Journey to Wellness Update: Intermittent Fasting

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to pop in today and give you an update on my “journey to wellness.”  If you have been following along in this journey, you know I am on a quest to live a healthier lifestyle.  (If you want some background info and want to see an embarrassingly large picture of my backside, click HERE, and HERE.)

At the beginning of the new year, my husband, Jonathan, and I started using the LoseIt! app to track our calories, and it has been really good at holding me accountable of what I am eating.  I have lost 12 pounds making healthier food choices and tracking my progress in that app.

But now I am ready to step it up a notch.  And it’s a big notch, yo!

My sister told me about a five week program that she found and is starting called “A FASTer Way to Fat Loss.”  

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 8.45.19 AM

There is another fashion blogger that she knows that had GREAT results with the program, and it peeked my sister’s interest. 


Beth from Seersucker + Saddles


I also instantly became interested in the program because it uses “intermittent fasting.”   I had never heard of intermittent fasting until last month when my son, Jonathan, began doing it.  The reason I was intrigued by it is because he has seen great results!  Of course, he is not trying to lose weight, but gain more muscle and become more cut.  (You know how boys are.  :) They like their muscles. ha!)

Here is an explanation of intermittent fasting…


Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 8.44.32 AM


The other reason I wanted to start the “FASTer way to weight loss” is because it includes exercise and accountability.  Exercise is something that I KNOW I need to start doing more of, and accountability is something I KNOW that I need.  The exercises in this program are going to kick my tail, but I’m going to do it at my ability level and work from there.  Plus, all of the people that are joining this 5 week round of the program will be in a private Facebook group where we hold each other accountable by posting our progress.  

My sister is glad that I am joining her in this program because we are going to hold each other accountable.  She doesn’t really have weight to lose, but she is wanting to become more tone.  Truthfully, I have to lose weight before you will ever be able to see my muscles.  ha!

Since many of you have emailed me and left comments about your own struggles with wellness, I thought I would share this program with you and see if you want to join me.  I know it is short notice, because we are starting on Monday with “prep-week,” but I still thought I would share it with you.   (I just decided to join this past week!). 

The program is lead by the adorable Amanda Tess!  She is so inspiring and encouraging!

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 9.11.08 AM

I asked Amanda if there were spots left in this round, and she said there were a few.  So I asked her if I could share her program with my readers.  She said I could and gave me this affiliate link.  Usually, she only gives out affiliate links when someone has gone through the program whch is why you will read on that page that “it was a pleasure to work with Traci.”  haha.  :). We haven’t started working together yet, but I REALLY wanted some of you to join me on this journey.  And you can never have enough accountability, right?

If you start this program with me next week, you will be in the same private Facebook group with me and my sister.  It would be soooo great to connect with you in this way!Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 9.22.21 AM

I’m actually VERY excited about this opportunity, and I will be sure to share with you my opinions and results along the way.  

If you decide to join the program, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know you signed up, or email me at   I want to make sure that I connect with you in the Facebook group so we can hold each other accountable and encourage each other along the way!

Have a blessed day, friends!



Full Discloser:  There are affiliate links in this post.



  1. The hospice nurse that served my grandma did the intermittent fasting and loved it. My sis-in-law does longer “true fasts” for other health issues, but the bottom line is, done right, your body can benefit from a digestion rest! I won’t be joining you but I will be cheering you all on!

  2. Just started intermittent fasting a few weeks ago. Did this naturally as a teenager! I think this will be easy to follow long-term.

  3. Ok, I just signed up!!! I am confused, overwhelmed, scared and excited. I am 45 and our fitness struggles seem to be similar so I thought if you are willing to give this a try then so am I!!! Wishing you much success! Let’s do this!!!

  4. Any idea if you can do this program eating vegan? I can’t eat meat or dairy but am interested. I read through the website but couldn’t find anything about it.

    1. Hi Marianne, Amanda said that she does have clients who are vegan, but that it is a little more difficult on the Low-carb days. :). But she said you could totally do it. Thanks!

  5. I am signed/paid up but did not get a chance to download the 30 something e-book. Don’t know how to get it back. I am excited to try this so we go!!! We got this!!!

    1. Yay, Susan!! We can do this!! I’m not exactly sure what ebook you are talking about, but you will get an email today inviting you to be a part of the Facebook group and they should have links to everything in there. :)

  6. You are beautiful PERIOD! But I totally understand trying to eat healthier and cleaner. Me too! It took a mini stroke to make me wake up to taking better care of myself in all aspects of life. Not just eating….people pleasing, over-obligations, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and well, lots more dear Traci. Be still and know that I am God came the words for me. Cheering you on sweet lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. so proud of you. you continue to inspire me. i wish i could join you and your sis on the journey… i’ll be cheering from the sidelines :)

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