boys on basketball teams and all of the holiday events going on, it is hard for me to find time.  I know….excuses, excuses….but I am just being honest. 

I am still focusing on my wellness by taking my supplements and trying to make some healthier eating choices, but during December, I am just trying to maintain.  

Come January, I’m gonna CRUSH IT, y’all!!  :)  hee.hee.

But seriously, the first of the year is always more motivating, right?  Plus, Jonathan is going to be homeschooled next semester since he will be doing a bunch of traveling to Nashville, and he said he is going to be my personal trainer.  :)  He lost over 20 pounds this semester through running, working out, and eating healthier.  He said he is going to help me get in shape.  #hehasknowideawhatheisgettinghimselfinto  #ignoranceisbliss


So today, I want to tell you something that I AM doing correctly and consistently when it comes to my wellness journey!!  

I use Young Living essential oils to keep my body “above the wellness” line.  (The f-dee-a won’t let me say what the oils REALLY do in plain old English, so I have to say it in a less obvious way.”)

Many of you have asked me to share more about how I use the oils, so I am going to go through how I use them on a daily basis. 

In the morning, I take a shower using Thieves or Peppermint-Cedarwood soap.  Those are two that I have tried and love, but YL has many more wonderful natural soaps.  These soaps have no harsh chemicals that are bad for our bodies. (If you do not know about soap ingredients that are harmful, read this.)



After my shower, I use Lavender Lotion on my skin.  It is a spa-like experience to me because the lotion is so thick and creamy and smells A-Ma-Zing!


While I am getting ready, I use several oils to help with my hormones.  I rub Progessence Plus on my forearms. I apply Clary Sage under my ankles on the outsides of both of my feet, and then I apply Ylang Ylang on the inner part of my thighs and the inner curves of my feet.  


I use Thieves toothpaste with a drop of Orange oil because Orange oil is a natural teeth whitener.  (Read THIS to find out about the harmful chemicals in toothpaste.)


I keep Thieves soap and Thieves cleaner in my kitchen because it is the absolute BEST AND SAFEST PRODUCT EVER TO CLEAN WITH!!  You can clean every surface of your home, and you do not have to worry about your children getting it in their  mouths.  You can literally eat of the countertops, and it is perfectly fine. 


I use lemon oil in my water.  Lemon Oil is great at detoxing our systems.  And it is great to clean with too!  My boys love using it to get sticky-sticker goo, like price tags, off of their cups or other items. 


Supplements that I take each day include:

And one of the very best things that I take for my health is Ningxia Red.  I drink two ounces a day.   Google this amazing product to find out even more!


More daily uses:

Someone in our house is using peppermint every single day, for either seasonal sniffles, head tension, or to breathe more easily.  I use Purification in my laundry for all of my boys’ stinky sport clothes.  I use Lavender on our boo-boos.  My boys use Orthosport after working out or running.  Adam uses Stress Away at school to help when he is feeling overwhelmed.  And right now, I am diffusing Christmas Spirit 24/7.  It’s the most amazing smell EVER!!  (and much better for us than chemical laced candles.)

Lastly, I end my day with Peace & Calming in the diffuser by my bed for a great night’s sleep.  

Y’all, these oils are seriously amazing.  I’ve been using them for three years, and I love them more and more every day.  I am a distributor, so you can sign up through me if you want to.  I will help you get the support you need to understand and use the oils to improve your wellness too. 

But if you have a friend who uses the oils, by all means, sign up through them.  You won’t hurt my feelings. :) I just want as many people as possible to be using the oils because I am hoping that essential oils will be a daily part of people’s lives for generations to come.  I know that I pray that my children, and my children’s children, etc. will use essential oils to live a happy, healthy life. :)


If you are ready to start your oily journey new, click HERE to get started.   You will get all of the products you seen in the picture above!  This is the BEST GIFT you can give yourself and to those you love!!

If you have any questions at all about essential oils, please email me at 

Have a blessed day, friends!





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  1. I so appreciate your honesty, I am on the same journey of getting healthy and I tell ya, it’s hard! I have never tried essential oils, but I think that will be at the my top of my Christmas list this year. Thank you again, I’m so inspired by your blog.

    I have been working out through an online site but unfortunately they are shutting down soon. However, my favorite trainer on the site is starting her own business at She is seriously the sweetest trainer, hard but sweet! The best part is the kids can be home, they can even join in if they want. Her site is still in the working phase, but should be 100% ready in a few days. If you click on her facebook link, you will find that she is offering free Friday classes for December!

    Thanks again for your encouragement, these wellness updates always light a new spark in me!

  2. I love EO, too! Since using Thieves to clean with and use in the pump soap dispenser to wash our hands we haven’t been catching the flu and cold bugs. This is amazing as most of us have compromised immune systems – Type 1 diabetes, Celiac and Lyme.

