Castle on the Hill {Jonathan’s New Video}

Hey friends!

I wanted to jump on here today and share Jonathan’s new video with you.  

Did I tell y’all that he is being homeschooled this semester?  I can’t remember. :)

Well, he has some exciting stuff about to happen in Nashville, and he will need to be down there a lot more, AND during the day on the weekdays, which meant he would be missing a lot of school if he had stayed in public school.  So this semester, he is going to be homeschooled so he has a bit more flexibility in his schedule to sing and travel. 

So he is working on putting out new covers of songs each week on his youtube channel.  He needs to continue to grow his social media as an artist. 

Ed Sheeran just released a new song on Friday called Castle on a Hill.  It is a bit up tempo, and we love the song.  Jonathan immediately wanted to do a cover of it, but he wanted to slow it down and do a live acoustic version of it.  He also changed the lyrics a little because they didn’t quite fit him.  (getting drunk and throwing up and such) :)

So I would love for you to take a few minute to listen to his song.  And to show your support, it would be great if you could click on the “youtube” button on the bottom of the video to watch in on youtube.  Then click the big “thumbs up” button and leave a comment if you’d like.  When you do that, it helps his video be seen by more viewers.  (The YouTube “Gods” like for people to comment and thumbs up.)

And if you have anywhere on social media that you could share his video, that would be great too!  The more eyes the better!  

Thanks, guys!  You are the best!!  




  1. He is such a good singer who should go far!! About 6 years ago my neighbor, Mignon Grabois, moved to Nashville for a singing career. She just graduated from Belmont but during all the years there, she wrote songs for singers and had performed all over Nashville and Austin, etc. She is considered a singer/songwriter and loves what she does. Maybe Johnathan will run across her some day! Many blessings!!

  2. Simply beautiful, calming & full of grace. Blessings for this wonderful journey! Certainly one to share, as are others, and definitely a THUMBS-UP!!

  3. What a beautiful voice and such a sweet child. You should be very proud of yourself and I didn’t see a thumbs up on this link. 🤢

  4. Traci….it is wonderful to see/hear how your son has progressed with his God given talent! It’s exciting to share along on the ride of his accomplishments and to experience his growth in his endeavors in the music industry. Jonathan is an inspiration for all young people because of his faith, his talent and how he has persevered and not let his hearing impairment become an obstacle in obtaining what he wants. Through your Christianity, you and Cy are raising very fine and compassionate children which is not always easy in the world in which we live. It just goes to show what can be accomplished with God by our side!
    I watched Jonathan’s video on YouTube, “liked” it and also shared it on my Facebook page for all my friends to see. I look forward to watching him and hearing of all his musical endeavors!
    Many blessings to you and your family!

  5. Very soulful. Almost wistful. Certainly enjoyable! I hope he has many opportunities to use his God-given talent! I’m going to share with my granddaughter.

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