Painted Front Doors – Part 2

Hey friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!

Ours started out a little crazy on Friday night when Eli got his top lip bit by a dog at his friend’s house.  Cy spent over 5 hours with him in the emergency room getting stitches.  (I would show you a picture, but it would gross you out.)

Thankfully, he is doing much better, and the rest of the weekend was less eventful!

Today, I wanted to share Part 2 of my Painted Front Doors posts.  If you missed Part 1, you can read it HERE.

Let’s start with one of my favorite colors…RED!



I absolutely LOVE red front doors!  I love the contrast they create with the rest of the house.  Red just makes me happy.



Red doors tend to look better on homes with neutral brick or siding colors like white, tan, gray, or blue.



I usually do not prefer a red door on a red brick house, but that is just me.  If you dig it, go for it!




Next up is GREEN!  There are so many shades of green that you could really have some fun with this color!











And then a perfect spring color that most of us are not brave enough to try is PINK!  I adore this pale pink door on the farmhouse front porch below.  







If I painted one of my doors pink, it would be a lighter shade, but I can’t help but like the hot pink doors below.  :)



Now if hot pink doors are not for you, and you want to stay on the safe side, gray doors are the perfect color for you!



Dark or light gray doors go with most colors of brick and siding, so you really can’t go wrong. 




Which is your favorite painted door above?  

If you have a great color on your front door that you want me to share, just snap a pic and send it to

Have a blessed day!!




  1. Poor Eli. :( Hope he’s doing better. I’m sure it was scary and painful…prayers for that sweet boy!! Hang in there, mama! xxoo

  2. They all look so pretty, but the red door on the first black and white house just pops, and looks fantastic. The pink doors are the sweetest too, but not sure how many husbands would go for that color ;)

    Glad the bite wasn’t more serious. Hope Eli heals quickly!

  3. pink door. and poor Eli. I bet his good friend/sister was upset with the episode. give him our best and prayers for little or no scarring.

  4. My house is pale yellow with brown roof and shutters. I am wanting to paint my front door but not sure what color. Any ideas?

  5. My very best friend has a brick home with hot pink doors. It is the prettiest house in town and it’s because of the doors. Everyone tells her so!!!!

  6. My husband would kill me if I painted our door pink, but the red is perfect!! I also love the dog(: A dog can make any house look perfect(:

  7. Oh no! I hope this doesn’t scar him – not only physically but emotionally :).
    As far as front door colors…I love them all! and I so wish I could paint mine a “color” but we have a brownish brick and our door is in a cove like front porch surrounded by all that brownish brick. Currently the door is black – not my fav, but it works. Hoping to replace soon with a beautiful wooden and glass door similar to your front doors – which I absolutely LOVE :)

  8. I like the black door and red one too but I do not like any shade of pink for a door. I like also the big black planters.

  9. We recently moved into our new home and I’m keen to paint our front door, but I’m afraid of adding color. We sit very high on our streetscape and have a large brick house with cream framed windows and the house trims are also cream. The front door which has sidelights and a transom window above is painted (you guessed it) CREAM!
    I’m leaning towards black, to pick up the black in the leadlight windows, but I know in my heart that it’s a bit boring. I also love blue (a darker maybe navy shade) and thought I could bring some blues into the garden. I also think blue would contrast nicely with the orange tones in our red bricks.

  10. Oh my! I can’t begin to think about sweet little Eli’s face with a bite on it. I have a son who was born with a cleft lip & has a scar from that. The surgeons said to always keep sunscreen on it his entire life so it doesn’t turn dark. I keep a little roller stick in my purse, strollers, car… & it looks good so far. Just a little tip… they even have mederma with SPF. Awesome stuff.
    I love Navy doors right now. We are building & that is what we are going with. Question… when there are white bars that are in the window of the door, is there a way to paint them? I always think it looks funny when the door is painted but not the separators in the windows.

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