Organize your Kitchen with Style

Hey friends!

I hope you are having a great week so far! :)

I officially have all of my Christmas decor down, and now I have the “itch” to get things organized!  I love this time of year because I get super motivated to decrapify my house.  I am taking loads to Goodwill every week, and it feels sooooo good. :)

Now I am wanting to get the stuff left super organized.  And if I am going to organize, why not organize with some style, right?

I am going to be sharing some ways we can organize our home with style over the next few days, and today I am starting in the kitchen. 

There is nothing better than an organized kitchen!  



Can you say, “pantry envy?”

It used to be that we hid the stuff in our pantry, but when it is organized as pretty as the one above, you need to show that space off!   These glass jars are great for holding all of the essentials like flour, sugar, rice, granola, etc.  (I’m thinking about getting some of these for my own pantry.



Wicker  or wire baskets can be used to group smaller items together such as food items, cookbooks, or table linens.  How cute is this vintage basket holding cookbooks?



Using baskets can definitely help keep your pantry more organized!



I love the idea of storing the lids for my pots and pans in a wicker basket!  I may be doing this soon.  I do not like how disorganized my pots and pans are right now!








To keep your countertop organized, you can use 2 or 3-tiered baskets to hold items such as fruit, tableware, herbs, bowls, and so much more.  



You can also put seasonal items in your tiered baskets to help decorate your kitchen and add some color! 





So there are just a few ideas of how you can organize your kitchen with style!  I’ll be back tomorrow with some ideas for the family room!

Have a blessed day!
















  1. Decrapify 😂😂😂I Love this and plan to add to my vocabulary! I’m with you Traci, when the Christmas stuff comes down I’m ready for a good house reorg and decrapification – see, using that word already. I’m donating some things but some things are nice and frankly since I’m saving to replace some furniture I’m selling some things to add to my “furniture fund”. Thanks for some great ideas.

  2. Oh, I’m the organizational queen! I love order and love baskets, tubs, etc to help me achieve organization in my closets, cabinets and pantry and laundry room. I, too have been hauling stuff off like crazy the past couple of weeks. It feels so good! Good post, always a joy to stop by. Happy week!

  3. We too took a carload of stuff to Goodwill yesterday and still have our son’s corner in the basement that has to be gone through. He moved out 6 years ago and we’ve been begging him to come get what he wants to keep. SO…. were going through it and taking pictures and doing a lot of back and forth to get it cleaned out. BUT i know when its done I’ll have lots more space to store my seasonal rugs and pictures.

  4. Love your real wording Traci, decrapify! That is going to be my new word. LOL! I so need to do this. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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