  3. Is it okay to use the oils when you take Crestor and lisinopril? Also, are there oils good for lower back and hip pain? Please continue talking about your journey. I think some of these aches would go away if I lost weight. Thank you.

  4. Hi Traci,
    Great blogs on your wellness journey. I too struggle with weight and lack of energy, among other things.
    I just want to share with you two websites I’ve discovered that have changed my life dramatically. The first is a lifestyle change called Bright Line Eating by Susan Peirce Thompson and you basically eliminate all processed sugar and flour. I cannot express strong enough how different I feel with sugar out of my system! It is amazing!

    The second is It is 360 degrees of personal health. Asically healing through nutrition. For most of my life I’ve occasionally had a red spot on my cheek – well, since eliminating foods that are not good for me personally, that spot has disappeared among other changes in how I feel. I’ve learned that broccoli, cauliflower, edamame, etc lower thyroid function so if you are hypo thyroid, you should stay away from those foods. Corn can lead to hair loss, etc.
    So keep up the good work. We’re with you! And I’m loving learning more about essential oils!

  5. Hi Traci. Do you sell the Ngxia Red supplement? I would be interested in that. I already use essential oils so have no needs there. I agree this is probably the wrong time of year to start getting healthy but every little thing towards your goal is a blessing. I started an exercise “challenge” 3 weeks ago and managed to go twice the first week, once the second week and then came down with a bug so none the 3rd week :(. Now I don’t feel so bad knowing I’m not the only one who is struggling! Good luck to you, it will be nice to have Jonathan motivate you. He could serenade you as you work out :). Let me know about the berry supplement. Thanks, Terri.

    1. Hi Terri! I do not sell the Ningxia Red supplement. You can purchase it through Young living by signing up. It would definitely be worth it in my opinion. :). Do you use YoungLiving oils? If you started getting your oils through YL, you could get Ningxia Red and probably save money in the long run. Just a thought. Let me know if you have any questions. :). Merry Christmas!!

  6. Hi Tracy,
    I signed up for the Lose It app that you told us about. It’s easy to use and has made me be more “aware” of how much I am eating and that I have to make some choices. So far I have lost 3 pounds in just a couple weeks and hope to not blow it over the holidays. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  7. Hi Traci. I have used essential oils for a while now and I love them. Not Young Living as they are not easily available in New Zealand, but I have my favourites to. I was really interested when you mentioned Wolf berries and not knowing what they were i looked them up. It turns out they are what we call Goji berries and I grow them in my garden. Haha. They are so good and I dry them and eat them with my breakfast every morning. I am also trying to get healthier and I have made 2017 my year to really push towards my goals. I am going on holiday for my 50th birthday and want to be able o wear a swimsuit on the beach. Also my daugter has her reasons for getting fit and health in 2017 so we will be able to support each other. Keep up the good work Traci, we will all get there.

  8. I’m a big EO user as well. I use Doterra and think that both Doterra and YL are tops in the field. I diffuse OnGuard all day long in our living area at this time of year. I diffuse Peppermint in my office and I diffuse Serenity in our bedroom at night and I rub it on my feet and pulse points and I sleep wonderfully. I love the Peppermint beadlets for digestive issues too. I’ve been using EO for 14 months and can’t imagine life without them. Happy weekend!

  9. I would add two things that my fancy schmancy Northwestern doctors told me to do, even if you do absolutely nothing else. Vitamin D3, 5,000 mg. daily minimum, 7,000 for men. The other is a good probiotic. A third for menopausal women would be a good magnesium supplement. None of that oxide stuff. Magnesium oxide has almost no bioavailability (2-4 percent, which is nothing). I use magnesium malate because I am a migraine sufferer. And I was told by my child’s fancy schmancy University of Chicago doctor that children today need these too, especially the probiotic because they don’t eat well. Kudos to you! As I lie here with a broken foot, knee and fractured SI joint in my back, I want my health back and quickly!

  10. Traci, go back to Zumba! When I first started, I thought it was so much fun but so hard!! Talk about sweating. :) It didn’t take long to become truly in love with it and nothing would stop me from going. Unfortunately my teacher moved about 6 months ago so here I sit….doing nothing. You are really motivating me though. I think I will go this week to a new class. :)

  11. I use 10 drops of grapefruit oil in a capsule before bedtime to curb my appetite the next day. I also love Thieves lozenges. Work great to stop a cold in it’s tracks.

  12. Have you heard of Faithful Workouts? It is on, free. :) Also, online free videos…just google it. The founder, Michelle, is a Christian and has inspirational music and verses throughout the 28 minute workout. Also, free menu plans thru her website…also sim you can purchase. She and her program are wonderful…all done from home. It has made a huge impact for me and I just happened across it on tv one am. Tks for sharing all with us.

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